Monday, October 29, 2007

The Broncos Defense

Umm, our defense looks horrible. That well-executed bomb from Favre is not what has me concerned. It's the fact that we cannot stop anyone rushing the ball. We're still in this game, but if adjustments aren't made at halftime, this is going to get ugly.

Putting A Cap on the 2007 Rockies Season

Waking up the morning after the final nail was driven into the coffin of the Rocks' season and a number of thoughts are going through my baseball-soaked mind. I'll admit it, I didn't sleep very well last night, in large part due to a slew of unrelated bad dreams that contained an unsettling Red Sox undercurrent. Their swift handling of the Rox in the World Series has apparently made an impression. I could bitch endlessly about the Sox' payroll, fans, and their transformation into the Yankees as an elite hated team, but I am trying to focus on the Rockies season from their standpoint, both good and bad.

There are loads of positive aspects to this season. The emergence of the young talent has been at times frustrating to watch (see April - August), but ultimately very fun (see September - October). This can only mean good things in years to come, unless ownership flips the bird to the fans these kids have brought back into the fold and doesn't resign the likes of Holliday, Atkins, Hawpe, etc. While Atkins and Hawpe struggled mightily at the plate in the WS, I'm not ready to flush them away. This playoff run has hopefully provided some October experience that will come in handy down the road......

Which brings me to my main problem with how this whole thing went down in the WS. The ride that got the Rockies to the Fall Classic was of epic proportions. You could argue that the Rockies were the best team in the NL down the stretch and should be right there again next year. I'm not sure I necessarily buy that. The Dodgers and Mets can be expected to be in the mix next year, and the Cubs will likely shell out more cash to improve their team. Our road through the NL in the playoffs wasn't exactly through the teams who would be considered the cream of the NL crop. This was likely part of the reason we swept our way through the NL, which maybe wasn't the best thing to happen. While it has been more or less shown the AL is dominate over the NL, (with the exception of last year's bizarre WS sweep by the Cards over the Tigers), it's a shame we weren't able to keep playing when the team was hot and try to ride that late-season magic all the way to a world championship. I am pleased with winning the NL Pennant and don't think the Rockies embarrassed themselves at all by getting swept by the AL Champ (winning a game or two would have sure been nice though), but the chances of getting to the World Series and to be a team as hot as they were at that point, is not something that happens very often at all. If a World Series drought is prolonged significantly, we all may look back at this last week with a little bit more disdain.

Still, no shame in losing to the best team in baseball this year. Too bad the Tribe couldn't have stepped on the Sox throat when they were up 3-1. I guess that all that deficit did was get the Sox' attention and once the dragon was awaken, there was really no stopping it.

All in all, a fine season Pet Rocks (Our Rocks?)! As a result of the last month and a half, the bar has been significantly raised for the players, the organization, and the fan base. I just hope Slinky's doesn't plan on raising those 20 ounce game day beer prices next year due to their success......

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Well let's change that...

Despite being down 0-3 in this series (the world series), let's not hang our heads too low (Tulo?). Even some of us hardcore fans didn't expect to make it this far. There were countless times that myself or TroutDog uttered the same dry joke after a Rockies loss: "Well, I don't think the Rockies are going to win the World Series this year." Still not true and not finalized yet.

I plan on saboring this next game (and hopefully the next few games), because hell, it's been quite a fun ride this year.

Come on Super Rockies!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cinderella is dead.....

Wish I didn't have to type this.
A potent combo of untimely (or absolutely no) hitting, previously overachieving pitching that didn't elevate its game like it has in the past month, and a good load of other reasons (the Sox are a better team, Hurdle probably let the pitching thang get out of hand in the first game-kind of fucking up the vibe for the rest of the series, and that jackass right behind homeplate at Coors with all the stupid signs was allowed to continue her lame sign flashing that annoyed me during the Phils and D-Backs series) pretty much spelled disaster for the Rockie's virgin voyage to the Fall classic.
I feel like I should just enjoy the fact that the Rockies are in the World Series, but the amazing run that got them here has frankly spoiled me, and I know (because I've seen it in effect) that this group is capable of some pretty nutty shit.
However, the past few games have shown that magic is quite is nutty shit. Not alot of clutch...good lord Hawpe has looked horrible, Helton has not risen to the occasion during his deserved trip to the Ultimate Stage, and Fuentes should pretty much never pitch another ball for the Rockies (unless of course they are down by 5-6 runs tomorrow night in the 8th, which they very well may be).
I'm pissed and pissed. The Rockies are done for 2007...maybe they can scratch out a win instead of getting swept, that'd be good.
Some other shit:
The Sox should be pretty stoked about the rooks they have right now. Pedroia and Ellsbury were killer tonight...fuck those runts.
Papelbon's weird mouth O-formation before he pitches makes me think he might be fantasizing about blowing the tiny dicks of Red Sox Nation. Good for him.

I guess Jose may want to play hockey afterall....

Pretty solid performance from Theodore last night. The AVs have shown a nice ability to battle back in games....which is making it a bit risky to turn the channel during a game prematurely.
Sweet quick OT score for Smyth too!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Das Boot, Your Barnum E League Champs..

Hey, at least it's a silver lining...........

2 runs in 2 games ain't going to win too many World Series. Regardless, gotta still proud of my Rox. They were battling, just no clutch hitting. @#$*&!!!

I'm pretty sure the bone-diggity-dog would agree this is still a night of KTH glory.

Das Boot showed a certain character that would make an aging skipper proud. And we can throw back a few beers if push comes to shove.

I guess the E League cannot contain the entity that is Das Boot!

Now, for a sweep at Coors!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We are just minutes away from the start of the Fall Classic and honestly this is the first one I will pay attention to in many years. I jot down this miniscule amount of words to allow for in-game banter.


Where No Rockie Team Has Gone Before

Well, here we are, at the threshold of the first Rockies World Series ever. This will never happen again. I'm savoring the moment, despite the recent ticket botch-job.
If we can make it through the first 3 innings tonight with no more than a 1-run deficit, I'll consider that a minor success and we'll have passed the first major test of this series. This team has been waiting for 9 days to play baseball, so there is some serious uncertainty in the beginning of this game. If the Rox can maintain out of the gate and keep their composure, we have a shot of stealing game 1. It largely rests on the arm of the young kid from Canada that lives up the street from Sammy Winder, Deathtruck, and myself.

I'm going to say Rockies will win this in 6. Fogg will be the winning pitcher of that game in Boston in front of his friends and family from the area.

Go Rockies!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Way to thank the fans in Denver....

Can't really describe what a monumental shaft to the hometown fans the online sales of WS tickets was. Really great to see individual sellers on eBay, stubhub, etc having multiple sets of tickets for sale already...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nice Start to the Fall Classic, Dick

At a time we should all be exclusively giddy with anticipation for the Rockies first ever World Series, I can't resist but taking a dig at the Rockies' ownership/management. Whoever decided it was a good idea to wait until the LCS's were finished to start selling tickets for the WS needs to publicly explain how that is good for the Rockies and their fans. I understand no one really saw this coming a few weeks ago, but tickets to the NLDS were on sale well before the end of the season (when it didn't look like the Rox had much of a chance of qualifying for the post season) and the NLCS tickets went on sale the morning of the play-in game with the Padres (that's right, before they even qualified for the NLDS).

The only reason I can see that management decided to wait until this morning and change the original plan to having an online only sale was to open the market up to the entire world, including the WS opponents' fan base. Why this benefits the Rockies organization, I cannot say. Ticket scalpers, airlines, local merchants, hotels, etc. will benefit from the out of town attendance, but I don't see how the Rockies do. I doubt too many Red Sox fans would've been concerned with buying WS tickets to Coors Field a few weeks ago. Now they are and will be in force tomorrow at noon MDT.

I do agree that the sales should have been either all online or all through the box office, not both as was originally planned. That doesn't mean this was the best plan. I would've favored an all box office to sale to an online only sale. Better yet, a lottery should've been held weeks ago to determine those (mainly Rockies) fans who could buy tickets. This is what most teams do and not only would it increase MY chances of getting tickets (they would have still been very slim), but it would also (and more importantly) eliminate the vast majority of Red Sox fans from even bothering to try and get these tickets before the Rox were in the WS.

Of course I'm pissed about the computer problems today. Whether it was due to grossly underestimating the amount of people worldwide that would be attempting to get tickets (duh-really?!?!), or actually the fault of some hacker, it really doesn't matter. What pisses me off the most was that the ownership/management chose this means of selling the tickets and waited this long to do so. When there are tons of Red Sox fans at games 3-5 , I hope ownership/management takes a lot of heat for this colossal gaffe. Fuck you guys.

Ok, now I'm going to enjoy the rest of this week and look forward to Wed night. (And, of course, try and get tickets tomorrow at noon!)
No need to be surly at a time like this, that can wait until the games actually begin.....
Go Rockies!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Even in my absence please blog about the Denver Broncos.

Shit...Plummer, unshaven (as he should be) in a henley-T, is even disappointed in the lack of Broncos blogging going on here.
I'm pretty guilty of terminal Rockie-fever, but there no one to pick up the slack?
To quote Jake, (as he passed the doob my way) "You jack-asses probably should just call this blog, 'The Rockies win the NL Pennant, and the-events-which-led-up-to-that fabulous milestone in Denver Sports'"
Whatever, Jake is rolling another, and we're enjoying the scrappy Bronco's win over the Steelers. Though neither of us is convinced that putting in Cutler midway through last year (or even Jay starting this year) was the right move.
Fuck the Sawx.
Can the Avs play all games at the Can?

Rockies vs. The Nation

Looks like the ALCS finally ended and the Rox now know who they'll be playing come Wed night. Obviously, the Sawwwhkks will be a tough foe, but boy, beating the Nation will make a World Series Championship that much sweeter. And with plenty of fans everywhere you turn, it shouldn't take much to turn up the hate dial for this series. Bring it. We boast a third of their payroll, have pretty much no playoff experience, and have had a long lay-off. I'm certain we'll be given no chance. On the plus side, we've got nothing to lose here and have only lost one game since mid September. T minus 3 days......go Rockies!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Introducing the Colorado Rockies' starting pitcher for game 1 of the 2007 World Series, Jeff Francis

Start O' the Streak

Please behold, the ticket given to me by Troutdog; surrendered in favour of attending the Broncos/Raiders game that fateful afternoon back in September. Granted the Broncos did win that game....may be the last for quite some time actually, and could be a collectable ticket in its own right.
But picture if you will...a lone nerd in the right field stands above the scoreboard, casually sipping on some stadium brews, cracking some nuts...thinking this is likely the last game he would attend this season due to the hopeless dire straits the Rox were currently in.
Then flashforward to a random business man's special-Dodgers doubleheader in "Lauren" seats a couple days later, heavily hung-over, from a dose of Pure Country Gold (and afterparty)
....C'mon Super Gallegos! Need I say more?
Oh, then of course the Pads play-in game. That one was kind of good.
Phils game 3 clincher a week ago Saturday here in Denver was a pretty nice game too....
Been relegated to the couch for these Coors Field D-Backs games...but the Rox fever is high, and the reality that the Rox are (and were) relevant is still a bit stunning.
Let this shit continue....

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Main Man Corpas!!

Thank you Manny for putting out that gas fire started by your predecessor. That got a tad too close to comfort, if that's possible when you're up 3-0 in a series.

Oh, and they're not say Boo, they're saying BOO-yrnes!

Bring on the American League!!!



Super Gallego likes what he sees.....


Big hit Yorvit is cementing his name in Rox history. I love hearing the TBS crew ride the Rox jock all broadcast long. I can't believe we are one win away from the WS.

Hey what is up with the lack of banting(?) at Coors? Do they have it hung anywhere in the stadium? The Monfarts must be pinching pennies or else I'm just blind. Also Monfarts, lets make sure we have enough kitty litter going into a rainy game. Having to call your local True Value and Ace Hardware at 9pm probably isn't a safe back-up plan.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Thought This D-backs Team Was Young?!?!

Maybe after dropping Game 1 with your ace on the mound, you age really fast. Looking for more of the same tonight from our Rockies. Solid outing from Ubaldo, some clutch hits, and maybe a little controversy to make sure this team doesn't get too much credit. It would be nice to get some early runs against Davis and give the rookie a cushion to work with. Loads of sports on tonight with the ALCS already underway and the Avs dropping the puck against the Blues in about an hour. I don't like moving the Beerfest to my living room!!

Go Rox!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Aces High

I thought about writing a post chock full of Iron Maiden song title puns...but I'm going to leave it at Francis vs. Webb. Big first game on the road for the Rox, gotta keep the run going. In fact, after tonight, I'm looking for the D-Backs to Run to the Hills. ha ha....(there's one more for you, I could do this all night 60-60-60 the Number of the Beast (Manny's Theme))
Sorry for all this wackiness...hard to concentrate on stats, trends, or numbers of any kind.


If this is the Best Denver Sports Blog it must be missing the Best Denver Sports Fans. Less than 5 hours from the 1st pitch and I still have to look at Bronco fan with face paint! How about some Purple?? Bring it Webb, Bring it SI jinx, Rockies in 6! Love Tirico openly proclaiming his show as "on the Rockies bandwagon". Favorite stat of the week: You can buy a plane ticket from Denver and a $9 ticket to the game in Arizona tonight for less than the going cost of a ticket to Game 3 from a ticket broker or scalper in Denver. Loved Stasny giving shoutouts to the Rockies after his performance on Monday night!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

This Team Is Not Good......Go Avs!

It pains me to say this, but I left the game today in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Disgusting. That was completely unwatchable. I love the Broncos, but I want someone to step and tackle somebody. Please restore my faith in the Blue and Orange!

America's Team

What a ride......and now the whole country has Rockies fever. I like Hurdles' move to yank Ubaldo last night. He's starting to figure out how to manage. Until Thursday!

Friday, October 5, 2007

This Is A Post About the Rockies

Please discuss.....

Where Is My Head At?

I am in a tough spot right now. It’s truly one of those “good” problems to have, but a quandary, nonetheless. All six or so of you that regularly read this intro-venture into the world of sports-blogging know how I feel about baseball, specifically, Major League Baseball. I love most other forms of the game; with a distinct appreciation for the Little League variety. While my positive feelings about that game grow out of the expanded strike zones and shorter games, rather than the youthful, innocent exuberance that ESPN likes to shove down our throats during their month-long love fest with the youngins.

This year I have watched more innings of televised baseball than the last five years combined. I have enjoyed “the voices of summer” on my midweek trips around the state (Hey, Bud, make MOST games Business Man Specials.) And I have surely watched more crap on the tube about the playoffs than ever before. In years past, I was the guy shouting about why there weren’t more NFL spots on Cold Pizza. Now, I am praying for another (to steal one of Hurdle’s gems) skinny little guy “who never played the game” to doubt the Pet Rocks. For some reason, most of them, just today, have given the Cubs (despite going home) less of a chance to come back in their series with Arizona than the Phillies (traveling to Denver) do. Curious. The Snakes’ reputation must be proceeding itself?
And so much was made about the ineptitude of the top of the line-up in game 1. Unfortunately for Philly fan, their big hitters came correct in game 2 (to the tune of a couple jacks, two hits a piece, and all of their RBIs) but they still got doubled-up, 10-5.

All of these points aside, I can’t totally sell out and fall head over heels in love with the Rockies. For the better part of the past two decades, I have been in love with the Broncos, Avs, and Nuggets. I have tolerated the Rockies. The switch ain’t that easy to flip.

Yes, I am bummed that today is an off-day in the series, and not another BMS. But, I am still more excited about the Charger game, as well as my first venture to the Can, to see the Avs take on one of the league’ s elite in San Jose (might be the wee one’s first hockey game.)

So with that, I feel expunged. My support is with the Rockies, full-force, but the real problem I am facing this weekend has nothing to do with whether Ubaldo can keep the Phillies’ bats quiet, but rather, can Selvyn Young be the man?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

At 'a boy Kazmat!

I think the title of the post says it all; that was a huge grand slam. And that might have taken the spirit right out of this city of brotherly love. I like the move in going with Fogg (let the nerdy puns begin). I've said it for years Hurdle's a genius.
No jinx... no jinx.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

HAT's the Way I Like It

I'm still buzzing from today's Rockies' Game 1 victory against the Phils, but let me be the first to post a hockey blog on KTH....

The first couple of periods for the Avs in their season opener looks mighty familiar to the end of last season when they almost pulled off an improbable/impossible run to make the playoffs and barely lost a game down the stretch. Unfortunately for the Avs, the team they were chasing was the Flames and not the Padres.

The kids are lighting the lamp and the game is fairly in control at 4-2. Who's dishin' 'em? Paul Stastny decided he'd start the season with a hat trick. Not a bad little idea actually. Fellow sophomore Wojtek Wolski has also chipped in a fairly sss-sick goal so far. The new and improved D looks pretty good thus far too.

There is a lot of time left in this game, but all signs are there is good reason to be excited about this season.
I wonder if they were giving out free A-Basin tickets at the game tonight.....

First to strike

Rockies looking good after the first 2 innings, putting together a nice little rally in the 2nd, cashing in 3 runs (however Holliday did leave'em loaded). That Hamels dude doesn't look to sharp; he was hanging his curve ball all over the plate. Hopefully he keeps that up and doesn't settle down. How about Helton nearly going yard for his first post-season AB.

Francis also looking impresive, striking out the 1st 4 batters after starting off the game with 3 consecutive balls.

Go Rox! ... Our Rox!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gimme a Silver Bullet

wow. Fuentes gets trashed on a mere 2 cans of Coors Light.

Fireworks + Barf = Postseason

I rather like the postseason. Bring on the Phillies!!! It's tough to work today when all I can think about is last night's game, and the games that are coming up. Love the Rome banter: not so much about Holliday being out at home, but more about Hoffman totally fucking up... good to be apart of the madness.

Monday, October 1, 2007


It is my pleasure to post this blog. I'd like to say that perhaps it was my decision to go with Coors light today instead of my regular Firestone. But more than that, I'm thinking it had to be my decision to go with my Jamey Carroll jersey T.

What a freaking ball game. Congrats Rox!

cj ringlesby