Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saving the Worst for Last

Hate to see the Nuggets go out in such bed-shitting fashion, especially at home, especially against the Lakers. In this forgettable and down-right unwatchable Game 6, the Nuggets looked disorganized, disinterested, and ultimately defeated. It was somewhat reminiscent of many Nuggets-Lakes games in years past where it just seemed like the Nuggets never had much of a chance, especially from midway through the 2nd quarter on. That's not at all how I would like to remember this otherwise impressive playoff run.

You almost expect to have a one horrible performance in a long series. But, by losing a couple of games they should've probably won, the Nuggets left themselves no margin or error and paid for it. All in all, it is encouraging that this team was able to compete with the Lakers, in spite of pretty lack luster performances by Chauncey, JR, and (other than the first game and a half), Melo (was that ankle worse than we were ever told?). No one shot the ball very well, which could have made the difference in a couple of games. Keep this team together and there is no reason we can't be right back here next year. Go Magic/Cavs!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ignore This Man

No TV up here in the Kodiak bear den so I listened to the Worldwide Leader’s Game 5 radio broadcast. Dr. Jack and the other guy calling the game might as well have been wearing Kobe unis. During the first three quarters while the Nou-Gats had more boards, assists and steals than the Lady Lakers, the “announcers” were quoted as saying things like “The Denver Nuggets are actually playing these Lakers close.” What’s more annoying, Dr. Jack also sounded a little too much like Bill Raftery, accentuating the last three words of every sentence in an effort to make ordinary events seem more exciting, when in fact it only sounds like we are witness to a conversation between a patient and proctologist during an exam. “Kobe certainly has a WAY WITH WOMEN!” In frustration I eventually turned off the radio and just followed the GameCast. To be sure, I will WATCH Game 6 in Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant with a bunch of loud crab fishermen, where the “announcers” will be silent and I will root for my Nou-Gats. Suck it Ramsay.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Seats, Shitty Game

TroutDog here, trying to emerge from the haze of disbelief after witnessing last night's crushing loss to the Lakers first-hand. To put it mildly: that 4th quarter flat sucked. Didn't help that Melo, Nene, and KMart were stranded on the bench for significant minutes due to foul trouble, but the inability to hit the big shot (or the 3-ball in general throughout the game) ends up costing the Nuggets Game 3. Then there's a little matter of not being able to inbound the ball at the end of games. There was utter shock felt throughout the Can after the botched pass was (again) stolen by Trevor Ariza to pretty much seal the Laker's win. Of course, the numerous Kobe-uni-clad dipshits became even more insufferable.

Obviously, Game 4 becomes a must-win game for the Nuggets. Might be a good time for Chauncey and JR to step up and find their shooting touch before this series is lost. Also, Denver needs to step up the court-side star power if we are to have any chance of competing against LA. Where are you Jake Jabs?!?!

Oh, and note to Nuggets fans at the Can: Kobe does not suck. (Likewise, the Red Wings do not suck Avs fans.)

Until Game 4, TD is retreating back to the Tuaca Chill Zone....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nuggets with a huge win, but I still hate L.A.....

Seems that the Lakers return the favor in Game 2. L.A. probably shoulda had this one at 2-0 heading into Denver but somehow the Nugs come through and put their resilience front-and-center and come from behind at the Staples Center and steal one.
Great run at the end of the first half; crucial momentum shift.
Linas?!? Good move by Karl to let him loose...I would have second guessed that shit pretty much any game all season, but with early foul trouble for others, LK certainly shined when he was given the chance tonight.
Chauncey and Melo, as they should be, "stars" and team mainstays. Nene' with a crucial dish to K-Mart late. Freethrow percentage acceptable. (even though Chauncey's miss at the end scared me.) Fish cold as ice.
at the Can!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Hate L.A....

...with a fucking passion it turns out. I hate the Lakers. I hate Kobe Bryant. I hate their fucking famous fans, I hate their rich vampire fans. Fuck the whole lot of them.
How's that for eloquence?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Go With The Nuggets (audio clip)

Listen to the audio 'Go with the Nuggets here (copy and paste in browser):'

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beat L.A.!!!!

They were chanting it mighty early in the 4th quarter all over the Pepsi Can last night. Pretty fun game to be at as y'all can imagine, even way up at the top row of the upper deck (or the Nug Pile as I like to call it). Giving hi-fives to so many strangers that I'm probably at risk for some swine-flu. Sorry TD, no postgame car-tipping for me (were there reports of some?); just listening to some crappy local alt rock band at Pete's afterwards while sipping on some cheap brews. The riot will come when we win it all (sometime in late August).

On a slight side note, by looking at everyone's nuggie gear, you'd think the Birdman was our #1 player. It seemed like half of the people at Illegal Pete's before and after the game were rocking some sort of birdman t-shirt or jersey. Not to mention all of the bro-brahs who wore their hair in a bird-mohawk (not excluding Rocky). I guess I like the birdman too... I ain't hatin.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On to the Western Conference Finals!!!

Congrats, '09 Nuggets!! Hope you don't play like a bunch of stiffs in the next round. Don't mean to be a buzz kill, because you've looked great thus far. However, here is the harsh reality: you've enjoyed the best possible match-ups in the playoffs up to now, facing the Big Easy and the Big D. Things are going to get a lot tougher and you will soon be given the ultimate test against Shaq, I mean, Kobe and the Lakers. That said, me and Big Jane will be rooting for you 110% while watching our amazing big screen tv, that we just bought from the Big Pictyyyaa!! Just don't invite that stiff Hanzlik over to watch - he eats all of my cheddar-jack Cheez-Its and wipes his hands all over our suede furniture!

DT - I hope you have some good car-tipping, newspaper-box burning post-game stories for us!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We've got fast moves flashin' and jump shots a flyin'

A weird game today. Too many fouls - or if you ask the Mavs, there should have been one more. Fuck 'em. Melo drained the shot....and it counted.
Pissed-Cuban afterwards was pretty amusing.
30 Pack, TD, and I celebrated late night with multiple spins of the Official Song of the Denver Nuggets "Go With the Nuggets", and multiple drainings of 12 oz's of MHLL.
Something tells me that song's "Official" status may no longer be valid. Still sounds good followed up by the Fluid "Tin Top Toy" Sub Pop 7".

Is it OK to now be discussing broken Texan spirits? Sweeps?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Look At Me Fellas, I'm On The Team!!!!

Some mention needs to be made in these parts of the Nugs dominance through 2 games. I won't get into the intricacies of the matchup fits the Nugs give the Mavs or why this team is peaking at the right time. Just know this, whenever this series resumes in Dallas (Is it really not until Sat? Maybe that was a courtesy to the Das Boot schedule....), we'll find out a little something more about this team that is charming the pants off this basketball prude. Game on bitches.

Friday, May 1, 2009