Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving night game a bit of a turkey...

Last night's game started real fast for the Nuggs, and they got some welcome strong bench scoring from J.R. but couldn't lock it down.
A red-hot fourth quarter from Paul, a big 3 late from Posey combined with a pretty damn sub-par (tryptophan induced?) game from Chauncey, a lame technical for K-Mart and basically some pretty fortunate "bounces" for the Hornets doomed this one for the Nug-Pups I'm afraid.
Couldn't resist making the "turkey" joke. My apologies.


DeathTruck said...

That Posey tres kind of stung. Didn't that guy use to miss tons of 3's about 6 years ago when he played for the nug-pups?

TroutDog said...

Spot on analysis, ST, except you forgot to mention the most important part. The Nuggets failure to secure a win also lost me money on a legal wager I had going. Still came up up about 20 bucks from the two football games. But, I guess I lost 10 in the poker game, so i only made 10 bucks total.

And yes, Posey wasn't much of 3 threat in his Denver days as I recall.