Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my can teams?

I fear the Tooth will be on my heals with his own blog, but ahhhh.... the heck with it.

Nice having a boring NBA game, sort of, with the Nug Pups dominating the Emerald City powerhouse known as the Sonics. Didn't watch too much of this game, but did notice that the hapless Nugs still enjoy the slam dunk aspect of the game. Shall the Nugs make the playoffs? Seriosly, its friggin ridiculous that the nugs are even in this position (the 9th postion coming into today).

Respek my Avs!!! They on the other hand are pretty enjoyable to watch. However, we had no business getting a point in this game, let alone two. Both of the Vancover gaols were pretty much a result of our inabilty to clear the puck, not a net minding mistake. Though, so was Sakic's tying goal. Avs fever has offically broken out at 39th and Osceolla.

This should be a pretty intriguing next couple of weeks with what's his name coming back... and I'm not talking about Kroll.

That said, I am looking forward to a little pre-season das boot play... can I consider Das Boot a Can Team yet?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feels Like the Playoffs

Wow - A HUGE 2 points tonight for the Avs!! It looked mighty bleak until the Duke fired a sweet shot to convert a very rare PP goal. The momentum changed at that point and the Avs controlled OT and came through with yet another (gasp) PP goal. Hells yeah!! Props to Ryan Smyth for that sweet no-look pass to assist on the game winner. Props to Theo for some solid net-minding.

Oh, most definitely, it was great to see Footer back in an Avs sweater. Super Joe looked better in game 2. Dito Stastny, who made a great pass and moving pick on the Duke goal and comes up with the game winning tap-in. All I can see is Hells Yeah! Huge win.

But the real reason I know it felt like a playoff game is that I was scaring my dog with every scream, yelp, and body contortion. Just hope I can experience some real playoff stress. (Why, I'm not really sure.)

Keep it going tomorrow in the BC tomorrow....I seemed to remember we dominated up there our last visit....cue ST post. (Where is my Warren Rychel jersey?)

Monday, February 25, 2008

FOPPA: Bringing It All Back Home

It came as quite of a surprise to hear that Peter the Great signed with the Avs for the remainder of the season. Of course I'm happy to hear the news. It kind of warms the heart to know that Peter chose the Avs over other teams that I'm sure were willing to take a chance at the one time MVP. However, I think my joy would be more pronounced if the sting of last night's playoff bed-shitting loss to the Crude wasn't still fresh in my memory. I might also get more excited if the Avs announce the signing of a burly defensemen to replace the obvious deficiency on the blue line with the losses of Clark and Finger. However, this move on its own doesn't make me think we still only have an outside chance of getting into the playoffs. All of that said.....

While Forsberg's health is still an obvious question mark, let us not forget that 2002 playoff run after Peter missed almost the entire regular season recovering from a ruptured spleen, only to end up leading all playoff scorers. If the Avs make a couple of more moves, along with return of Sakic and the addition of Forsberg, things could get interesting. First things first. The Avs desperately need to get at least 3 points out of the next two game in Calgary and Vancouver.......Welcome home Peter.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

C'Mon Super Sid?

Jesus, that's an embarrassing loss tonight for the Nugs. I love the Bucks and all, but I feel shame the way we didn't even show up the second half. Karl is starting to really be called into question. This team DOES NOT RUN at all. And if they don't follow that formula, they are a horrible team. Lazy, lazy, lazy. And you blow a 20 point lead against one of the worst teams in the league. Doesn't spell playoff success to me.

Best SI cover EVER.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Anyone seen my McLeod sweater?

Wow. What an ending down in PHX. Avs should have had that game won in regulation with a lead and some solid play for most of the 3rd period. Kind of let things slide a bit with 2.8 seconds left in the game though. Typical.

One OT period and 12 SO shooters later, a tough guy comes through, and Jose is (finally) able to hold the counter shot to win the game. Too bad the fucking Wings couldn't beat the fucking Flames. The season is becoming a perpetual uphill climb.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Put in Vernon

More than 190+ minutes against the Red Wings without scoring 1 friggin goal!!! What the hell? KTH was calling for Osgood the first two meetings, now that we've got'em, we still can't put the buscuit in the basket. In the prvious games, the case could be made for either the offense or defense not showing up. Now neither of them seem to be bringing it. It's going to be might tough (impossible) to come back from a 4-0 deficit here in the beginning of the 3rd. Things ain't looking good for this 9th place can team all of a sudden.

On a brighter note, Lappy injured their beloved Lindstrom.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Breakfast With The Avalanche

These Sunday morning 11am start times are a bit bizarre, but what the hell. My guess is that NHL schedulers didn't want to compete with the Sunday night American Gladiators finale. Fair enough. Still, something doesn't feel entirely right about hockey and Coffee......The Avs come out of the gate flying, but then Arnason whiffs on a wide open net leading to an odd man rush the other way. Liles draws a penalty on the breakaway and of course the Hawks cash in the PP. Seems to be the way of the Avs quite a bit lately. I like their energy, but squandering scoring chances is becoming routine....

On a separate note, there is an awful lot of talk in this morning's paper about the possibility of Fogg coming back to the Rox to compete for the 5th spot or as a long reliever. Make it happen, O'Dowd.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Birthday Totally Sucked Shit!

Thanks, Manny. Thanks for totally ruining my birthday. Sure, the team started the game very sluggish and sloppy and probably deserved to be trailing after the first period. But, you have to admit; we had some pretty great chances and threw a lot of pucks on net, even in the first when we more or less were playing like shit. And then that 3rd period. What the hell, bro?? We turned the Can into a shooting gallery and still you only yield one measly goal. Fuck you, man. Whatever happened to those days when you were on the Wings and, like, totally sucked shit. Whatever you went and did in the interim, I'm not backing it. Did I mention it's my birthday today? No amount of "birthday" Pilsner Urquell you buy me down at Monarch is going to make up for your performance tonight.

I'm holding you personally accountable for playing out of your mind tonight and totally fucking up my birthday and the evening for Avs fans everywhere.



PS - I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, this is my senior picture from high school.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sweating in Miami, Duck Hunting in D-Town

Tonight is yet another staggered start time, double dip evening of Can Team action. With about half of the 4th quarter left, the Nug Pups are struggling to pull out the win against the lowly Miami Heat. JR Smith is having a career game with almost 30 points right now, including eight 3-pointers. This is the type of game the Nugs can't afford to lose. Maybe they could borrow some of those 30 excess points they didn't really need in Sunday night's blowout victory over the LeBron and the Cavs.

As the nba action winds down, the Avs are getting things going against the piping-hot Ducks over at the Can. Stastny is still not back in the lineup. Apparently he's now suffering from a groin injury. I've got your groin right here. Could use all of the firepower possible aginst the defending Cup champs.

Let's go Can Teams.....

Monday, February 11, 2008

1 more year for G-Dawg

Some really good news right before spring training gets underway. Atkins will return for at least one more year, earning 4.38 mil. This would be quite a steal if Garrett can reproduce his usual solidness. Let's not forget how crappy he started off the season last year; if he were to have had just a mediocre first 2-3 months last season, his numbers would've probably been just as good as Holiday's (and Rollins's for that matter). Anyhoo, it's good to know that the front office is sticking with players who have already proven themselves at Coors Field.

On a side note, Mr. Fuentes wants more than 2 million more than what Atkins got. Are you kidding Brian? I hope O'Dowd can recollect how he almost single-handedly blew the season for us during a single road-trip before the all-star break. Give him 2 to 3 mil, and tell him shut his trap (Fuentes rants have already begun, it must be close to opening day!).

Hopefully we can get Hawpe signed soon as well (just so I can get my Nickelback fix).

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Luongo is HATING it.........

AAARRRGGGHH. What's with this Svatos bullshit??? 5 goals against after 2? How am I going to get laid with those stats?

You, My Friend, Are Getting Shelled

I'm enjoying this latest version of the Avs' road show. Props to the kids. Svatos, Clark, Hejduk, Theo, etc., well done. Lappy bringing some blows. The 'Nucks look sorry.

Sataurday night in Canada, eh?!?!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Hookers Tipped the Scales Towards CU

It would nice to believe all of the reports that CU's landing of coveted RB prospect Darrell Scott was a result of the recruiting brilliance of Coach Hawkins and Darian Hagen. But, can anyone help but think maybe the hookers, ehhmm escorts, that participated in any sanctioned or unsanctioned recruiting parties helped sway young Mr. Scott. Thank god things are back to normal. This ain't intramurals, after all!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Double Header Evening

God, I hope this picture is somehow fake. No fooling that for the second night out of the last 3, both the Avs and Nuggets are on the tube with nicely-staggered start times. The Nugs have made a nice 2nd half comeback to tighten things up after doing their best Washington Generals impersonation on defense during the 2nd quarter. They do that a lot I've noticed.

Meanwhile, the Avs play one of the most hard-working periods I've seen of late, but only lead the Sharks 1-0 going into the 2nd. The way they dominated, they should have more to show for it. Theo is back in the pipes, but has only had to turn away a few shots. If the Avs maintain the intensity, I like their chance to snag a huge road win. Lots of pucks to play still.

Might want to also mention the Buffs (my Buffs?) signed the top RB recruit in the country today. Face Longhorns!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Looks Like I'll Have to Record American Gladiators

Damn, there are some good options on the tube tonight. The Avs and (suddenly league elite) Coyotes are already under way and the action is high-flying. Still no score, but with the barrage of shots going on, that can't last long. Budaj is still in goal tonight, but it sounds like Theo may be back soon. (I guess this is officially something to look forward to, considering his play before his back totally spazzed out.)

Second on the bill is a key matchup between AI and the Nuggets and, hmmm(?), whahhh(?), somebody must be sort of good on the Blazers. Shows what I know about the nba - can't even name a single player (I'm pretty sure the Arvydas Sabonis days are long gone), except that injured rookie Greg Odem. Anyhoo, should be a compelling game to watch if the Nuggets decide to show up, which is always a crapshoot.

Lastly, the final 8 of American Gladiators is on right now. I've got my DV-R rolling and will probably have to wait until later this week to watch. I wonder if Larry Csonka has sobered up enough to tune in after last night's super bowl upset and his '72 Dolphins celebration.......