Monday, March 31, 2008

Coach Q Could Learn Something from Johnny Fever

As confirmed yesterday by DT and myself, Coach Q's often-aired "GMC Rocks" commercial starts with some rather curious DJing...."You're on the air. Let's go to the phones." What?!?!?! In addition to this spot being way over-played and highly annoying, it doesn't even make sense. Makes me pine for the days of Bob Hartley yelling at an engine block "YOU QUIT ON ME!!"

More importantly, the Avs scratch out a much-needed point on the road against the Wild. While two points would've been sweet, considering they quickly fell behind 2-0 and the Wild's defensive style of play, this was a "good" OT loss on the road. With Calgary losing last night to the Canucks, the 6-8 spots got even tighter. A win in Vancouver Tues would be huge!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Holy Shit...that game was a doozy. Besides offering up the 1 point to the Oilers it had it all. Lead changes, lots o' goals, and division rivals scrappin'.

What about the heroics from the GOD DAMN most clutch hockey player in this NHL era? There could be some stats that prove me wrong on that point, but I don't know and don't care for hockey stats, all I know is sitting in my chair or in the stands over the years watching Avs games since the move to CO, I have seen nothing but hope spring when the dude is on the ice. Look at his goal totals during this injury-fucked season, there ain't many...however, a large majority of those goals were crucial. Joe is the obvious hero, but props to Brunette too, he's been a huge part of this late season run of success.
Tonight was exhilirating hockey. Glad to know TD, Mrs. ST, and Sumo were kickin' it in the Can for the spectacle. Our nation's indifference towards hockey needs more games like that to sway the non-believers to the good-side. whoo-wee.

Lappy felt like bringing it tonight...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Das Boot whips Adair Group Inc. and Hans Hurt His Hand


Hey there Young Bear....I got your Das Boot post right here.

Don't recall you actually doing what is seen to the right, even though you earned one...we really need to keep on top of homerun related Boot chugging responsibilities. Perhaps that duty could be part of the lineup card each week? Killer victory tonight against a team that took themselves way TOO seriously for the most part. Allow some joy into your softball evenings fellas....even when you're enduring 13 run innings thrown at you by a bunch of beer swilling scallywags.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roberto is a suit

Stating the obvious, obvi, but t'was great to see this suit get pulled before the end of the 2nd period. ST and TD get their little jinx ended, which I assume will be followed up by a full report. I'm sure they both had a great time at the game, but maybe not as much fun as I had at a kickass avs party... which coincidentally was at TD's pad: some high definition, a couple of pooches, and some HLLs (I owe you some beers).

Anywho, that was a huge win against a team that is also fighting to keep their postseason hopes alive. Everyone contributing, and props to our checkers. Guiete and McLeod both with goals, and Lappy practically killing that one penalty all by himself. And of course, a big game by The Duke as well. On a side note, as Mike and Peter kept on mentioning during the game, Dallas sucks now, so the Northwest teams could eliminate the Stars before the playoffs even start. (huh? whammy?)

The heck with this 8th seed shit!

Monday, March 24, 2008

You will respect this shutout too.

After a poor goaltending performance this weekend, Jose comes up with a pretty crucial shutout. The Avs are just straight up looking like a feistier team tonight. And as TD pointed out a few weeks ago, it must be playoff time, as I'm shouting loud enough during Av goals to be freaking out my slumbering canine. The game definitely had the playoff feel, at least it did in my TV room.

And the Nugs win as well, to have the Can teams at 2 for 2 for the evening. J.R.'s kind of been dishin'em lately.

War the NW still within reach.
(Dupe post approaching?)

The Great Wall of Theo

Talk about coming up big when you need to....The Avs, led by another brilliant job in net by Jose, come up with a very, very large victory against the Flames. It was a very blue collar effort by the Avs, who were solid defensively and saved by Theo when there was a rare breakdown. Getting a shutout against Iginla and that f*ck Phaneuf. Thank god, we were able to capitalize on a couple of the few opportunities and put a couple past Kiprusoff. Good to see Peter back on the ice, who didn't have a great game, but provided some spark. Things got rather chippy in the 2nd period. Would've been nice to see Footer involved in the many scrums that were breaking out. Get that hip fixed, my friend.

Avs fans can now exhale, for the time being......things are so tight in the NW Division, the stress ain't going to subside anytime soon. Let's hope myself and ST can reverse our inhouse luck at the Can on Wed.

Caller: Cindy from Westminster

HUGE win for the Avs tonight, and a mighty solid one at that, I must say. Great Defense. Great Goaltending. No need to call up a trio of unknowns from Double-A to get these points.

Obvious effort in the defensive zone from Wolski, not sure I've ever noticed him playing D with such purpose?? Great night from a couple guys I don't think of as difference-makers usually, Tyler and Jordan (I use their first names because they sound fruity & gay) The insurance goal had some fucking amazing assist-work from Smyth and Stastny.

Theodore was money. That shutout was a good one. Let's keep this momentum on the upswing for Wednesday night's game against the Nux. I know me and TD would appreciate it up in da' 350.

I'm currently in talks with a couple labels for the rights to release the debut of my one-person doom metal, stratified dark guitar landscapes project, "Salei's Eye", it sounds like Ruslan's right eye looks.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Game Blows...

Not how I intended my Sat afternoon to unfold. The Avs look timid and sloppy and Theo had a pretty rough 1st period. C'mon Super Smyth, this is your house!! Didn't we just trash these guys 5-1 last time? I'm not turning it to the Rockies-DBacks game yet, but I'm getting tempted. Seems like a month since the Avs last won.

Friday, March 21, 2008

So Long Jason...

...and bring your weird religious-football-novel-writing-crap with you down to Hotlanta.

Seriously, people really like to have gods and such, so I shouldn't bring that into the conversation I guess, and Jason Elam was a cornerstone of Broncos football for years, of that there is no room for argument. (unlike any religion debate)

The dude holds the franchise records in games played in a Broncos uniform to begin with, and I was really wishing he would be back. He was totally clutch last year for a team that pretty much blew, and that probably allowed him to get a 4-year (wow!?!) deal out of Atlanta. The Falcons though do seem to love an aged kicker. see: Morten Andersen

Hard to get too nutty bent out of shape about the departure of a kicker, but #1 will be missed and he will definitely wind up on the Ring of Fame. Rich Karlis and David Treadwell can't say that...

Now for a photo that I'd prefer to have as a lasting image of Jason Elam, Denver Bronco...kicker.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Forecast calls for Das Boot

A great day in sports, especially if you're working at home. You got fantasy golf scores on my PC and the tourney blaring on the TV. But what has this town so jacked up is opening day for a certain group of champions. Of course, I'm talking about the same team that took this town by storm last October by winning the E/D League championship. To compliment their run to glory, the local MLB team also had nice little end to their season around the same time. But Das Boot fever is brewing again in this mile high town. Let's get it on!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How about a little defense now....

Can the Nugs employ a defensive strategy of some kind? As fun as that Sonics beat-down just won't score 168 points everynight...and apparently if they don't, they won't win many games.
Granted the final shot tonight was a tad flukey...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

That's alot of points...

To the right is the only existing evidence of defense being played in tonight's Nuggets/Sonics game. Crazy shit. Quite fun watching a Nugs game only being concerned about how badly you kick a team's ass. Pretty much able to nestle into that comfort-zone by halftime.

Franchise records getting broken all over the damn place, triple doubles getting thrown up on the boxscore, and basketball on my TV with no mention of bubbles or brackets, on a day that it was freaking unavoidable for the most part.

Oh, and by the way, in that picture, K-Mart got called for a foul which resulted in 2 made free-throws, so may not technically be a true defensive play. Ruling?

Whatever, a truly smile-cracking game of B-ball. Long live offense.

Not atop the Northwest any longer...

I don't like these teams...I wish they wouldn't win any more hockey games. (WTF, Do I need to add the freaking Oilers to this list too? They just ended the Sharks 11 game win streak tonight and are actually looming in the NW cellar)
Viva the Northwest....the best division in hockey.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Atop the Northwest

With all of this blog construction I've been doing lately, I figure why not do a quick early game avs post. Going into tonight's game in 1st place in the Northwest Division, and a win tonight will mean we remain at that spot. Sounds like the avs will be shorthanded yet again tonight, with the exception of Salei (pretty ruthless blackeye he's curretnly rocking). Budaj will be in net, bringing his 4-0 record versus oilers into this evening's game. I guess Jose doesn't play well against Edmonton.

It's been about a week since I've seen an Avs game, so I'm ready to watch this red-hot hockey team. With the crude winning seven of their last eight (and being just as red-hot), it should be quite the battle tonight... Come on Super-Avs!
("I don't like All-Access Night!!!")

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hurdle & Company Have Moved

From now on, Rockies-themed posts will be happening at the new sister site: Blake Street Bias. See the link on the left.

Dancing animated Dingers coming soon.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rumble with the Ducks

Big game tonight at home against the red-hot, reigning Stanley Cup champs, the Anaheim Ducks. Hopefully the also rather red-hot, home team can rise to the occasion, all games at this point in the season are important, especially with the bottom of the West's playoff picture as tight as it is, and a win against the Ducks would continue this nice upward trend in momentum.
So....let's see some pre-playoffs, playoff style of play, Avs!
Fairly encouraging news on the Smyth front. Depressing news on the Svatos front.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Peter's Line Looks Good To Me

I didn't get a chance to see the 1st period, but the 2nd period action has been entertaining, with exception of that unlucky PP goal by the Canucks. The Sakic-Forsberg-Hejduk line seems to be gelling like it were 2000. Kind of troubling that they have no goals to show for all the slick passing. (As the YB pointed out, you can almost hear fans yell "Shoot It" through the TV.) That will come soon, no doubt. Hopefully here in the 3rd period.

Win or lose, it's great to see Sakic and Forsberg skating again. Go Avs!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

3 More Years of Hawpe

Sounds like the Rocks and Hawpe have agreed to a 3-year deal (going through the arbitration years) with a team option to extend into the first free agent year. Another move that looks like the team has a plan to commit multi-year deals with a sizable amount of jack to good young players, without totally breaking the bank.

If Holliday and Atkins get extension deals, Rockies fans might have to change their tune about management....keep up the good work boys....

Five days until DT and myself head to Tucson to check out some Cactus League action.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Put Your Helmet On, Son

Jesus, that hit was brutal. Not dirty, just a brutal hit on another Av player. Hope Smyth is alright. Great win, but kind of costly. Not too much Svatos, too much Svatos better be alright. And here's to Ryan Smyth knowing what country he's in...I dedicate tomorrow's headache to RS.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm Now the Old Guy at the Meat Puppets Show

A couple of nights ago, the legendary SST band and KTH darlings, the Meat Puppets graced the stage of the Gothic Theatre in Denver. It's been about 15 years since I've last seen the Puppitos play live and I must say they did not disappoint. While the set was a tad short (they were opening for Built to Spill), the set list was pretty satisfying. After opening with the epic Touchdown King, they ripped through other classics such as Lake of Fire, Up on the Sun, Sam, and Plateau.

And while the band didn't seem to have skipped a beat (even with a new drummer), there was something distinctively different about seeing the Pupps again after all of these years. At past shows, I always seem to remember being a youngster at a show largely populated by an older crowd. Well, I guess I've now become that older guy who is probably a little too stoked when I hear the opening bars of Up on the Sun. I wondered if many of the 20-something crowd even noticed that Curt Kirkwood is now playing a Strat, instead of the classic sunburst Les Paul. Well, I surely did, but I'm just one of those old dudes at a Meat Puppets show.........rock on brothers.