Monday, June 30, 2008

The Brougham likes to rock

... and playing such hits as Colfax Crawl the Brougham Royale did indeed rock yesterday at the Larimer Lounge, kicking off their summer concert series. With ST, the sea-monkey, and manuel in attendance, it was a rather fun afternoon (with the high-life flowing like wine). There might still be a little brew in my system, so bring on that liver cleaning coffee.

I think I could speak for all of us, in that it'd be nice if the Brougham would play a little more frequently.

The two act that followed were pretty enjoyable as well. But personally, I'm just happy that the turbo knife fight chick didn't start singing right infront of me. I don't know if I could hang with her 'in your face' attitude.

On a side note, Alan just took a shit on my newly carpetted floor.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Imaad with Two Part Beast come to Denver...

...and rock the HiDive Wednesday night. Imaad as usual rules the world of electric guitar. Pretty mind boggling-- dude knows his way around a Fender Jazzmaster for certain, though would like to have seen more SG action.
Led off the show with Seventh Sign from the new record, and littered the set with some songs from his KRS solo record and (i think) even an alaska! song.

Quite a bit of drinking going on myself, but really can't compare to Bassist Bob, one half of the Beast. Dude showed up at the ST domicile at ~2am and promptly booted on the floor of the library. The wood floor was over due for some Murphy's Oil Soap treatment anyways, I guess. Nice casual morning hanging out with Imaad and Adam, as the Ive ran rampant, before they disembarked for the wilds of Nebraska. (Bob slept until rousted as the van was warming up, and now fully takes over from DT as most drunk post-rockshow in my house ever)

Monday, June 23, 2008

fluid is good one week later too...

...well, had been holding off on posting the one shitty pic I had from Friday's Fluid show at the Bluebird.
Sorta figured that TD might throw up a post/pic. But the ol' boy might have had a bit of a post-show hangover.
That said, excellent show with a longer set than the Lounge show the previous Sunday. High energy.
John Robinson I believe is aging in reverse. Or he works out or something...

Monday, June 16, 2008

fluid is good

For a (somewhat) youngster, it was pretty cool seeing an old sub-pop show at the lounge yesterday afternoon (where the pitchers flow like wine). Kind of wish the set was longer, but the entertainment score was rather high. To put it in an Uncle Pot kind of way: 'I like it. I like it.' TD, I'm sure you'd also like to put in your 2 cents?

War KTH being a music blog until the first pre-season game
War Rocco (I guess he was in the WS of poker this last time)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ian Likes Times New Viking

Hey, what's up, Ian? Haven't seen you in a while. You seem to be enjoying the show. I liked it to, but the Rockies game was better.

TNV brought the rock, but were way more of a "chick singer" band than their recent LP suggests. Probably not a fault in general, but I prefer dude singers unless your band name is the Pretenders. Still an enjoyable set fROMOHIO. Weird to be ignored by Ian so heavily.

Ok, upon further review, this guy doesn't look that much like Ian. But, my camera phone seemed incapable of getting a good photo of the band, thus necessitating the Ian-themed post.

Friday, June 6, 2008

OK, Here Goes, Let the TV Party Begin!

In the continuing (?) series of KTH show reviews, I present you, Armchair Martian. After the 'breakup' of Drag the River, rumors immediately started swirling that the Chair (I think I might have just coined that nickname) would be reforming for a show or two. Last night, at the 3 Kings Tavern, those rumors came to fruition. Following a pretty engaging whisky-fueled solo set by Chad Price of All/Drag, the Chair (there I go again) turned up the gain and let 'er rip. Many of the old classics like Xenophobe: A Car, Feets (the message in the 8 ball song), and Swinging with Jesus were played and sounded as sturdy as they did back in the late 90's when this band pretty much ruled the Front Range in a post-Fluid era. While the set could've been longer and there was a specific song or two that I would've added to the set list, hard to complain about to opportunity to reexamine these under-appreciated purveyors of the Colorappolis sound. I went to the show by myself and didn't know too many folks there, so that should tell you about the level of my fandom. I definitely wouldn't be bummed if this was more than a one-weekend occasion and more shows materialize.

The Nobodys played last (the order will be reversed tonight in Ft Collins I was told). They sounded pretty good, but I was in the back of the bar having a drink talking to girl about how she commutes from Denver to Cheyenne on a weekly basis to practice with her metal band.

DT - You're on the hook for the Times New Viking review for tonight.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bakedog likes the idea of a 30-game winning streak

Nice little 2-run dong for J-Bake here in the 2nd. The Rox must be seeing the ball well off this cocksucker... Although, G-Dog has already been getting his LOB on.

Let's win this puppy (at this point I don't fear the post jinx)!!