Sunday, November 30, 2008

Somebody Get a Jets Fan a Drink Already!

Damn, didn't see that dominating performance coming! A shocker in the Meadowlands as Cutler turns in a much-needed brilliant performance and Hillis did a good job of protecting the ball while accumulating over 100 yards. I like that combination. It's hard to erase the memory of last week's meltdown against the Raiders at home, but this is a good start. Time to face some facts. The Broncos are a better road team than home team and the playoffs are looking almost like a lock at this point, with Phillipe Rios and the Bolts losing yet another game at home to Hotlanta.

Next up, the Chefs at Invesco. We'll find out rather quickly if the B'cos learned anything from that Raiders debacle.


Sonic Tooth said...

Too many olives speared for the drink of the fat guy in the middle...and YES, huge win for the Broncos. Scrappy-Doo.

TroutDog said...

Welcome to Pop Copy, can I help you?

Sonic Tooth said...

My butt itches...and I took a shower! May I help you?

DeathTruck said...

Excuse me, sister: I got to take a shit.

Sonic Tooth said...

A couple corrections.

I believe that somewhere in my previous comment about itching, there needs to be a "like crazy" inserted.

And the only Rappaport screen shot I could find to embellish what I assume is a TD Cutler post-game comment, appears to be from the also infamous "all the computers are down" scene, not the "you're the manager?" scene.

TroutDog said...

That's definitely not the bewildered asian man, "You're the manager?" But, it still does the job. To be honest, I just needed to update the comment and I don't have access to the normal smiley cell phone pic of Cutler.

Hells yeah, I suck toes!