Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Way I'm Coming Back, I Like Handball

Well, I Pretty Much Like Drama & Text Messaging

Not to mention Red Zone turnovers, pulling on my shoulder pads, and one day playing for the Cleveland Browns.

Friday, March 27, 2009

"Hometowned" at home...again

Not gonna elaborate on the Hometown reference. But Rayzor is getting one in the photo, and this team is getting a figurative one for 6 games running. (what the hell. let's face it, this whole season)
You know, TD I appreciate the free tickets and all, but mini-ST and I prefer our minor league hockey played in the intimate setting of the Broomfield Event Center, where the Dippin' Dots cost an even 4 bucks not the outlandish sum of 4.50 that one shells out at Pepsi Center.

Geez. The depths continue to get lower (even if the score is a little more respectable). For two periods the Avs were in this game, not that they looked all that good, but the Canucks hadn't quite begun to get their chances. Those came eventually.
You get spoiled I guess, but this is SO removed from the Avs that we've known since the franchise relocation, that it is just really jarring to watch and try to accept. Just ask the cool Indian dude that I finally had the pleasure of sitting in front of in the 350 tonight. To quote: "Who are these players? Who is #41? Who is #43?" Exactly. Well it turns out that #43 is the only goal scorer for the Avs tonight...his first career NHL goal.

Out of disgust for the current state of the Avs, and the fact that I never wear it, I busted out an old replica 40's era Leafs sweater tonight (not like Toronto is going to make the playoffs either). Strangely complimented up and down by the bald 350 usher, and the dude who runs the cab stand.
Ironically, since I got home I have since settled into a Rush show in HD on the Palladia channel. I do love, and always will even at my old age love, the punk and the indie rock but I must say I really do dig Rush. Maybe someday I'll compose an inappropriate post about how awesome Neil Peart is on drums, or how impressive it is that Geddy Lee chooses to play both bass and keyboards - occasionally at the same time (instead of enlisting some keyboard lackey to fill that role), and how I wish he still played the Rickenbacker bass instead of the equally cool Fender Jazz, and how Alex Lifeson plays a different guitar for every song...come on, is that really necessary?
Maybe I just wrote that post? Maybe I will someday be that grey-haired uncle with the red Barchetta?

Well, I'm rambling and buzzed. (mini ST's first cab ride was this evening.)

>Nugs win. Melo scores basketball points, and the team holds off a Dallas comeback.
>DU looked hella flat in their NCAA hockey tournament loss. Tyler Bozak's return nets a goal, but not enough to stave off an ouster. However....AFA Falcons! Wolverines shocked.
>Cutler likes booze? So do I.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Checking out some CHL minor league hockey....Broomfield stylee

Yep. This Friday finally went north through the lovely North Federal Blvd. area, and onto 36 to visit the Broomfield Event Center and some goddam Rocky Mountain Rage hockey action.
The Rage had already clinched their CHL playoff berth - so this game, which was the final home game of the regular season, didn't have a lot riding on it, besides the hopes and dreams of a winning Friday night out for a couple thousand Rage faithful (and mini sonic tooth and the official version)
Unfortunately, the Rage lost to the Amarillo Gorillas in the waning minutes in what was a real back and forth game 5-4. Broomfield most certainly doused this pain with Budweiser if my in-game experience lends any insight into what the clientele is prone to.
Other observations:
>Rowdy, the mascot is a crowd pleaser.
>Minor league hockey is really nothing like SlapShot....the place was filled with weirdo kids (going apeshit) and their parents. TONS of kids.
>Those plastic horns are loud. Also more prevalent than I can handle.
>When the Rage score a goal they play some song that sounds like the Replacements "Take Me Down to the Hospital" but isn't.
Can only imagine what the advent of the playoffs will bring come Monday against the Mudbugs of Bossier-Shreveport. I bet the Broomfield Event Center will be rife with loud-ass shirtless insane 9 year-old boys causing a ruckus with those freaking horns and their parents smiling as they sip their Bud.
(yes. that is mini st chilling with Rowdy)
Going to a 14ers game in a few weeks. Comparison forthcoming.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Budaj brilliant in net for Avs in 8-1 defeat.

See what I did there? Used a touch of sarcasm in my headline. Shit. 8-1? Reminds me of a certain Pepsi Center toilet.
On the bright side, that was maybe Coach Granato's finest piece of coaching I've seen all year, leaving Budaj in to accrue the mind boggling 8 goals against....and that my friends is me NOT using sarcasm. Looking forward to this team getting a real #1 goaltender sometime this offseason.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Now I'm really mad

Well it sounds like Cutler is gonzo.

But what will become of him? Just which team will he be throwing red-zone interceptions for next year?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Now I'm Mad....

Apparently a conference call between Cutler and McD didn't go that well today when the QB was told anybody can be traded. Cutler thinks he might have to take his shoulder pad gripping (and general griping) show on the road and may not show up for offseason conditioning Monday. This saga is getting incredibly old in a hurry. I hear a certain ex-Bronco QB has been staying in shape in his retirement. Something has to give.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Can either of you point me to a book where I could place a wager on when my sorry-ass gets canned?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This Represents the Avs' Season...

Don't ask how TroutDog obtained this photo. Let's just call it investigative journalism.

The Avs wouldn't even get a win with this jackass centering the opposing top line.

"There's a thin line between passion and emotional immaturity..." -G. Karl

Chiming in from AK: There's also a "fine line between sexy and sexist." More on Tap below. For now lets focus on the recent Melo-Karl Flareup. Just got word up here (via sled dog team) that No-Guts captain and former Beauvallon resident Carmelo Anthony (#15) refused to leave the game on Sunday when politely asked by team coach George Karl. I'd like to use this situation to extend an analogy and provide a little perspective for readers of KTH: ADSB. After years of playing roundball in pickup games and competitive men's leagues from Evergreen Rec to Madison to Kodiak, AK I have made one observation. During league play I have encountered many dudes who play and act like their local men's league is their capital L "League" and often embarrass themselves and their less than attractive girlfriends/wives in the process. Now, stay with me here, if many dudes believe that men's leagues are analogous to Mr. Stern's Association then similar rules apply, right? So for instance if, during the second half of a close men's league game, I refuse to sub out because I feel that my defense and penetration on the offensive end are necessary for a win what's the big deal? Perhaps Melo thought that his abilities where needed to ensure a win in Hoosiertown. Who's to say that any one person on the team (coach, player, vice president of player personnel) has a better plan than the other members of the team. I say the Melo-Karl Flareup is just a story for the Denver press to feed on until something better to comes along. Thoughts?
Now, about the Tap. It seems that the blokes formerly known as the Thamesmen are planning a reunion tour sans wigs. Clear out your calendar for April 29th when ST plays the Paramount. I will be expecting pics posted here on KTH.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Broncos Plex is getting a little fired up over this current mess...

Nice free agent moves, but....

Poorly handled trade talks.

Cutler is a freaking whiny baby.

Marshall is pretty much an idiot.

Plex is thinking that Yo Gabba Gabba might need to have an entire episode devoted to the Broncos, with some behavioral instruction for the new coach and his stars. Jon Keyworth appears in the Super Music Friends Show, and Terrell Davis demonstrates his Dancey Dance, "The Salute"

You stay classy Denver Broncos.