Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reigning Sound and Women

Sorry for my inactivity, but no TV and no Internet makes DT something something... We finally got our comcast-equivalent setup last weekend, and the Buffs and the Nugs are going to be on. The inspector can't wait.

Anywho, I did manage to get to a couple of shows already out here; have a look.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Can Allow 5 Goals & Collect a Win

Apparently, this team is old-fashioned 'run-n-gun' style. We allow a lot goals, because we score a lot of goals. I guess I'm fine with that. A couple of those Flames goals were pretty damn soft. That can't continue. But, Stewie with a hattie, TJinsly coming up big, and then you have the Asian Persuasion Yipyipyipyipyipyipyip. How much Winnik can you handle? You gotta know Matty Dueche is going to heat up soon. The kid is working hard. And hopefully we get some defense/goal-tending at some point.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indefinite Budaj-time

Well, Andy's bum knee will provide some sustained indefinite Budaj action. (though it looks like he has an updated Ned Flanders backplate now) Got to say neither of them have looked very good this year so far, the league GAA rankings would fully back up that statement. Thankfully the Avs seem to know how to score. Pretty exciting games in general this year from what I've watched.
Scrappy OT loss last night.
I like the shaggier look that Liles is sporting. Has to be the reason for his assist rampage.

What's Worse? 59 Points Against or 4 Interceptions Thrown?

This takes some of the sting out of the beatdown we received from the Raiders. We miss you Jay! (lie) Photo courtesy of Mr. Christian VandeVelde.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pretty Pathetic....

Like foam Bronco heads and fleece Bronco dreads.

Not too common to decide to post something before halftime, but this game is nothing short of a disaster that I can barely stand to watch. I'd like to personally thank TD and 30PT for NOT finding me a spare ticket down on the outskirts of Mile High pregame. I think I might have bolted this game sooner than that fateful drubbing 41-3 the Chargers handed us at home back in 2007.
Just ugly on every level so far as we enter the half with the Broncos (finally) getting on the board to pull within 31 halftime. halftime. Down by 31 points at the home.
Terrible turnovers, shitty tackling, still no running game.

The one great takeaway here is that I'm safely on the couch and not present for the 3rd straight year of the Broncos losing to the Raiders at home....oh, and Cutler threw 4 picks today which is a slight consolation as well.

UPDATE: We're just halfway through the 3rd quarter and the Raiders have already tied their franchise record for points in a game.

ANOTHER UPDATE: 3rd quarter still not over and the Raiders have now set their franchise record for points in a game. (59) They look to be enjoying piling on too.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back in the Day

Many of you probably don't remember Chris Stewart's first glimpse of fame prior to his NHL days with the Colorado Avalanche (pictured far left). I would like to remind all of you that he was an Actor first. Some of you may remember that he was in the movie Roll Bounce. Roll Bounce was the story of a roller dance team from the south side of Chicago. This group of roller skaters is led by Xavier (played by Mr. Wow) into competition against the Sweetwater Rollers and the superstar of Chicago roller skating, Sweetness (played by Mr. Nick Cannon).
Every Avs fan should take a minute and watch this feel good film set in 1978 Chicago while we are waiting for the Sharks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Take A Knee Mr. Stewbag

The NHL Stewbag is really maturing and becoming a force much sooner than the MLB Stewbag. In addition to the scrappiness mentioned a couple of posts ago by ST, Stewbag is displaying a deft scoring touch. With two more goals tonight (both PP goals I believe), he's leading the team in that category. Sure it's very early in the year, but Stewie was doing this much of last year. He looks like the real deal and is very fun to watch.

The tough five-game roadie ends at 3-2. Very respectable. Nice little start to the Avs season for some home cooking...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This post could have been much different....

However, stupid mistakes, miscues, and penalties help send the Broncos to another defeat. A game they could have won. A game they probably should have won.
Snapping the ball? I thought that was Centering 101. I guess our guys are still working out the kinks on that shit.
4th down, game on the line, the opposing team throws up a dying duck pass all you got to do as the defending back is turn around and merely watch the ball hit the ground. Best not to stick your hand behind you and on the receiver...much less his facemask. Damn you Renaldo Hill. Poor decision there.

I guess some good can be taken away. The running game wasn't quite as abysmal as it has been the previous 5 games. Still, that is an issue in general. Weird after all those years of running prowess to see your team dead-last in that category.
Tebow? Not sure I'm ready to buy this, but I like the "let's try something" attitude that the coaching staff is putting out there. Tebow gadget plays look to be safe diversions.
A successful mid-game onside kick? Sure, love it. (Broncos don't capitalize though)
His stats were pedestrian I believe, but Orton worked some nice passes to his corps while they were well covered by the vaunted Jets Revis/Cromartie combo that resulted in catches.
At least we're tied with the Chargers and Raiders for last place in the West...things could get nuts with some well played divisional games.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stewie don't mind a fight....

...seconds into the 1st period. Strange way to start a game that ultimately was pretty disappointing. Don't know much about these Gorton's Fishermen, but I would have assumed this would have been the "easy" game on this lengthy roadtrip. Not so.
Avs wait until the 3rd to get anything on the board. Too little too late.
2nd youngest team in the league looks to be enigmatic I'd think throughout the season. Still look forward to watching Stewart, Yip, McLeod, Duchene etc. Excitement tempered with some frustration is sure to prevail. MSG and Rangers remain before returning home.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

That Hole Looks Big Enough

Been a while since I rapped at y'all. Broncos continue their futility against the Ravens. Why do we seem to play them on the road ever year? Why can't we every beat them (and no, not even when Shanny was coach)? Why does their middle field emblem cover the entire field? Why must our rushing offense and defense suck so bad? Why do we have zillions of penalties and they seemingly open up huge holes and give Flaco all day to throw without a holding penalty?

Orton continues to compile numbers and look good, but without a running game to speak of, it makes it mighty tough to sustain drives. Especially with all of the ill-timed penalties. I guess realistically speaking, winning one of these last two road games is an acceptable road swing. Would be nice to see some semblance of a running game taking shape though. The schedule will ease somewhat in the coming weeks, and winning against the Jets and Raiders at home seems doable and probably kind of necessary to get this season heading in the right direction.