Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Even Hurdle says, 'HELLS YEAH!'

Okay, I think it's safe to blog now, with a 4 goal lead at the can... unless they put a certain Brian Fuentes in net to wrap this victory up. Sorry for that last comment; it was totally (or most definitely) related to some premature spring traning fever.

Anyway, it was a good ass kicking by the Avs tonight during this snowy night in Denver. Milan, Marek, Andrew, hell everyone was scoring tonight. Mind you, it was against a pretty piss-poor Blackhawk squad, but we'll be more than happy to take the points while our big-time players are recovering from their injuries.

However, before this ass-smokin was official, the nug pups (TroutDog's Nug Pups) had a nice little comeback in the armpit of a town known as Memphis (actually I've never been, but have only heard of its armpittedness). AC is turning out to be a solid 2 guard, frequently coming up some huge buckets down the stretch. AI, well he's the answer: another solid game.

Well done Can teams!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bush really likes the surge in Iraq

... and the Nug pups got their ass smoked.

Which one did you watch?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bang A Gong

I guess when you're missing your top 3 stars, you'll have nights like this. The Avs take one on the chin this evening at home. But as ST and I agreed midway through the 3rd period while sucking back some High Life Lights, it's less painful to lose 4-0 than to lose 1-0. Defensive breakdowns were commonplace and the offense couldn't turn the tide when it was still a game. Tonight's game would have certainly received a gong from Chuck Barris early in the 3rd period.
TroutDog will be at the Can for the big divisional showdown Thursday night against the Wild. Win that game and tonight's loss is ancient history.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Lock him up...

According to the Rockies website the new contract for Tulo is a done deal. 6 years $30mil...could (should) be an amazing steal for the Rox. I like this move A LOT.
This is encouraging from a franchise standpoint to see. Here's hoping the question mark at second base isn't a problem next year...would love it if Marcus Giles pans out, and continues terrorizing Coors Field with his bat, only now with the home-team.
Cue up the R. Kelly (or whatever that lame batting-entrance music is that Tulo had last year...)
Now, how about some extensions for Hawpe & Atkins?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Answer Indeed

Not quite Nick Nolte, but a pretty decent mug....... I only saw the final quarter of this game, but the Nuggets can thank AI for pulling this one out. The staff at Footlocker might also deserve some of the credit. (To be fair, there were some questionable calls both for and against the Nuggets late in the game. This is the NBA after all.) Down the stretch, AI was the only Nugget that seemed confident with the rock. Melo? Not so much. His clutchness doesn't seem to be quite what it used to be. Make no mistake, that Allen cat can ball in crunch time. I bet he might even give Prince a decent run one-on-one.

This win is nice, but the fact that the Nuggets don't win comfortably at home against the worst team in the West is a little troubling. As usual, we seem to play up to and down to the competition. A loss tonight would've been pretty devastating. The Nuggets can forget about this one and be glad with the victory.

Off topic, but I'm sort of pleased to see the Holliday deal. Not huge news, but hopefully a sign of things to come. Word.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Foppa Can You Hear Me?

This is the most kick-ass date ever!!!

But really.....not all that much too much to complain about down at the Can tonight, except for maybe the officiating and lack of offensive output. For a team that is essentially playing 60 minutes short-handed, spending extra time in the sin bin doesn't equate to victories. Can't feel too terrible with getting a point out of tonight's game, but two would've been sweet. Lappy's fight was entertaining. Too bad Sonically Tardy Tooth missed both goals and the fight.

Speaking of the need for extra fire power, a certain Peter Forsberg is looking for a team. Count this post as one old-time fan's vote to bring back one of the top three best Avs ever. (Super Joe and Patty being the other two, OBVI!! Apologies to Ray Borque, Craig Wolanin, and Warren Rychel.) I believe we have some cap room and I imagine Peter the Great would give some preference to the Avs. Hell, even give him back his former Golden Triangle penthouse suite. Who knows, maybe the Meat Puppets would even play during intermission of the first game back when he dons the Avs sweater. (ST-The Not too much reference is MP-related I've found....brilliant!)

Can Peter McNabb's hard-on be far behind? (No pun intended.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You Will Respect My Shutout

I'm not really qualified to ramble too much about this game, as I was unable to watch all but a smidge of it. But, 3 straight road wins, Theo's first shutout since 2004, and TWO power play goals are all very noteworthy. What started out as a disaster of a roadtrip has become a decent success, thanks to collecting the last 6 points that were on the table. Maybe more importantly, this team may have rediscovered its scoring touch and confidence without its two offensive veteran stars in the lineup. Sonic Tooth and I will be in the Can Fri night for the matchup with the B-Hawks and will try to help keep the team's mojo going. I suspect our main contribution will consist of drinking stadium brews in the 350. You're welcome, Avs.....

No comment on the pitiful Nuggets performances the last two nights. If they don't make the playoffs (which seems quite possible right now), that would be a large embarrassment. Maybe their minds are on Nene. Wake up fellas.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not too much Svatos. Too much Svatos.

I must admit, I didn't watch a lot of the 3rd period comeback, after being quite frustrated with the squad: our first game in a while that we actually score goals, and now our defense has a hick up. It seemed like everytime we'd put one in the net, the 'canes immediately answered.
But Svatos is still keeping this team alive in this weird abominable state the avs seem themselves in (at least offensively). 2 goals from Svatos last night; or as I like to call him MVP Marek.
Hopefully we can keep the momentum going into Florida tonight/afternoon.
Come on super avs!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Avs Power Outage

That circle should be drawn around the Avs' offense. One goal in the last two games, ain't going to get it done, even when Theo is actually doing some fine net-minding.

More specifically, that circle should be drawn around the Avs' power play. Zero for the last twenty chances is down right pathetic.

The Avs did have some pretty great chances in the final few minutes after getting a quick goal late, right after the Caps took a 2-0 lead, but it was more of the familiar-looking almost, but not quite offensive surges. Where was that offensive pressure and energy during the first 55 minutes?

While the D is playing very solid right now, the roadie has thus far been a big disappointment. The playoffs seem to be slipping away during Sakic and Smyth's absence. Losing to the Wings is one thing (they outclass just about everyone in the league), but getting zero points in a game against the Caps is not what this team needed right now. Too many damn one goal losses, where they could be earning a minimum of one point in the standings. These are going to hurt down the road.

Would someone please step it up on the offense?? (I'm looking at everyone on the team with the exception of Svatos.)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hot Nuggets!!!

No, not the ones that come out of your ass, but the ones that play b-ball here in Denver. TD, Flow-Blow, and myself took in the game this evening at the can to witness the beat down of the 76ers. Pretty fun game, although the Nuggets looked a little sloppy on the offensive end... no matter though, as AI's sharp shooting and Melo's big 1st half were enough to put away the opposition.

I must say that it's very noticable when Camby is on the bench, in that the Nugs completely stop getting rebounds. We'll be screwed if anything happens to him.

After the 3rd quarter, the 3 of us snuck down to the lower level to get a better glimpse of the NBA action (and after getting busted by one usher on our fist attempt). Fortunately for all of us at KTH, I got close enough to snap another award winning photo for our blog (see above)... enjoy!

"I'm a whiny-ass bitch"

Good god, my Felipe Rios-hatred cup runneth over. After the jawing with Cutler on Xmas eve and casually watching tonight's Chargers/Titans game, I can fairly confidently say my Marmalard (thanks to KSK for that amazing Animal House analogy) hate is high.
From a Broncos standpoint it's nice to have rivalry fuel. Not to mention if the Chargers and the Patriots meet down the road in the AFC championship, there's the remote chance that Gillette Stadium gets leveled by a natural disaster or a terrorist attack...which would be nice.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Marek , you earned this beer.

Sweet OT backhander from Marek Svatos tonight to give the Avs a huge 2 points (every point is huge until (if) Sakic comes back). Leopold also getting a critical pound it in goal (I believe Phil Jackson likes to call them Brokeback Mountain goals). Almost went point less with a few flurries of shots late in regulation; late penalties almsot killng us again. Jose looking like his was 2 years ago in the playoffs. I think McNabb touched on a good point in the pregame, that these youngsters have to find their own identity without the veteran superstars like Sakic and Smyth. If anything the experience will make Stansny, Svatos, and Wolski better players.

A fine game to all! Captain, any first person comments?

Friday, January 4, 2008

No need to be sad.

I guess I'll do a short post on the Nugs win last night, even though we've already commented on it a bit. Like TD said it's always a rarity to beat the Spurs, so we must savor it (despite the foreign flopper being injured). Although, we did let them come back after being up by like 16 (i think it was 16), the victory was nice.

I think we now can see how good this team can be with all of our bigmen healthy; no longer getting killed by offensive rebounding.

Fuckin'-A right sad Duncan face (tough to find one on the web)!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Miss Super Joe (and will for some time unfortunately, unless i pitch down for a Fathead)

This season is starting to slip away.

Not sure what to say...the D has not helped out the goaltender enough, offensive flurries don't produce as much as they should, our powerplay flat sucks, and we seem to get either a good start and blow it, or make a nice comeback (like tonight) only to lose. Losing to the Kings on Saturday sucked bad. (just ask the Ive...or Jose, in a rare start) but 1 point total in two games against the Coyotes is a fucking embarrassment for an Avs team - that for awhile, acted like they were going to contend in the NW.

Close games (if you don't count all the empty netters piling up and skewing the final scores) getting away....are mighty disconcerting.

TD and I were at the Kings game on Saturday, and it seemed like a game that should have been easy (the Kings used to suck!...what a difference a week makes), and even with a mere 1 goal lead after 2 periods it appeared like a game that the Avs were destined to win.


Sakic Has Left the Building

Or is that Elvis? Hard to tell from this pic of Super Joe sporting an unusually vibrant pompadour. Anyway, the Avs have really struggled since the announcement that Joe was going to be gone for an additional 2-3 months. For the latest heartbreaking loss, they were also without Ryan Smyth, who is still awaiting word on the ankle he injured in the New Year's Eve shootout loss to the suddenly fierce 'Yotes. Not counting empty net goals, all of these last 4 four losses have been by 1 goal, which makes me think a bounce here or there and we could be having a different conversation. However, the difference to me seems to be the inept power play and porous PK. This is glaring problem that needs to be fixed quickly. Playoff (and certainly Stanley Cup) contenders do not rank near the bottom on both sides of special teams. Maybe the Avs can bring in Scott O'Brien from the Broncos to help special teams.

No matter how you slice it, getting 1 point in the last 4 games (3 at home) against only 1 team currently in the playoffs is an official slide and cause for concern. I was hoping for at least 5 in the last three games. These lost points may be crucial down the stretch. Worse yet, the Avs have a 5 game roadie waiting on the other end of the Sat showdown with the Isle. Considering their road record this season, this is not boding well for the team in the burgundy and blue sweaters.

On a side note, I was kind of blown away to see/hear a taco bell commercial several times tonight featuring Joe Jackson's "One More Time." Whahhhhhh??