Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Playoffs........Kind of!

I love me some long shadows games that matter! No Rollie on the hill, but it's still pretty special.

What a turn of events down at Coors today. Padres were up 3-0 at the start of the game and then dissolve. I was there by myself getting my baseball nerd on, drinking a margarita and yelling "C'mon, super Bradley!" I question whether this is a high or a low point of my life. No matter, we live to see another day. Fans were pumped. I acted like a complete fool I'm sure. And I scored a pair of seats for tomorrow night's showdown with the Fathers (pretty much in the butt crack)while hanging out post-game down at Slinky's putting down 3 PBRs in celebration. I knew the bartender, that's it.

Peavy will be going tomorrow night, so it's going to be tough, but it's at home and that should negate the pitching advantage somewhat. Morales? Fogg? A combination? I guess we'll see.

Fun times......go Rockies!!!

Go Rockies

Fuentes comes up huge in the 7th! Come on O!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

It ain't over yet beotches

Brew crew comes through in the bottom of the 11th! Around the same time the Badgers seal the deal against MSU. CU over OU and the Phillies lose as well. Is something magical happening......

Friday, September 28, 2007

Booze Will Help

A very disappointing night in the world of the mlb. Almost enough to drive a man to drink. Ok, I was already drinking after having a triple and two double bogeys on the first 6 holes at Willis Case this afternoon. But, I thought my inability to hit a straight drive or putt today would be erased from my memory by a twelfth straight Rockies win. Well, a combination of "Pittsburgh afternoon rain" and lack of any timely hitting by the Rox prevented that from happening.

Can't even blame this on Hurdle, which might be the most frustrating part of this devastating loss. Not to mention Craig Counsel (the Scorpion) grounding into a critical double play against the Padres and ending a 1 out bases loaded threat for the Brewers. Shit.

The playoffs, while not totally out of reach, are looking pretty impossible at this point. I still love me some Rockies.

And we accomplish a first - finishing above the Dodgers.......props to the 50,000+, what took you so freaking long!?!?!?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Like Announcing 11 Game Winning Streaks

Well, KTH has brought you this far, it's up to you to take it on home. And by that, I mean stress out, regret your lack of MLB extra innings, and maybe strut into Patrick O' Carrol's (JC's) and say "fuck you" to that dickhead manager who said back in June when myself and Deathtruck were clamoring for a little local baseball coverage in a Denver bar, to no avail, only to hear no one cares about baseball. Wait for football season, we have Direct TV and no local Rockies coverage......Hey JC's Dickhead....."f-you."

A sweep in LA was a nice way to end this road trip. No one that I know figured we'd sweep the Padres and Dodgers (twice with one 4 game series).

Who wants a piece of this?!?!?!

God bless Drew and George for their patience. I hope they're as buzzed as me at this point of the ride....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Great start to the night...

Watched the last part of the Braves (my Braves?) semi-beatdown of the Philadelphia toinght on the Gives the Rocks at least a chance to become tied up with the phills after this evening's games. It's good to see Atlanta not giving up on the season quite yet, hopefully they'll keep that shat up. Also got to be routing for the Brewers to stay in contention here on out, so they can give the whale vagina competitive games for their weekend series (that and the fact that I like the Brewers and hate the Cubs).

Good to see Nomar, Gonzo, Furcal, and Abreu out of the lineup, and Holliday in it. You got to think the Dodgers are a little pissed off at us considering we single handedly ended the season for them last week, with a couple of the games being quite the heartbreakers (for them). Currently in the top of the 2nd, and Ubaldo seems a little shakey after getting out of a huge jam in the 1st. Let's hope he settles down.

C-N in attendance?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Out Of Luck

Yesterday marked the first egg of the year laid by the Denver Broncos. They were uninspired on defense and their offense never really “got on track.” Unfortunately for Jay Cutler and the Bronco offense, the defense just spent way too much time on the field. 39 of the game’s 60 minutes were controlled by the Jaguars, leaving just a measly 21 minutes that the Broncos actually held possession. Despite all of the 4th quarter dramatics (and I do believe there were some) the game might have been determined during Jacksonville’s 11 minute-plus scoring drive that spanned the first and second quarters. The drive not only kept the Denver offense from being able to work their magic, but maybe more importantly, gave our defense little rest.

In the second half, when the defense needed to get stops, they couldn’t. The HUGE fumble aside (which the Broncos did nothing with), I really was disappointed with the defense’s ability to stop someone who I openly felt was a sub-par quarterback, in David Gerrard. The dude killed the Broncos with big 3rd down completions, not to mention his 52 yards on the ground.

My main issue, however, was with the coach, Mike Shanahan. Just one week removed from a win that could largely be attributed to some savvy coaching moves, Shanny suffered several brain farts. The decision to go for it TWICE on fourth down turned out to be monumental gaffes. The first one seemed innocent enough, until it became apparent, that if they had just kicked the field goal instead, it would have continued to be a one-possession game. The second attempt (inside our own ten) was punctuated by Daniel Graham’s apparent drop, but again gave the Broncos no chance to come back in the game.

To be honest, I am usually for going for it on fourth-down. I would even somewhat love to see the punters done away with, completely. In this spot, however, I hate them both. I do realize that the second one was probably necessitated by the first one’s failure, but not punting with over four minutes left in the game (yes, they had already wasted all of their timeouts, two on that first attempt at 4th down, ironically enough) is inexcusable.

Yes, it shows how little trust Shanny has in his defense. Yes, it shows tremendous, if not a little premature and maybe misguided, faith in his young quarterback. What team will this become? How closely are they to being a 0-3 team traveling to Indianapolis? Either way, it was a bad home, conference loss. One of those games they might look back at the end of the year and wish they could have back.

War Terrell Davis.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

"This is exciting. It's getting fun," owner Dick Monfort said.

Agreed, Dick.

Remember this feeling, Dick. Especially when these players want to resign with you. Don't blow it.

Props to the Rockies for taking some of the sting out of the phantom Broncos appearance today.

Rest up and be ready to pound Penny and Dodgers on Tuesday like you did last week.

Not only are we talking about Rockies baseball after July, we're talking about Rockies baseball on September 23.

We're definitely in the mix and it IS exiting and fun. Finally, something we can agree about, Dick.

Giving TD Some Love

At today's B'cos game at Invesco, Terrell Davis will be inducted into the Ring of Fame. There is no doubt he is one of the greatest Broncos ever. While the successes of RB's that have come after TD has led some to speculate anyone can take handoffs in a Denver backfield and put up dizzying numbers, having watched TD and his successors, I can say he was clearly in a class by himself when it comes to play-to-play consistency(almost a guaranteed 4-5 yards) and the ability to break the long one. The dude barely fumbled at all, and what can you say about SB XXXII (with apologizes to Chain Lightning). Without TD, Elway's legacy might have been more like that of Dan Marino.

He was a pleasure to watch play during his all-too-short career and it will be pretty cool to give him a salute today during halftime.

Go Broncos!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome to the Seth Smith Era!

Sweet catch, Cameron!

This Seth Smith kid looks like a suitable replacement for Matt Holliday.

The H in Hawpe stands for Hero

Lefty on lefty! How did that slide past our manager of the year candidate?


Thursday, September 20, 2007

That's a Sweep

Not much to say about this ass-kicking, other than it was really never in doubt once the Rox posted a six-spot in the bottom of the 2nd. Sure, the dodgers pulled within 3 runs, but Tulo quickly quashed any fears of a comeback with a 2-run jack. Ubaldo with a solid outing and yes Holliday hit another homer, of the 3-run variety. I haven't done my research, but I'm willing to bet this is the first 4-game sweep of the dodgers ever by the Rox. Of course, the Bucs lose again to the Pads, so no ground is made up in the wildcard. The math is starting to get worse as the Rockies pile up wins. Nonetheless, great to see the brooms out at Coors on a lovely Thursday afternoon. (No regrets about taking the afternoon off of work.) If the sweeping continues this weekend for the Rox (a very tall order), things could get very interesting.

And how about the Das Boot victory!!!


Another weekend of football is just minutes away! Week 3 of the NFL season gets underway with another marquee (JV) match-up involving a couple of the league heavyweights in Dallas and Chicago on Monday night. The Chargers have to face another tough opponent, when they travelto Lambeau? The Bolts are just lucky that it ain’t cold weather Wisconsin, yet. I haven’t made my picks yet, but as you could imagine, “make mine, Green Bay.”

The local team will be hosting the Jax Jags this Sunday as they look to improve upon their mesmerizing offensive inequities. #1 in the league in total yards, but only 17th in points? Since the departure of Elway, this has been a problem for Coach Shanny’s teams. This year, however, it just seems like a matter of time before Henry starts punching a few more in, as Cutler, Javon Walker, and Brandon Marshall figure out their timing. One topic that has gotten some pretty good play over the week has been the lack of tight end production. That “extremely heavy white canvas sack with the huge dollar bill sign on it” that we gave the Daniel Graham needs to start paying more dividends than just his mashing, run-blocks. I’m thinking in the red-zone, a la Shannon Sharpe.

This Jacksonville team is a one-headed monster. Defense. With the full-time switch to David Gerrard, the Jags are sealing their fate to mediocrity. The defense is tough, fast, and will make things hard on the Broncos all day. But like last week, I just don’t think that the Broncos defense will allow for much on the other end. Yes, the Raiders made plays/should have won the game. Yes, the Broncos don’t have the best history with playing this team on the west side of downtown. (To steal a dorky Harry Potter reference, THE GAME THAT SHALL NOT BE MENTIONED.) But the (degenerate) straight up play here is the home team for many reasons. The Broncos have actually defended Fred Taylor much better than many of the other teams around the league. David Gerrard is their quarterback (not a racially charged statement, he just kinda sucks.) And finally, the Broncos’ coach will make Jack Del Rio melt under the pressure.

“Remember, Coach Del Rio, if you get the chance, call a timeout and ice the kicker, it works.”

Like I mentioned in my preview a couple of weeks ago, a win in this spot would put the Broncos at 3-0 and in a nice position to figure out where they stand. A week-four trip to Indianapolis will allow Denver to measure out the length of the gap between them and the league/AFC’s elite.

Broncos 31 Jags 10 is gonna be my call today. I think the Broncos are busting out (did I say that last week, too?) and despite the stoutness of the Jags defense, the Broncos have the ability (and the arm strength) to counterattack. If the Jags want to sell the farm with their two big defensive tackles in an attempt to stop Henry, let the kid throw. Want to pressure Cutler and bring blitz packages, let the Atomic Dog go wild, buck wild.

If the weekend culminates with the Broncos sitting two games ahead of San Diego, the future looks bright for the Orange and Blue. The Packers have the defense to take down the Bolts and their (suddenly?) mortal leader, Felipe Rios. Oh yeah, DeathTruck, Sammy Winder, TroutDog, and myself will be accepting. BRING IT!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Late Inning Drama

Things have been pretty crazy at Coors Field the last couple of nights. Again, the game looked just beyond reach, with a 5-6 eighth inning deficit and the Dodgers formidable bullpen standing in the way. The hero tonight - a badly slumping Brad Hawpe. The dude has been a strikeout factory lately and after drawing a 3-0 count and pinch runner Kazmat (who is suddenly back in action to steal bases after a hammy injury?) moving to second base with no outs , Hawpe quickly runs the count full. It looked like another strikeout at the worst possible time. But, as he's often done this season, Hawpe comes through with a big hit, this time a towering 2-run shot into the right field stands. Not quite as dramatic as Helton's 9th inning walkoff 2-run blast last night, but pretty stunning all the same.

Not to be lost in Hawpe's heroics - Holliday with two solo blasts (I'm even thinking of picking up a Creed cd), Yorvit adding his first homer since July, and a pretty solid string of relievers in Assfeldt, Buchholtz, Fuentes (dude seems way more comfortable in the setup role), and my main man Corpas. This was all after Ryan Spiers blew a sixth inning lead with a miserable relief outing. Mad props to Corpas on his tshirt jersey night (damn, wish I had one!), who entered a pressure cooker after the 8th inning fireworks and the heart of the Dodgers lineup coming up. After surrending a single to Kent, Manny settles down and gets the Kemp, Gonzo, and Nomar in order. No easy feat with the slimmest margin of error.

Keep the streak rolling tomorrow boys.......go Bucs!!

Helton's Goatee Pays Off Bigtime

While playoff hopes are pretty much nil at this point, yesterday's double-header sweep over the Dodgers was pretty sweet. A picture perfect September afternoon for Game 1 (myself, Deathtruck, and Sammy Winder in attendance) followed up by perhaps the most dramatic game of the year for the Rox. Who doesn't like to see Helton get a little Sept drama? It was a complete team effort with major contributions from Holliday and Spilly, but Helton stole the spotlight with his 2-out, 1-2 count homerun off of the masterful Takashi (I drink to that) Saito. Todd's stage dive into home plate might need a little work, but his clutchness down the stretch has been undeniable.

Let's get another win tonight. Fogg has his work cut out for him tonight against Brad Penny.
Go Rox!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

They Play Football on Saturdays, Too!

The collegiate game finished up its third week of action and surprisingly not much has changed around the Front Range. CU and CSU continue to disappoint. Wyoming wants to be the next up-and-coming Boise State-type. But it’s those Falcons from the Air Force Academy that still continue to be the class (in many ways) of the area. (Oh yeah, and the punters up at UNC stab each other for starting jobs.)

The Buffs from Boulder hosted a national late-night game against the aging Bobby Bowden and the Florida State Seminoles. I was able to sit through much of the game, but lost consciousness towards the end of the third. To me, the game was won with speed. Despite being supposedly in a “down” year (and they most assuredly are) the Seminoles still made the Buffs look like they were running in snow boots. The Buffs have gaping deficiencies at many positions, including wide-out where they continue to drop perfectly placed balls by Cody Hawkins. Wee Hawk again looked impressive at times, but the anemic running game is doing little to aid. Still a work in progress. DeathTruck, did you accept the game?

My boys down at the Academy pulled off another upset this week beating the Mountain West favorite, TCU, in an overtime thriller, eerily similar to that of the game that went on downtown on Sunday. Again, an upright was clanked, which allowed for game-winners to follow. Thursday night’s win came just five days after the Falcons beat perennial MWC titan, Utah in the SLC. That win was nicely highlighted and accentuated by what the Utes did to the #11 ranked UCLA Bruins this past Saturday. Beat ‘em by like FORTY! Guess, UCLA isn’t back. Basically, the Falcons better get some votes for the top 25. Period.

Rammies were off, Cowboys got beat by Boise State and Notre Dame sucks, bad.

While there is a lot of talk about parity finally coming to college football (see Boise St./App St.) this season there seems to be an ever bigger than normal rift between the elite and the rest. USC (face Corn) LSU and Oklahoma are far and away better than everybody else. BCS Title Game is already figured out. Two of the three will be in it! Season over!

NFL Head Coaches Should Not Be Younger Than Me

Prepubescent Oakland Raider Head Coach Lane Kiffin must be smartin’ this morning. Not only did his Raider squad have a divisional road opponent “on ice” with the game in the balance, but they snapped defeat from the jaws of victory for a second week in a row.

I don’t need to rehash what went down yesterday at Mile High. The Broncos dodged a huge bullet eeking out a 23-20 OT win, helped in large part to a frozen Jablonski (with a nod to Irv Brown.) I’ll be honest; I was standing next to the TV when his first kick went through the uprights from 52 yards out. My hand reached out to manually turn the set off when my immediate thoughts of, “did we really just lose to the Raiders at home?” were thankfully dashed by the supple, silky smooth voice of Kevin Harlan. Shanny had called timeout! Brilliant! You’re paying attention over on the east sidelines, right Kiff? Seabass promptly stepped back up and proceeded to drill a deep laser, but alas, it took a fortuitous (for Bronco fans, at least) kick off the top of the goal post. As Jay Cutler (he of the back-to-back come from behind wins) put in the locker room following the game, “Dude, that would have been good from 70!” For some reason, Kiffin didn't want to bite on Shanny's style, and gave no effort to ice Elam in OT.

The win puts the fortunate (and very easily 0-2) Broncos at 2-0 and atop the AFC West. They sit in first alone, as the Super Chargers got punked badly by the New England Patriotic Espionage Agents. Speaking of incompetent head coaches, I bring you Norv Turner and his offensive #2, Felipe Rios. Speaking of overrated, incompetent quarterbacks!

The Chiefs' loss at the hands of the Chicago Bears rounded off the perfect AFC West weekend. Additional conference defeats for the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets make my heart warm. The Pats and Colts still look to be the class of the conference, with the former still working with a depleted roster. Believe me that I shant forget about the Chargers. Their defense is just flat out nasty. Or at least, I thought so before last night. Maybe Merriodman needs some more clomid.

I apologize for my inability to come through with a preview on Friday, but I put down some mean chainsawing this weekend. Have no fear, however, my skills will return!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Passing the Torch

Not much of a preview here, but thought I'd try to get the ball rolling. Cutler making his home-opener debut. Let's hope it's the start of many years of glory. Today's game is supposed to be easy, but so was the last regular season home game we had (still recovering from that one).

I'll be in attendance for today's showdown with the Raiders. This is one of 5 home games I currently have tickets for this year. Currently, I'm not holding tickets for the Steelers game. Would like to attend with gsquints, so if anyone knows how come about these tickets, let me know.

Chained Lightning - how things going on at

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Meaningful baseball in September....or any month?

to reference Troutdog's last post, the man can't manage
.....and the team doesn't apparently know when to fucking truly turn it on. a really disappointing (and inevitable) end to a promising season.

.....odd how pretty much all other NL teams with a wildcard or outside divisional shot (besides the Brewers) have shown balls the past couple days.
damn, the lack of meaningful deadline trade/signing action by the Rockies is really becoming more and more embarrassing...Wells is 3-0 for the hated Dodgers since that "risky" move by a team with an ownership that actually cares. it doesn't even matter to me that Francis and Fogg (model healthy competence normally) struggled when they had the ball's the absence of a clue or concern by the Monforts to make what could and would be a rabid baseball fanbase (see Broncos, Avs, and Nugs (once they got their powder blue on and some talent)) if they made it look at least remotely like they had some interest and better yet, some passion, to make the Rockies a serious legit competitor.
a real shame.
I'll still go to games, Coors field is a great joint, tix are much more affordable than the other major sports attractions....and I like beer and peanuts quite a bit.
I'm just disappointed in these jackasses that are the powers-that-be; and the fact that an overall good September, that had no margin for error in the very competitive and exciting National League, is now reaching a stumbling, frustrating end.

Friday, September 14, 2007

This Man Can't Manage

I saw it with my own eyes: pitch hitting Chris Iannetta (batting like .210) for Cory Sullivan (batting like .310). Lefty-righty my fucking ass. Looking like a fool on three straight pitches.... Leaving Assfeldt in too long. Not like the game had any importance. Fuck Hurdle.
Oh yeah, the crowd at Coors was incredibly weak.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


This Sunday, football returns to its normal place and time, Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium, Denver, Colorado, 2 PM Mountain Standard Time. Having the Broncos play week 1 on the road and early was nice, as it was easy to slip into the game and the start of the season, minus the overabundant city-wide build-up.

But the Oakland Raiders for the home opener? C’mon. Yes, the rivalry between these two storied AFL franchises has followed (or set) the same path as the Avs and the Red Wings, but it is still a divisional home game against a rival. Going down a similar train of thought, last week’s win in Buffalo was more than significant. After starting the past two seasons with sloppy and uninspired road defeats, last Sunday’s emotional win was nothing if not completely exhilarating.

I got gassed, big time. I even scared the young one a little with my guttural exuberance. She recovered quickly to drop me a slew of high fives (and some Co Cos! Chants) and the Broncos not only got the dub, but also on the road, against a conference opponent. Again, this is something that could become very important when it’s time to determine seeding, home-field, etc.

The Broncos look to be an overwhelming favorite (like 9 points for all you degenerates) over the Raidaahs for a myriad of reasons, many of which I will get to tomorrow. This Raider team is young, dumb, and …. They’re young and pretty dumb. Easiest money in Vegas must be a preseason wager on who(m) will be the most penalized team in the league. It’s as inevitable as Chad Pennington going down in an early season heap. With two winnable home games butting up against the week 4 roadie at Indy, a 3-0 start would put the Orange and Blue in an advantageous position to properly prepare for the remainder of their relatively easy schedule.

I’ll breakdown some match-ups and make some (easy) predictions in tomorrow’s post. I really like what the Raiders did on defense a year ago, but I just feel that this Bronco offense is quite different (not yet so threatening on the scoreboard) than the one Shanny has been directing for the past 8 years. Both sides of the ball favor the Broncos, but the minute details will be filtered out and dispensed with en la manana.

Disclaimer: This entry will be the first in a series (hopefully) where we look ahead/break down the greatest sporting distraction in the world. That being the National Football League and the Denver Broncos place within said league. Who knows, though, there might be some collegiate ball thrown in their too! Air Force is already 2-0 with a win over Utah. This disclaimer is now over.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

They're everyone's Rockies

9-0 going into the 5th, you gotta like our odds of pulling this one off. That said, we did blow an 8-run lead in the whale's vagina a couple of months ago.

This would be a great victory for our rox, considering this was the one game in the series that we didn't really have a starter for. Accuscore agreed, giving us 33% chance of winning (by far the lowest I've ever seen it go). But 4 innings down, and the phillies have used more pitchers than us. Hopefully we won't have to use our big guns in the bullpen, and by big guns I just mean Herges and Corpas. Might have to add Redman to the list if he continues to dish'em.

War being tied with the phillies in the wild card race after tonight

War routing for the Dodger tonight???

I like this kind of party.....

6 runs in the 4th? 9-0? Helton hot as freshly minted shit?
Good stuff, makes that jacked up game on Monday that much more maddening as every game continues to remain remotely meaningful to a dreamer of postseason baseball in CO. Hopefully that the patchwork rotation (bad relievers starting games ???) sort of succeeding after all these injuries doesn't give the Mon-Fart brothers any ideas that this IS the way to assemble a team. With a few midseason moves and/or a couple less injuries (and without a doubt a different manager) this is a bonafide playoff team.

Whatever, Rockies fans like to complain and make many excuses to choose from, you know?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's see if the bully can screw this one up.

In particular the trio of Hawkins, Assfeldt, and Julio; 3 pitchers who shined during certain portions of the season, but have lately been getting been doing a good job of putting base runners on and giving up runs/games. Last night's game just made me pissed off; even my 2 for 2 monday night pick'em night wasn't enough to brighten things for me.

I'm guessing some of the guys must've been pretty pissed off with certain members of the bullpen, and decided to get a 7 run lead here in the 7th. Morales looked good tonight with a solid 5 innings of shutout ball. It's also nice to see that Tulo, Holliday, and Helton are still swinging the hot bats.

I should probably stop blogging right now; the KTH jinx might still be in effect: I see Assfeldt just got put in and has already given up a homer... I guess some people have golf plans for next month.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Beautiful Colorado Sunday

Broncos win in dramatic fashion. Rockies take 2/3 from the Padres and head to a crucial road series with Philly tonight and there is no one writing. This blog may need a little help. Come on boys get this going today.
The "Zip" is back at the QB position in Broncoland. Cutler made some mistakes along with 3 of 11 on 3rd downs for the entire offense but when it mattered plays were made. Defense made a very strong showing with Simeon Squints (WOW!) coming off the corner. Pre-season what?? Come home for a beatdown of the Raiders and let's see what this team can do. I watched the other so called AFC contenders yesterday and the Pats were impressive but when you put no pressure on the QB anyone can hit open receivers just ask the Giants.
Rockies keep hanging around but we need a five or six game win streak. Kudos to them with all the injuries though!
Broncos 38 Raiders 13

Friday, September 7, 2007

For the Love of Herges

Matt Herges, that is. Dude has been solid out of the bully for a while now. Hizzle came up huge tonight when the game was starting to get away after Elmer's departure in the 3rd with a sore hammy. Hard to believe we could win a game like this, when 10 pitchers were used. Thankfully, we weren't facing Peavy, as it was originally scripted. (Great decision to pitch against the D-Backs on three days rest, Jake!) Those 5 insurance runs in the bottom of the 8th were nice and hopefully preserves Manny for some closing opportunities later this weekend.

There is now a big(ger) question mark with the rotation for next week with Elmer likely out. Ortiz looked pretty good in the top of the 9th - maybe he'll be the man. A freakin' shame we didn't pick up a quality arm at the deadline (or snagged someone good off of waivers) to shore up the rotation. Nonetheless, if this team is going to make a serious run at the post season, the bats are going to have to be hot. Spotty starting pitching is going to be a given, that's a given.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I'm very glad I sat through that whole game; just nibbling away at that lead, it definitely seemed that we had a chance to get a W. It would have been a frustring loss, with all of those runners left on base earlier in the game.

God bless, the giants inability to throw strikes.
My main man Hawpe!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Summer Is Over, but the Rockies Ain't

Deathtruck and I enjoyed Labor Day in a sun-drenched Coors Field to see the Rox roll the Giants 7-4. A strange game to be sure. The offense put a 7-spot on the board in the 3rd inning to give the hometown fans plenty of breathing room all afternoon. Francis had a pretty good outing, but did not survive the 6th inning. Things got a little tighter than necessary, mostly due to squandered offensive opportunities after the 3rd inning, but all in all, a relaxing afternoon at the ball park.

4 games out of the wild card and the Rox are very much alive. However, more bad news today, as it looks like it is certain that Hirsh will also be out for the remainder of the year. I think it goes without saying that it's up to the bats to come through in September......

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Some Desert Fogg

......and a badly needed victory today for the Rockies. Fogg pitched an imperfect, but serviceable 6 innings in the Desert to keep the team's playoff pulse ticking. An early offensive explosion against Webb (apparently it was a fashionable day to have a starter with extra syllables at the end of their name) was just enough for Fogg to secure the victory. Fuentes provided some typical late-inning drama followed by Corpas showing why he is now the closer. Yes, you can lose your job to an injury, thank you very much!

Not only was this win vital to keeping the playoffs their sights, but it provided welcome relief from the news of the day that Cook re-injured his rib cage muscle and is out for the season. Can a team actually make a playoff push with 3 of their 5 starters on the DL? Probably not, but we are still talking about pro baseball around here in September. Might have to head down to Coors tomorrow afternoon and check out some Labor Day action. I just really get a kick out of booing Bonds!!!