Saturday, December 18, 2010

DRI & OT Victories

It was a late one, but the three opening bands allowed ST and I to take in the 3rd period and OT. Awesome game and another good DRI show (despite Mad Man not being on the set list). Matty D continues to amaze and is becoming rather clutch. Considering it was a 16 and over affair at the Bluebird, I would have bought the lad a beer for his efforts if he made it over from Pepsi after the heroics. This just in, the Avs are fun to watch.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fleischmann, cold lampin'

...with flavor, no less. Stone Cold Lampin'.
Pretty impressive hat-trick from the new Av. I am a fan of Hannan, but the points and goals scored by Tomas since coming over in that trade have been huge.
Avs have won 4 in a row, 2 in a row against the defending Cup champs, and now head home for a 5 game home-stand. The time at Pepsi could be huge...
Sort of love the animosity that the back to back games generate, if tonight is any produces very inspired, yet chippy play.
On that front, hope Stastny is OK. He received a rather awkward cross-check that sent him into the boards head first with a fairly major head of steam. Looked uncomfortable. The Avs have enough injuries already, don't need the surging center out with the rest.

Mauldin? He got himself a goal too.
Anderson? His 5-hole is looking hella soft, don't take that the wrong way, but damn, those pucks just dribble through there. He did face a shit-ton of shots, but you've got to fear those times when letting the "easy" ones through will come back to haunt the Avs when they aren't able to score 4+ a game.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm a little out of breath and lacking coherence after that thriller.

Shit-tonnes of goals (Cody McLeod even tallied), dicey goal tending (TURCO!), clutch late game heroics from Duchey and the newly acquired Tomas F. Great win, seeing as I was calling for Budaj in net midway through the 2nd period. I don't ever call for Budaj. Ever.

The Avs are the highest scoring team in the Western Conference. Is that surprising? Tonight's damage was wreaked without Hejduk and Stewart. Pretty much the entire season thus far has not seen the full core of the team healthy. Imagine if???
Besides the intangibles your best players bring, got to wonder what would be different if the whole roster was available and in the lineup night in and night out. The lines thrown out on the ice still manage to win games and demonstrate guts and resilience - especially when down late. Tonight was a first class example. During the Altitude post-game, Keefe and Rycroft were pretty apeshit flabbergasted, funny when they are on the air but not really able to hold any train of thought together. Is that why I'm washing lettuce and they're making the big bucks?

The Blackhawks get a chance for revenge in the ass-end of a home-and-home Wednesday in Chicago....
That is, unless the Avs can throw another Elway up on the scoreboard, then I like our chances.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yo Coach, Now Might Be a Good Time To Put In Tebow.....

Not sure what to expect if it happened, but at this point, why not. If there wasn't already a legion of fans out there clamoring for God Boy, getting rolled by a shit-ass NFC West team (the B'cos are a combined 1-3 against that illustrious division, for those scoring at home) while Neck Beard has an even worse game than last week's stinker (the hell happened to him?) will certainly increase the volume. And while I don't like further cementing the recent culture of losing, the way the NFL is these days for those teams outside of the elite (which is every team other than the Pats, Steelers, Ravens (maybe?), and New Orleans (probably) - definitely not the Bears) you might as well roll the dice with the rookie QB and see what he has. Worst case scenario is that he proves he's not an NFL QB and the team gets a higher draft pick. Best case is that he shows he's a player and you have something positive to look to next year (and will still have a good pick). By the way, that was one of the most boring football games I've ever kind of watched. Studesville doesn't appear to be the answer.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

At Least We Got A Point.....again

A pretty lack luster road trip unfolding. No wins, an OTL point here and there, and a team that looks like they could use Stewie pretty badly. No TV tonite, but maybe that's a good thing (I had to work late anyway and would have missed almost the entire game). As you know, I love Greg Mauldin, and that's the only reason I chose this photo from a game I didn't see.....

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Lovin' It!

No, not McDonalds...or McDowells.
I'm talking about the flame broiled taste of a fired McDaniels. It's pretty damn tasty right about now.
I know some McD sympathizers, have been one myself, but I have no issue with the early dismissal at this point, but will listen to and welcome arguments. Bluntly, the Broncos have never been less relevant since I've been a fan. Granted that is only ~25 yrs or so. Anyone who knew the true lean years can call me out. But this has been a really BAD stretch. Unacceptable.

Call it a PR MOVE.
Bowlen is acting senile and perhaps Al Davis Batshit Insane Jr.
If he wants to waste his money on fired coaches, I'm not sure I can argue. It seems like he wants to maintain some franchise respect right about now? He can't continue that crusade without further spending and whatnot, so if his coffers are depleted but can cut losses and admit a poor coaching decision back in January 2009 (and he can afford it), then he can buy the next round...and the high draft pick next year. But then hopefully not truly become Al Davis and run the franchise completely into the ground within the decade. shit.

I'm ill prepared to offer much beyond emotion (and a Josh McD final win percentage of .393. yikes). I'm pretty surprised really that this happened mid-season...I guess things are working out for the Vikes and Cowboys after their jettisons. still doesn't really make sense to me. I'm rambling, but am pretty curious what the "fanbase" thinks.

The Broncos will probably win out and get a shitty draft pick and draft an overrated prospect that will be cut in two years.

Also, anyone know who Eric Studesville is?