Friday, January 30, 2009

We're Doing All We Can To Help The Avs Win

You'd think such a good concourse table shuffling effort would've been rewarded with a victory by the home team.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It looks like it's time to be scouting for the goalie of the future...

That title could also be referring to the goaltender situation in Toronto after what I've seen during tonight's game, but for all intents and purposes in this post I'm talking about the lowly Colorado Avalanche and their two backup grade "goalers".
Gawd. The defensive support must be acknowledged as piss-poor, but Budaj and Raycroft are not familiar with the concept of making extraordinary saves. The Avs need either of these fucks to take a shine to "standing on one's head" and it is not happening.
It just seems the perfect storm of shit-luck too, we hold an opposing team to 2 goals and we are shutout offensively....we score 4 goals, and the other team happens to score 5 (or 6 or 7). I really do like so many of the current players, but this is not a very good team. Step aside, Colorado Avalanche, relevancy in the NHL has passed you by.
Oh, sort of need to mention that the refs tonight called SO MANY goals & penalties in the Leaf's favour. I mean, they made questionable, but important calls that really tilted things....
This was supposed to be an 8-game "statement" home-stand at this point in the season. 5 games in, and the statement is rather clear, the Avs will be left out of the playoffs this season. Sorry.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can you help out guarding Nene'?

Rare win (dare I say rout?) of the Jazz. Nene' keeps up his ridic shooting percentage from the field this year with a 12 for 12 night. J.R. fairly dominant too, especially in the 1st quarter. The kind of game where you can sort of just get "comfy" in more ways than one.

The Nugs do good to push a Boozer-less Jazz team a little further back in the Northwest division. It would be nice if the pesky Blazers would have a little midseason swoon right about now though. Barring something bizarre going down, the Northwest is one of the few divisions right now where the title is legitimately up for grabs.

Wait, I Got It! Call It Sweatpants Rock!

When scribes try and pin down the Meat Puppets sound, it's usually with little success. Descriptions span from "country-fried punk" to ZZ Top comparisons. It also seems to be universally acknowledged that their sound is truly unique. Well, last night at the Bluebird theatre in Denver, I believe I came up with a tag that can now be used by all with confidence. I call it sweatpants rock! Look at the picture of Curt for proof (I'll admit, it's kind of hard to tell from the picture. My beer drinking skills were much better than my picture-taking skills last night.). Not only that, but ST saw them in NY a few months back and the same thing: sweatpants. People sometimes wonder out loud why the Puppets never got their due. Well, rock stars don't wear sweat pants. But god bless Los Puppitos!!

Fuck the style mavens who would declare these lads as unhip. Curt's guitar mastery renders all such opinions moot. I've seen the Puppets about a half a dozen times over the years, and I have to say last night might have been the most mind blowing. Playing that shit on an acoustic guitar should not be possible. Glad to see Curt put the Strat away (unlike the show at the Gothic earlier in the year) for a more robust sound. Chris seems to be doing fairly well these days too and more than held his own on the bass and occasional vocal. The set list was heavy on the II album, but also featured songs off of Up on the Sun (title track), Huevos (Look at the Rain!), Forbidden Places (Sam - sorry no Popskull, CL), Too High to Die (Backwater), and even Curt's solo album Snow's title track. Due to the long end jams to almost every song, the sheer amount of tunes could have been larger in my opinion, and is probably why the Out My Way / Mirage territory was not mined. But these are very minor quibbles in any otherwise brilliant performance. Any doubts that the brothers Kirkwood have lost anything were obliterated, as was my mind.....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Things sorta dry. Avs at the (we actually don't have any) All Star break. Nugs on one of those stretches where they don't play for what feels like 2 weeks. And "Mort" and TWWL is yanking my chain around about The Rat and KC. (which may actually be true considering what has been swirling around the rumour toilet the past day or so)
That said, rock music related posts make a brief return to KTH, as the Meat Puppets are in Denver tomorrow night. Brain addled fun I'm expecting. Will it ruin aspirations to get to the slopes of Loveland on Sunday? Remains to be seen...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We did actually win, right?

Good job by the Avs to stop their mini-losing streak, and with 30PT's man crush, Peter Budaj, in goal. He actually looked pretty solid; both Calgary goals were off good shots and more or less power play goals (though I guess the 2nd wasn't technically). I'm guessing he'll be in the net again on Wed, which is no problem with me if he plays like that again.

Also nice to see the offense come alive; it seemed like everyone was scoring goals. And Smyth and the Duke both get their 300th goals (huh? whammy?).

Friday, January 16, 2009


I was fixing my turntable tonight with my three year old (bad idea to include the three year old in this project) and I came across this Bronco gem. I remember begging my Dad to buy me this record. As I told this little tidbit to my son I put it on the ol' turntable. After hearing it my kid looked at me like I was nuts. "Dad? Do you wanna listen to the Fooid? (Fluid) Please Dad..."
I have to agree. Jon Keyworth wasn't much of a running back and there is a very distinct reason why he never made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

And they call it the slide-the-bar-table-into-the-middle-of-the-concourse-dickaround.

DeathTruck and TroutDog messing with folk's minds....and their direct paths to wherever they might be trying to get on the concourse outside the 350 during the 1st intermission at the Avs game tonight.
2nd period is half spent and it's 2-2. Thanks TJ for evening it up.

Regardless of tonight's outcome, I'm thinking this isn't exactly "their year" at this point. Still scratching the dandruff over Coach Q getting shown the door for Granato.
Scratching harder.

Cubes don't like J.R.'s elbows. Cubes don't like J.R.'s signed shoes.

I'm sure he don't give a flying fuck about 25K. He does however like being a meddlesome nutjob. The dude's entertaining I guess. However, I wish Chauncey had drilled the ball into his face there, and Dahntay subsequently delivered a mean Cuban-wedgie.

That would have been really entertaining.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Probably Goes In.....

Put in somebody else......

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nuggets get back that winning feeling.

Things got closer tonight than they should have.
Sweaty Chaunceys help. So does a dialed Birdman. A clutch Nene' is rather crucial.
All them Nugs are instrumental in overcoming one of J.R.'s worst games that I've seen, and a furious comeback from the Mavs; and specifically a point-rich night from the Dallas Kraut.
Big win for the Nug-pups.
Can they beat the Lakers though? In the end that will be what they need to do to truly impress...

Rule 64.1- Any player who blatantly dives, embellishes a fall or a reaction, or who feigns an injury shall be penalized with a minor penalty

That was a nutty game, specifically that 3rd period. Maybe it's just me, but the B.J.'s seemed to be falling down all over the fucking ice tonight...especially whenever an Av was anywhere near them. Check the replays...

I think I'm beginning to subscribe to the reverse-parallel of what you always hear in NFL circles...."The NFL is better when the Raiders are relevant" Well, I propose based on this season that the NHL is "Better when the Blue Jackets fucking suck shit" The Avs have truly been reduced to commoners. Hell, Nash wasn't even playing tonight.

With no conjecture I can safely say the Western Conference is crazy...the Avs were 3rd in the NW earlier today but after that loss are now in the cellar, and are subsequently 11th in the Conference. A costly loss. Keeping with my VH/Avalanche season theme...Where Have All the Good Times Gone!

Monday, January 12, 2009

And The Cradle Will Rock

As someone who felt is was definitely time for Shannatan to move on, I'm a bit conflicted about what to make of the Josh McDaniel hire announced last night. First of all, I've never really heard of this guy. That probably has something to do with trying (with apparent success) to ignore everything having to do with the Patriots over the last several years. Sure the guy has been a part of the most successful nfl organization of the '00's, but it's hard getting over the fact that this dude is 32 years old. I don't like discrimination based on race, sex, creed, age, or even musical tastes (although I'm probably flagrantly guilty of the latter), but when you're five years younger than I, it makes me wonder how the hell you can be a credible nfl head coach. I'm hoping this has more to do with my immaturity than the reality of player-coach relations in today's nfl. Anyway, I hope I'm wrong about this choice being extremely risky and Bowlen is just a smarter football guy than I.

Good luck Jr, I hope this hire doesn't end the same way as Al Davis' cradle-robbing fiasco last year.........

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finesse Schminesse

I've got to say that I like this Avalanche squad much better than previous versions. Mr. Giguere/Lacroix please do not trade for an aging superstar. I'll take a David Jones over a Mats Sundin. I like the Cody McLeod-ness of this team. We've got youth, energy, grittiness (hockey cliche) going for us right now. Do not screw that up please. Number Ninety-four is killing other teams. Let's see what we've got this year and we can tinker in the off season.
We've got what we got. Don't get rid of anything and don't bring anybody else in. They can't handle this and they will probably fuck it up. OK, if Forsberg wants to come back you can sign him to boost ticket sales and increase fan passion but that is it. If and when Sakic comes back you will have plenty of finesse players. You got your Sakics, your Liles, your Hedjuks, your Tylers, your Svatos... that's enough of that. I like the Chris Stewarts, Cody McLeod/Cormicks, Davy Joneses and the Ian Laperrieres on the team. Make my Avalanche as blue collar as possible. I want butt ugly goals... goals going in off of shin pads and opposing team's defensemens' skates. Save the highlights and pretty goals for the ESPYs and for overtime shootouts. I'm having more fun watching these guys than the overpaid lineups of the past.
I still think that Budaj has what it takes. Raycroft has been much better since pre/early season but I'm still not a true believer. If you're going to bring someone in then bring in a superstar goalie. Is Martin Brodeur available? Other than that leave it alone. Put the cell phone down and just walk away.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey, I'm dreamy too, and without all those hockey zits...

I may not be as much a heartthrob as the Monkees' Davey Jones back in the day (damn did Marsha Brady ever dig that dude) but how do you like two goals, an assist, and did I mention I'm an Ivy Leaguer? That's right. You like it very much. thanks, David.
Seriously folks:
Wojtek had yet another good game. Not Raycroft's best - but he was seeing shots and cross-ice passes from two of the better offensive players in the game right now, who were responsible for nearly all of the offense for the Pens (Crosby, Malkin...not to mention Staal), and the Avs were aggressive and scrappy around the net. I hear good things happen when you do that....
3 wins in a row. Good, very good.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Maybe I should start every game?

Another solid performance by Raycroft tonight as the Avs get a rather enormous and impressive win over the B-Hawks. The opposition put on quite the flurry with the extra attacker in those last couple of minutes. It'd be tough to think that Budaj would have held strong during that onslaught (because seriously, 43 saves? Budaj would have let in like 4 more).

Wolski with and another goal at center; I don't see Tony-G moving him from that spot anytime soon (he'd be an idiot if he did).

Keep the Mo going versus the Pens.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

He's a Dynamic Dazzler baby!!

A serious lack of Diaper Dandies on the hardwood tonight has Dickie V. throwing out some different alliterative monikers. Dynamic Dazzler was used at some point in the 1st half for a baseline move made by Marquette great Dwayne Wade, but tonight I think Kleiza or Smith could also qualify as a Dynamic Dazzler.
Hell, I consider myself to be something of a Dynamic Dazzler at times believe it or not. Especially if you happen to be Dazzled by Dynamic draining of Miller High Life Light. Not so much for my baseline move toward the hoop.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wolski Is Soooo Dreamy!

After a very rough three game skid, the Avs pick up a much-needed road win tonight in the Capital of Country Music. Raycroft pretty much kept the Avs in the game for the first half of the opening period, only giving up one goal when the Preds were peppering him. After that, the team seemed to settle down, Razor posted zeros, and Super Wojtek added two goals from his new center position to secure the two points. With Foote and Lappy both out now too, this was quite a big win. The road doesn't get any easier in Chi-town Thurs, but with a similar effort (minus the very start), who knows....surprise us patch-work Avs.

My hand fucking hurts!

Well, wouldn't you know it. The only decent team in town loses their best player for about a month. Time for the bench to step up. Kind of a shame that Samb was sent to the Clips yesterday before the game?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

You Want to Hear A Funny Joke? Look at the Avs' Goaler...

- Taylor Bucholz....

Yeah, my pic on KTH might seem kind of random, but we're getting restless over on BSB. Not like we're making any sort of blockbuster deals on Blake St, other than dumping our best player. That said, there's only three months to go. Your cracker asses will soon be up in the Butt Crack on Opening Day. Looking forward to nachos and cheap beers (yes, Miller Lite) at Swanky's.

I'm smiling,but if you're an Avs fan, probably not so much.......thanks to this guy.