Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Don't have time right now to do this post justice, but wanted to make sure to at least get this title in as quickly as possible. Those in KTH-land know I'm smiling this evening. Shanny, you were a great coach, but the time had come for you to go. Thanks for the Super Bowls and those bucked-teeth salutes. Bowlen, bring us a solid replacement and someone who can draft defense.

Monforts take note!

Cody McLeod Wants You To Forget About the Broncos Meltdown

Thanks Cody, where do I get my #55 sweater? Nice solid win last night for the upstart Avs who have a few injury problems of their own. Crucial to collect as many points as possible during this stretch of home games while getting healthy. So far, so good.
While I didn't see any of it, the Nuggs game in Hotlanta didn't go as well. All I heard on the radio coming back from lil ST's bday party was Melo and Chauney both got T's in the final minutes of the game. If the refs were at fault for the loss, I'm sure Hastings probably tried to get a T as well.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

All you Broncos fans remember this trophy don't you? Don't you?

Disgraceful showing tonight. Not unexpected, but a wretched trainwreck to watch nonetheless.
Let's face it - the Broncos didn't deserve to go to the playoffs...not sure the Chargers do either, but the Broncos certainly don't, and needed luck, or the offense to produce orgasms of points to win games this year.
This team has some very SERIOUS defensive issues. The shit runs deep. Real deep.
Could be an interesting offseason. Check that...it better be.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nice Work babCOCK!

I'm here to tell you that Mike Babcock doesn't know Hockey Town. I mean, really? Lose to an Avs team that is minus Joe Sakic and Paul Stastny? Tyler Arnason is the first line center? Peter Budaj the goalie? Never would've happened on my watch. I tell you, Granato is going to get canned soon and I'll be coaching the Avs gunning for this Babcock prick! This just in......Wolski is good at shoot outs.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OK, So My Late Goal To Put Us Up 4-2 Isn't The Game-Winner?!?!

Nice penalty with less than 2 minutes. Nice work Razor to protect a 2 goal lead late in the game. Maybe we need to make a move for someone that can mind the net. Hmmm, I think that was probably obvious before the season started.

Ok, just get it to a shoot out and let Wolski take over.

Can't believe I just typed that after we took a 4-2 lead.
Thank you Clark - you are redeemed!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

How Come No One Says Nuthin' About Us AFC West Teams?

Well, it's because you suck. Good luck next week, Fuckwads.

P.S. Put in Raycroft

Nice Choke at Home, Today, B'cos.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Claude Approves!

After choking away two points Friday night at home against the 'Hawks late in the game, the Avs collect a couple of unexpected points tonight in Detroit. In a game that appeared very lopsided from a SOG and territorial standpoint in favor of the Wings, the Avs held the edge in the all-important "goals" department. Two early goals helped the Avs gain an early 2-0 edge and although the lead appeared to be in danger pretty much the entire 2nd and 3rd period, Raycrizzle turned in a very solid performance in the net to preserve the win. I'd like to think Claude was out there somewhere watching this game wearing an Avs sweater and a grin. Since this game started so damn early, I missed the entire 1st period and some of the 2nd. Thanks East Coast start times!

Not only that, but I didn't even realize the Nuggs were playing in Dallas until halfway through the 4th quarter. Another impressive win for the powder blue, with JR Smith having a big night off the bench. A good way to start a stretch of tough games that should provide a good measure of the "Chauncey Effect."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What The Hell, Bro???

Things were looking great for the B'cos when they took the field this afternoon. KC was comfortably ahead of the Chargers as that game was winding down and Denver marched down the field on their opening drive for a seemingly easy TD. It appeared that the AFC West was in the bag. Then everything went to complete shit. The Chiefs fell victim to a late game Phillipe Rios flurry and an onside kick to choke away the game. Meanwhile, back in Carolina, the Sex Panthers were throwing all over the field and the Broncos offense went to sleep after the 1st quarter. (I'm really surprised that screen pass didn't work on the 12th time they tried to run it).

So, the Chargers are still alive and next week's game against the Bills at home will likely be meaningful (unless SD loses its morning game in Tampa). A pretty lackluster game today all around, where everything seemed to be going wrong. There was no pass defense, inconsistent offense, and the obligatory Prater missed FG. Buffalo was eliminated from playoff contention today, so they won't be playing for anything next week. Unfortunately, it appears we probably will be. It would be a really bad time to drop an egg at home.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Melo scores basketball points

Probably warrants a post that Melo put up 33 points in the 3rd quarter, breaking the franchise record. Don't have too much time to elaborate, but I think it's fair to say now that the Nug-pups are now among the elite in the western coference (though might still be a tier lower than those stupid Lakers). Not that carmelo's performance in one quarter was the clincher, it just seems like the nugs are consistently winning games that they SHOULD be winning, a quality they haven't possessed since they became a playoff team. It was also nice to see the team rebound from a rather crappy 1st quarter, when Chauncey was the only player keeping them afloat.

That is all, back to end of semester stuff (jealous?).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Altitude Network looking for some new talent...

Section 350 Represent!!
The eagle-eyes of TD noticed this last weekend...the Altitude Avs promo commercial has some big time Section 350 camera-time (and a lot of footage of Avs goals scored on the Wild, which seems a tad unrealistic besides the last game don't you think?)
Anyways, I'm presenting a screenshot. Wow! TD very prominent, me not quite as much since I love the aisle so damn much. Kinda funny. Move over Kyle Keefe and Julie Browman. Seriously, move over, you two fucking annoy me.
And tonight's Kings game? after 1 period, lovely. 3 zip Avs.
Wonder if my appearance check from Kroenke will show up in time for my Xmas shopping?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Had You Worried, Didn't I?

That game was a little more stressful than probably necessary, but, in the end, pretty entertaining. Cutler's first quarter pick-six was ugly to say the least. I thought maybe we were witnessing another "I partied too hard down at Rise last night" performance from Cutler. But, the offense stepped up thereafter and the D played well enough to secure a much needed win against a crappy team. The magic number now stands at one with three games left. I say we just run the table and take the 2nd seed in the playoffs and a first round bye. Probably not realistic, but Shanny needs to keep the intensity high in the last few weeks, even if the division is clinched. This team is not a juggernaut and every win from here on out will only help their confidence and chances to actually make it past Round 1 of the playoffs.

Thursday, December 4, 2008



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There Ain't Shit On TV Tonight

With no Avs or Nuggs in action tonight, it was a harsh night to be in front of a TV set on a cold wintry evening. Had my computer not been flipping me the bird late last night, I was going to post about how the Nugg-Pups absolutely destroyed the Raptors. So much so, that I think I saw a blurb that their coach got shit-canned today. Nice work, fellas. My Nuggets are looking pretty fierce right about now, as long as they're not playing the Lakers or I don't have money riding on them (see: Thanksgiving evening).

In the midst of this Wed evening hellhole of a sports night (sorry, I can't get into College B-Ball in Dec, ESPN & YB), I did happen to catch a little of Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (I think). Shit, that took me way back. I was a fan of all of the first three versions. Seeing portions of that movie actually injected the same kind of fright in me normally reserved for seeing the B'cos defensive squad take the field. But, what was really alarming was seeing, I think, Johnny Depp in this movie. Now I'm no movie buff, but isn't he supposed to be some sort of premier actor? Really? He was in Nightmare on Elm St 3? And his character? Some rich teenager in a half shirt hooking up with the delusional poor chick across the street. Brilliant work. At least his role ended with him getting sucked into the mattress of his bed and Depp's blood squirting all over the room. Bravo.

TV better be better tomorrow night, or maybe it's time to schedule another Das Boot banquet.