Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bring That Mickey Mouse Wildcat Offense!

Um, not sure why I'm talking any sort of shit about an opposing team's offense considering the porous body of work that the B'cos "D" has exhibited up to now, but if we can't stop some high school scheme run by the Miami Dolphins (weren't they almost winless last season?), this might even be a bigger disgrace than I had imagined. No Champ? Could be big trouble, but I'm rolling the dice and saying 30-10 B'cos.

Maybe this confidence can be chalked up to my impending trip to Invesco with ST. Great weather, beer, Shannon Sharpe jerseys? What more do you want?!?!?


DeathTruck said...

The Broncos look like shit, and the refs aren't helping (that offensive pass interference call was so lame). The only one that looks good today is Eddie Royal.

I hope this provides some inverse jinxing for the game that is now currently in the 4th quarter.

DeathTruck said...

Hurdling Hillis is pretty fresh.

Riggins said...

This is the worst defense in the history of the Broncos! I don't know if it is talent, coaching or scheme but when you need a stop or a turnover the defense cannot provide anything.

Riggins said...

The offense does deserve some blame as well. Another 3 TO's! The stat they showed during the game kind of says it all. Last 5 games Broncos have 0 points off of turnovers while the opponents have 52! Not a good team!

DeathTruck said...

Agreed, and when we do get a turnover, one of our offensive lineman will fuck up any chance of capitalizing on it by getting a holding and a facemask penalty... weak.

Sonic Tooth said...

no amount of $2 margs at El Oficina pre-game can make up for the shit-play of this sorry excuse for an NFL football team.
Broncos suck.
Cutler sucks.
The Play-calling sucks.
The "D" (still) sucks.

"Why must everyone suck?" Could there be a more profound question uttered by anyone? 30 Pack Thief may only hope to begin to comprehend the Indian wisdom in Section 350, Row 12.

That said,
Eddie Royal doesn't suck.
That white dork fullback, Peyton Hillis doesn't suck. (at least not today. something tells me he may have tried to dance to some Kool & the Gang in the past couple months to tragic results, but that's not my concern)

Glad to see some Rigginsleys chiming in on this travesty....

TroutDog said...

That 4-1 start is sure a distant memory. Shannahan outcoached yet again.

DeathTruck said...

I sort of have this theory why Vanderbilt kind of sucked while Cutler was there. And it has to do with turnovers.