Sunday, November 16, 2008

Did Anyone See That Avs Game Last Night?

Damn, I love me some Darcy Tucker. Dude came up HUGE last night with that redirect tip in tying goal and then the shoot-out winner. If there's something Champ Bailey loves, it's hockey night in Canada. 4 points so far on this current north-of-the-border roadie. Impressive to say the least. My slamming hockey analysis wouldn't be complete without saying this Budaj cat has been the shizzle as of late. You can pretty much credit the six points collected by the Avs in the past three games to his sick net minding. Props to my main man Clarky for stepping up to keep it a one goal game once Budalicious left for the bench. Hockey truly is the ultimate team sport!

Oh yeah, I was also on the sideline today for that Broncos game against the FAWLCINS. While I was barely paying attention (I was really hungover after celebrating that Avs game last night), it was a great win and a great day for the Broncos. The defense actually stepped up a bit and did a good job of stopping the run. 3rd downs are still a big problem and Dre Bly still doesn't deserve to clean my cup, but I gotta give my boys props for gutting out two road wins with me, the only notable rostered player on defense, on the sidelines. With a two game lead in the AFC "Worst" (get it?), it's looking good for a shot at the playoffs. Thanks for not totally fucking it up guys before my return!

Lookie here, my Nuggets also appear to be heading to a win against the hapless T-Wolves after 3 and half listless periods of ball. All is well in KTH land.....


Champ Bailey


Young Bear said...

Awesome stuff, guys!

As Champ mentioned, perfect sports weekend here in KTH land.

Our namesake, however, might be on shaky ground in H-Town. He can always come back and tutor #6.

Great awful-play, must-have, home-win last night for the Nuggets. They were brutal, still got the dub.

Sonic Tooth said...

Just about wrote the Nugs off last night...but they had a comeback in them.

Young Bear said...

They can actually now lock down the defense, get stops, and have composure on offense to finish games that they don't deserve to win. (ie last night)

More toddler, yellow ringers?

TroutDog said...

Bring on the toddler ringers. Ivey already has a das boot shirt waiting to be printed.

Champ forgot to mention DU's weak showing over the weekend getting swept at St Cloud St. C'mon Super Bozak!

Did you go to the Nuggs game, YB?

Young Bear said...

Bad early season games and busy college online previews have kept me away to date.
Looking at maybe Bulls (and my boy Derrick Rose)next Sunday.....

Any help on shirts or sources of shirts for printing?

TroutDog said...

ST may be able to lend a hand. I think Micheals usually has prettty cheap shirts. Not sure how small though.

It's looking like a City Park kind of afternoon for me tomorrow!

Sonic Tooth said...

I had gotten it at Sierra Trading Post. Though they don't have 'em anymore.

DeathTruck said...

Damn Bills... fuckin up my picks.