Friday, October 30, 2009

Lucero. Jack O. Snow.

We go to shows in Denver too, you know you goddam Boulder hippies. I'd post a shot of Lucero but the only one I managed with the Blackberry features some dude's bald head right in front of me, prominently. Fuck that bald dude. Instead a shot of Jack Oblivian...great set from Jack O.
TD, Dahmer and me went to the show. Then the sky proceeded to shit snow for two days.
Really great excuse for hot toddys.
In the afternoon.

In case you're wondering. Go Nuggets.

Shows in B-Town

Not a bad couple of weeks for concerts in the Boulder area. Last week, Blitzen Trapper (bottom panel), and yesterday Dinosaur Jr. (with Lou Barlow's solo act as one of the openers, top panel). DJ's (not the jazzy trahan) set list was a bit different from when I saw them 3 1/2 years ago where they played only stuff from 'youre living all over me' and 'dinosaur' along with the wagon and freak scene... from what I remember. Last night had a little bit of everything from every album with the exception of whatever's cool with me, which I guess isn't considered a full-length album. Obvi a good chunk (about 4 or 5) of the set was from 'Farm'.

I noticed a lot of attendees saying that it was really loud.... um yeah!.. IT IS rock'n roll.

Whistle Mania, Melo Dominance

Contrary to what the TBS studio crew was saying after this game, I'm not sure I would say that a game that includes 60 fouls and 90 free throws counts as a 'great NBA game' in my book. Sure, it was close down the stretch, featured each team's super stars dueling it out (albeit mostly at the foul line), and fairly compelling to watch (mostly due to my rooting interest). Still, the influence of the refs on this game (which was very physical I grant you) was over the top.

However, I do agree with what the TBS crew and Melo were saying about it being a very 'gritty' victory for the 2-0 Nuggets last night on back-to-back games against their primary NW Division rivals. While I admit I was watching Game 2 of the Fall Classic while enjoying a Hot Toddy in hopes of getting over recent illness (helped, but I'm still at home today, hence the late Fri morning post) and only monitoring this game up until the 4th, but I can say with certainty that Melo flat out put this team on back down thee stretch and 'willed' his team to victory. Some very questionable calls go against the road team down the stretch (per NBA policy), but the Blaze graciously missed unearned free throws (out of guilt?) that could have otherwise changed the outcome of the game. There was even a lot of talk from the TBS studio crew post-game about Melo as a front-running MVP candidate this year. Shit, you've come along way Sir Charles...

DT - Where's the Dino J post?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Super Wojtek hockey-helmet zits in full-effect. Super Wojtek game-winners in full-effect.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 losses eh?

As previously noted by the young bear, there was no bronco action this weekend, which makes an October Sunday an especially boring one. Fortunately for fans like me (and perhaps others in the KTH community), there was coverage of the beat down given to Jay Cuntler and his Chicago Bears by the Cincinnati Beengals (no, this is not a PS posting). I thoroughly enjoyed that game; Face Cutler!

I guess as a Bronco fan I should probably stop rooting for the Beengals. They looked pretty damn good today, and are a team that the Broncos might be competing for home-field advantage with... of course, that's if the Broncos ever lose.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Avs continue to school the hated Wings this season...

...and ease in a new St. Bernard mascot that freely pours bourbon down the gullets of young Avs fans at the Pepsi Center from his "emergency" cask. Thank god for Bernie. Young fans have needed more cask aged bourbon for some time at Avs games; finally they have a cuddly and cute hockey-dog that will make in-game deliveries of that precious amber liquid.

Another great Saturday night victory against Detroit in '09.
Jesus, Anderson faces 48 shots and allows 1 (one) goal?? Budaj would have let in double digits. Anderson during his 1st Star speech tonight was off the hook. He could not be contained...

Rookies and youngsters continue to be a big part of the score-sheet.
Turns out Stew-bag doesn't like AHL send-downs. Dude has been money the past two games since his return from Cleveland - both Stewart and Galiardi had goals & assists tonight. Can it go this well all season?? Probably not, but I think any Avs fan will take this surprising start. I am in disbelief nearly every game I've watched.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Oh my. Oh god. I freaking love these Broncos. A Lot.

This team continues to silence doubters and raise the volume while I'm stressing, watching these games.
The Chargers. In San Diego. That is a sweet victory for the franchise and fans who have had to endure some fairly horrid losses the past few years.

Royal runs wild. Dude rules. Amazing... two runbacks but no catches tonight. Make it count where you can.
The Broncos 2nd half D is mindblowing.

I better get a goddam Orton jersey for Xmas this year. Seriously.


Bad Post. I'm hammered!! Whoo Hoo!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

McLeod sweater update. Still can't locate that damn thing, but I want it back.

Probably about time to pour some props on another Denver team that wasn't slated to do shit this year either; The Colorado Avalanche.
Tonight was a freaking awesome game...3rd period comeback, in Detroit? Hell Yes.
Shootout win? Hell Yes. I know the economy in Detroit is shit and was hit harder than most US cities, but Hockeytown is also suffering a downturn. Not sure that there is a stimulus package for that Wings fans....
My boy, Cody in a throwdown with Brad May early on, and two goals on top of it all. Young Rook, Duchene with his first big league goal. Nothing fancy just a pure skate into the zone and shot on net. Hopefully the first of many.
Very impressive 2 points this evening. Perched atop the Northwest. Perched atop the Western Conference

Romo's drinking the Kool-Aid

Heard some sweet Bronco's love from ex-Linebacker/Asshole, Bill Romanowski on one of the local morning sports-talk radio shows the other day. Jesus, the dude was basically guaranteeing they were going to win the Super Bowl. Totally entertaining babble. Not sure if Romo is the most reliable source for NFL prognostication, but it sure was fun to listen to his rabid love for the '09 Broncos....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who will confirm and/or certify this team as "For Real"?

WOW. Broncos beat the Pats. Dramatic-like in OT. Hard to believe. Here are my Peter King style thoughts. (sans retardation, or any mention of coffee or the socks.)
>Orton was stellar. This cannot be argued.
>J-Mac (is that his proper nickname?) and his staff did a great job- especially after making adjustments during halftime.
>To the last point, the defense looked more vulnerable than at any point this season during the 1st half today. They proceed to shut out Brady & Co. in the 2nd. Adjustments made.
>Keep Marshall happy with TD tosses, or whatever (in addition to $$) that will keep him in town...please. He is a beast at WR.
>Everyone. Quit fumbling.
>Special teams. Quit extending drives for the other team w/bad penalties.
>Prater. You make me nervous, regardless of winning the game in OT today.
>J-Mac's post-game on the field seig-heiling and fist pumping was bizarre. He is apparently more excitable and unhinged than his mentor. Shit was funny...whoo-boy. Dude wants Bronco-Hatred ratcheted up on a national level more than its current state, I guess. I was happy and chuckling. You get your kicks when you can I guess. Wish I was at Mile High today....last week vs. Cowboys was still awesome.
>I love me some Broncos.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

South Stands View

With all due respect to DT's Skeletor post....
The simple fact is, that I (and can only assume TD) took a few days of recovery mixed with something called work to finally get a post thrown up from the glorious Sunday festivities at Mile High.

One of the best Broncos games I've been to for drama, and total hatred for opposing fans. You think Raiders fans are insufferable? Try on a few Cowboys fans for size. The contingent was VERY large, so tons of tickets had to have been relinquished by the Bronco Country "faithful", thanks a bunch cocksuckers....
We were basically surrounded by 'Boys fans. Allow me to describe a few memorable entries.
>Little Ginger with blue Witten jersey. Had odd BO, according to TD.
>Bald dude with blue Romo jersey. Fully tripping on angel dust...oblivious to the fabulous demise of the Cowboys as it was unfolding.
>Visible in the photo above. Frontrunning THUG (for real) in Kobe Bryant jersey. If I didn't think I would probably die in a matter of minutes, I might have chosen him for my antagonistic beverage toss.
.....and, so many more Cowboys fans to choose from, for all your hatred needs!
But what about the game?

Orton. Efficient, tactical. TCB.
Marshall. Clutch, nutty. TCB.
Champ. Aggressive, INT, TCB.
Defense. Continues to impress. Teams might get yards...but damn, if they don't have issues scoring. Taking Care of fucking Business.

Can it keep up with the Pats coming to town? I'm skeptical, but if it does...time for some national love.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Part 2 of my Sports Day Extravaganza

Still drying my eyes from both a Rockies Wild Card birth (see BSB/ and then seeing the greatest Avs player to ever play and probably will ever play have his number retired. It's been said before, but we will miss you Joe. Amazing, amazing career and certainly the face of this franchise forever.

As far as turning the page goes, the upstart Avs sure looked spirited by the Joe ceremony and took it to the regular-season god, known as the SJ Sharks. I like the prospect of Duchene making the team for the season. Dude looked pretty good. The KTH seat upgrade this year is pretty nice too....