Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's all about Lappy again

Potentially a solid night for Denver sports fans as the Avs get a much needed win against the Blues, and the Nugs fight for a win here in the 2nd half. For the Avs, they looked mighty solid on the side of the puck (is that an expression?) that they normally don't... that would be defense. On top of that Budaj had looked good as well; we need to keep that kind of shit up if we're going to even think about playoffs in the spring. And on a final note, and as the title would maybe suggest, Ian Laperriere is now our best offensive player (at least until Friday).

(I'm talking about ventin'! what are you talkin about?)


Sonic Tooth said...

The game was mighty satisfying up in the 350. A brisk freewheeling pace from both to watch when your guys come out on top.

Wonder how much Lappy wants for that autographed cupcake?

TroutDog said...

The most important question would be, was the puffy Rockies jacketed indian dude there? "Why must everybobdy suck?"

Sonic Tooth said...

No, he was not in the house...neither was about anyone else in the upper bowl for that matter. Certainly the most empty I've ever seen the Can for an Avs game.