Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not Too Much Cheikh Samb. Too Much Cheikh Samb

The Nuggets keep winning with a cakewalk victory over the hapless Milwaukee Bucks to move to 7-4 and 5-1 AC (After Chauncey.) The past two games have been a perfect contrast in how to win games that the best teams are supposed to get.

A.) Sunday night against Minnesota, the Nuggets were really bad and rode one hot shooter (Chauncey) to a sloppy and gutsy win against a bad team.


B.) Last night, against a similarly inferior squad, the Nuggets played well, built a big lead and cruised.

It does, however, raise the concern about how they will fare against the stronger sides. Maybe last weekend's Cleveland/Boston back-to-back was a snap snot. But, if they can split with the league's elite and keep down the bottom dwellers, the Nuggets should be able to get close to 50 wins again this year.

Now the most imperitive question becomes, when does Cheikh Samb start getting major minutes?


Chain Lightning said...

Why didn't Sonny Weeks get any PT last night? Wasn't he a baller at Arkansas?

Young Bear said...

I don't think he is even on the active roster, CL.
No space now that Chucky is back and Dahntay getting major minutes. He'll be a player some day, good defensively

Sonic Tooth said...

Last night was indeed a cruiser.

TroutDog said...

If I'm not mistaken, the AC Nuggs haven't played many major players in the West. I think that will be the true test of the impact of this deal. The Celts win was obviously huge, but other than that, they all seem like games they should win. That said, they would lose a lot of games they should win for the last several years. Should be an interesting game tonight in the Big D.