Friday, August 31, 2007

Jamie Quirk: Manager of the Year

I don't know if coincidental, but when Hurdle got tossed and Jaime Quirk got inserted, good things started to happen for the Rox. Deathtruck and I were traveling from the E-G down the hill during most of the rally. I certainly wasn't expecting to see the game tied upon returning home after watching blown opportunity after blown opportunity for the first 7 innings, but take Hurdle out of the equation and the sky is the limit.

I guess when you out hit the opponent 17-3, you should win games. They should come easily, but this one did not. Nonetheless, this victory feels pretty sweet.

Ubaldo is a witch (one mistake all game) and C-dawg had a monster game.

Gotta at least win this series. With Webb pitching on Sunday, I suggest Hurdle call in sick tomorrow and guarantee a win tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spankin the giants

As great as it is to see the Rox wip the giants a new asshole, we could have definitely used these runs earlier in the week.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Way to go, Julio.......

Not only did he blow a game we were still very much in, but he also blew a great chance to use a Fogg pitching in SF headline pun. A tough loss. Obviously, Jorge shoulders most of the blame (very questionable why Hurdle didn't yank him sooner - he was obviously not on it tonight), but the offense sputtered in key moments too.

The team has shown resilience in the past and tomorrow night's game is a big one.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where are the posting soys?

Nice little 2 out rally here for the Pet Rocks in the 2nd. Well maybe not so much a rally, but a shit load of walks.

Is it too early to get those brooms out????....... Probably.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I think we're safe now

With how the KTH blogs have jinxed the pet rocks the past couple of days, I was a little hesitant in posting after E-Stew's grand salami, or Matt's or anyone else's dong. It seems like everyone was contributing tonight (We're all watertower here!!!); makes for a much more enjoyable game (I think Ivey would even agree). Hopefully, those last 2 lame games put a little fire up their ass. Buchholz seemed to make sure that shit was going to happen to the bullpen again. My main man Taylor?

And on top of that, almost all of the top NL teams lost tonight!
Huh? Whammy?

Monday, August 20, 2007


Tulo sort of owns Matt Morris. 3 for 4 with a possible game winning dong.

We gots to get a W here.

Bully! Come on! No more of that shit from last week!
In other words, 'don't put in Assfeldt'.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


some nice 8th inning clutchness.....
now let's hold.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Umpires may now blow me.

i realize i'm posting this lead in the 5th inning, but no one else felt like getting things started.
anyways c' and Ivey were fucking quite upset with that off-the-wall-called-out on Holliday. we don't need that.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Holding Kent the key

So the Dodgers have a two game winning streak going and appear to be snapping out of their funk. So the Rox are 0-7 against the Dodgers in Foggies last 7 starts. So the Rox lost a heart breaker last night.

Big friggin whoop. Time to sack up and play some ball. Despite Carrol and Spilly in the lineup I'm going to go with G At as my pick to click.

Scully are the deuces wild?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm F***ing Sick.

a goddam embarassment. don't know what else to say. that all happened with 2 outs.....great responsive Managing. please detect my sarcasm. and stay fucking annoying San Diego.

Is signing BK just a formaility at this point?

Saw on the espn ticker that the D Backs released BK. I gotta believe O'Dowd was calling the Monfarts in the middle of the night asking if the can spend $20K on a fast food burger.

Is this some sort of ploy by the D-Backs? Do the D-Backs want the Rox to pick up BK so that they can exploit BK's suckiness when we face them? DT are you ok with this?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Colorado Springs Rockies

It's great to have your entire pitching rotation made up of AAA players during the months of August in the middle of a playoff race. More bad news today as Cookie has sore ribs and his start is being pushed back to possibly Sat. Tomorrow, some dude named Elmer Dessens, an emergency call-up, is making the start. Sweet. In addition, the Rox signed (traded for?) Ramon Ortiz of the Twins. I know nothing about this guy either, except he's got a good name for a baseball player, or at least more common than Elmer. A .500 roadie is now looking like a long shot.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Deconstructing a Legend

It goes without saying that this is a big road trip for the Rox. Tonight would be a a very big game considering we have Franchise going against a pitching legend with deteriorating skills. Maddox hasn't won a game since June, but don't expect any of these games to be easy. We need a solid performance whenever we have a legit MLB starter on the mound. Tonight is one of those nights, so let's get a win.......

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Clint Hurdle is a genious

Situation...bases juiced after a single, walk, and hit batsman. Pitcher spot due up and Hurdle actually decides to go to my main man J Caroll off the pine. You know my boy ain't swinging on the first strike. Fouls a pitch off and on a 1-2 count goes yard. Sickening!

The bully absolutely has to nail this thing down. Could be another huge win for Fogg who ended the last two game losing streak as well.

Hopefully the Vegas contingency is soaking this game in at the MGM sportsbook. Obvi I would be.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

This Is What We Have to Deal With for the Next 4 Days in Denver

Luckily I'll be in Vegas for the weekend, but I'm sure to have endure some of these types in the downtown area and at the game tomorrow night. Should be a raucous weekend at Coors and hopefully this hobbling team can take the series. We're certainly the hotter team, but with the news today that Hirsh is going back on the DL with a broken leg, it will likely test the will of the team. Hurdle has said Buccholz won't start in his place, neither will Franklin Morales. Speculation is that either they'll pick up a pitcher off waivers (David Wells?) or promote someone else from the Springs. Barmes has been called up, I guess to compete with Carroll for the utility infielder position? Also, we already dropped Colina and picked up some dude Geronimo Gil that My Cousin Vinny has been scouting down in the Mexican League. He's reportedly been tearing up Mexican League pitching. What the hell, I can get behind a guy with first name Geronimo.

The focus now has to be on continuing to blaze at home. Our record at Coors has been ridic as of late and that trend needs to continue.

With a Das Boot! game tonight at 8:30, Chained Lightning again is going to be minding the store after the first couple of innings.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I think this offense is really starting to gel.

Forecast calls for Francis

Let the brooms come out for this working man's special. Last night's game was pretty sweet; the one brewer fan we went to the game went was pretty bitter all the way home. I kept on tellin her that at least the Cub's lost too, but I guess she didn't care. No matter, we're back in the hunt (come on get in the hunt!) for NL West crown, only 4 back now... My pirates?

Got to like our chances tonight with the vest's own Jeff Francis on the mound. Myself Ian, his gal, and T-D will be in attendance, suppla-ing the sweet 3rd base seats (come on super Gallegos!). I guess accuscore doesn't even want to touch this one (I can't seem to find it), condsidering they haven't got the past two games.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Since I grew up a childhood Brew Crew fan, I'm still in their corner most nights. However, nights like tonight I forget the fond memories of County Stadium and conversion van bench tail gate parties in what seemed like an endless parking lot and turn up the Brew Crew hate instead. We must forget Coop, Rollie, Gorman, Robin, and Ben O. We must forget the greatest homerun novelty event ever, as pictured above. This ain't no Pepsi Fan Club game and I ain't concerned about the two liters of soda we're bringing into the game (although Death Truck might be this evening). It's ironic now that I'm of drinking age, I will be rooting for the first time in person against the Brewers.

Chained Lightning will have to take the reigns this evening, as many of the regulars in these parts will be down at Coors. If all goes as planned, we'll be sitting in Death Truck's friend's sweet seats above the visiting dugout. If that doesn't pan out, we'll still be enjoying some seats I scored for free at the Rockies Dugout Store with the purchase of 4 packs of 2007 baseball cards. Not a bad little deal, actually. Worst-case, we get in a brawl with Brewers fans at Swanky's before the game and get hauled to detox. Here's to hoping we can celebrate a victory tonight outside the Big House.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Forecast calls for Fogg

Hawpe with a three run jack to get this thing started. Let's get 8 innings out of Foggie and let Corpas do the rest.

Has He Been Sent Down Yet?

We can only hope so.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Cooking Up Some Breakfast

How about some rotten eggs this morning in the A-T-L? A pretty large game this morning for the Rox. The way the NL West (and Wild Card) is shaping up, games like this one become very crucial. Losing to Hudson last night becomes a distant memory if Cook can continue his hot pitching and get some decent support. Going 4-2 on the roadie sounds a lot better than 3-3.

Haven't heard if Holliday will be back in the lineup, but seeing as he didn't pinch hit in the top of the ninth last night with Tulo standing at first, I'm guessing that finger might be fairly banged up.

I also don't know Accuscore is saying, but I like the visitors in the rubber match.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dropping blogs like Hiorshima

Where are all the blogging baits?? Looks like today's game will be no Holiday for Hudson. Tell me that is not as good as 'A thick Fogg rolls into Coors field'.

Hurdle inserts G At in the 3 hole. That is just plain brilliance. Go get'em Clint!

Obviously my pick to click tonight is Spilsie. Acuscore gives us a 42% chance of winning....I like our chances.

CL representing

Friday, August 3, 2007

Franchise vs. Smoltzy on a Friday night

...what more do you want? With Franchise on the mound acuscore is giving the Rox a 37% chance to win. If we can keep our strikeouts below 15 I like our chances. Would love to see some J Carrol and Spilsie in the lineup tonight. Hawpe could use a day off after K'ing 7 times over the last two days. (Hurdle's dome..... do I rest Hawpe or go with the text book I use to manage and keep the lefty in the lineup......)


Thursday, August 2, 2007


Through 7 innings and 11 of the Rox 21 outs have been by way of strikeout. Guys you don't hit enough dongs to strikeout that much.

Need some 8th and 9th inning sorcery. The Braves are on a roll so losing 2 out of 3 to the fish would suck.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Already a Pitching Duel

Sorry to start a new post, but I wanted to post this sweet pic. 2-2 after 1. Both pitchers combine to throw 59 pitches through the first inning. I'm thinking either we should've made a move for a starter yesterday, or Fogg usually starts games poorly.

Anyway, here's hoping Fogg settles down and BK continues to get Broiled.

Exploiting BK's Suckiness

I'm still not buying it, BK is a crappy pitcher, and I hope for our sake Hurdle knows this as well and knows how to use it to our advantage. If my memory serves me correct, BK gets lit up by left-handed batters. Perhaps, it was a good idea by Hurdle (did I just say that?), to sit the left handers (Helton, Hawpe, and sort of KazMat) last night so as to prepare for a BK ass-whippin tonight. Maybe Sulli will be given some PT tonight?

Accuscore has us winning 51%-49%... whatever, I guess Fogg and BK do have similar stats. Let's hope we get the good Fogg tonight; he has been kind of money lately.

I won't be able to watch or interactively blog the game, as I will be at a early evening Rock'n Roll concert. It's too bad I was really looking forward to seeing BK's funny little smile while we lit him up.

P.S. How about my Giants last night!!