Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not too much Svatos. Too much Svatos.
Meat Puppets "Up on the Sun" axiom holds true in the early going against yet another NW division rival on this road trip.
Too bad the Oil and the Wild have already got their 2 points on tonight.
Budaj facing a flurry in the second half of the 1st period...make it stand, my friend.


Sonic Tooth said...

The 2nd period was one of the worst defensive displays I've ever seen...I think it was in the Calgary zone for 9:30 of the first 10. Nobody able to clear it.

Boods lucky to get away with only one goal scored against him.

TroutDog said...

A golden 3rd period PP chance not converted. This is looking like one where getting points would be acceptable before going home. I didn't see much of the 2nd, but what I've seen in the 3rd seems consistent with what you describe. How about a little more Svatos.

Meant to say something about that Stastny 5 year extension. Nice, I like.

Sonic Tooth said...

The Avs haven't even been able to control the puck past the neutral zone in period 2 or 3.

...and the Flames score. Don't see any late "innings" heroics in this game...happy to be proven wrong on that count, though.

TroutDog said...

Had some pretty good chances down the stretch, but too little too late. From what I saw of this game, we didn't deserve any points in this one. Better return the favor on Thurs to los Flamos.

DeathTruck said...

Not too much defense... not too much defense.

Sonic Tooth said...

Weak. 4 points on the 3 game road trip seems like something of a victory, but we gave every team points too, and they've been continuing to rack 'em up in the NW in the games not vs. the Avs.

Props to Budaj though. Don't know when I've seen a more blatant display of a goalie not getting any defensive (or offensive for the most part) support. WTF. Clear a goddam puck.

I guess I got my hopes up with my early Svatos post. Freaking jinx.

Young Bear said...

Does anyone know "Pat," the artist?

Sonic Tooth said...

Pat is a master of strange bald-faced hockey portraits.