Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Badly Are You Going Through Avs Goal Withdrawals?

As a 3rd period post, I'm hoping this is an anti-jinx. But, the offense seems to be sputtering heavily after the early-season rampage. This is a total of 2 goals now through the last 8 periods. That ain't cutting it, dudes. Raycroft is also cementing his position on the bench. Home loss to the B-Jacks? Glad that wasn't part of my 14-game plan.


Sonic Tooth said...

got one goal out of the anti-jinx. that said, Raycroft looked like utter shit, against a team that the Avs have totally dominated historically.

TroutDog said...

Maybe Granato can quickly film a GMC commercial on these off days. That Foote one just ain't getting the job done. Could it be anymore vanilla?

DeathTruck said...

I know; what happen to GMC radio? They pull the plug when 950 switched to FM?