Friday, January 29, 2010

Can teams.......

Sammy's got something to say. He didn't like any of the games today.

Nugs...probably due for a bad game at some point. Mission accomplished.

Avs...well, this was a pretty harsh 2 game run that didn't produce a single point.
Last night, Andy plays fairly spotless and then has to lose late 1-0. (a great 3rd period to watch regardless of the outcome. Tons of action)
Tonight. Not good. Modano? Losing streaks are the bane of "Cinderella seasons" and we've got one going on both fronts. I might have preferred a blowout loss in either of these games. The inability to come back fully tonight, and the late loss last night is rather crushing. Who's feeling resilient? Who likes the Misfits?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Face Nebraska

A rare DT post these days and perhaps an even rarer college hoops post in KTH-land. But, I must express some joy after watching my CU Buffs kick the shit out of Nebraska. I was sort of planning on going to the game, but decided against it due to the weather and my lack of friends. Anywho, the buffs are much more enjoyable to watch this year; they actually win games. To quote a recent avs post: Higgins? Ridic. Burks? Ridic. Actually Higgins had a very ho-hum game, but Burks was truly ridic (in every sense of the word). Everyone seems to be talking about Burks being one of the best freshman in the Big 12-slash-nation. That's not a bad thing.

And to make the game even better, the victory over Nebraska keeps NU without a win in the Big 12. You got to find something to cheer for here in Boulder, it doesn't sound like the football team is going to improve a whole lot anytime soon.

Anyone in for the KU game?

Nuggets. Again

Well. I wasn't expecting to post anything good about the Nuggets after that first period.

However.....a rather surprising, resilient performance, and in the end - successful game.
No Melo. But Earl, Chauncey, and Nene get busy in the box score.
When the Nuggets win without Carmelo against a decent team, you've got to think they have playoff legs.

Anyone got any rare 8 Seconds records?
Also, I'm wondering, is Bill Hanzlik's moustache actually part of his epidermal face and made of skin? It really doesn't look like hair or whiskers or any other follicle-based thing when you take a good look at it. I know back in the day that thing was a classic straight up moustache...nowadays I'm not so sure. There's just something not quite right.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NUGGETS! Regress, No Way!

Figured it was time to throw some Nugs love out there.
What better way than with one of my favorite home-made graphics from Blake Street Bias last season.
A 7 Seconds 7" cover butchering.

That's right. 7 in a row for the Nuggets, who have had to overcome some injuries and other bullshit during this current run.

A rough little southern road stretch is coming up...can they maintain??
God, everytime you think about that Chauncey deal to bring him back to Denver...just crucial. (and not only for the Blackjack pizza ads...those sure can't hurt him in my book though.)
Also my apologies to any 7 Seconds purists out there...I realize Regress, No Way is not on the pictured 7".

Sunday, January 24, 2010

6 wins in a row?

Getting sorta fairy-tale kind of shit around here...this team was LAST in the West last year. There didn't seem to be any concrete evidence that they would be any better this season, yet here they are, leading their division...3rd in the conference. Can it maintain?
I hope the Can had chants of "TUR-CO" this evening. Man, you are fucked if you have an easy two syllable name as a goalie and you are on the road playing poorly.
Avs, yes! Stewbag, yes!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Avs roll. Continue to blow minds.

I love these Avs.
Young, getting it done. Tonight, no 'Duk. no Svatos. no Foote. At this point does it matter?
So many guys on this team continue to step up, contribute, and make a difference in games.
Duchene? Ridic. Stewart? Ridic. Yip? Ridic. The list goes on and on.

Andy nearly had a shutout.
McLeod gets a phantom penalty for slashing which facilitated the lone Nashville tally.
This game was just flat-out exciting and impressive. The Preds (however retarded it is that they are from TN) are a quality team... but the Avs continue to play stellar hockey, and subsequently keep a hold on the NW. (please fade, Canucks)
If this was happening in the NFL or MLB, the Avs' story would be all in your face courtesy of ESPN etc. It isn't, but it's still damn fun to watch and root for this newfangled version of the Avs. Credit is due.
Gimme a Yip sweater damn it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Love For The Avs

While things get even more bizarre in McBroncoland, it's way overdue to give a hearty shout out to the NW Division-leading Avs. But with such a sparse schedule as of late, it's been hard getting into the blogging rhythm. After a harsh loss in Carolina a week and half ago, the Avs rattled off three impressive wins against the Sabres, Flames, and Devils. If I'm not mistaken, all three of these teams were first in their respective divisions going into those games. Bravo Avs. Craig Anderson has been nothing short of amazing in these games. While there is still one period of play remaining tonight, I'm fairly sure we won't blow a 4 goal (check that, 5 goal, check that 6 goal) lead against the cellar-dwelling Oil. While seemingly every game this season is a one goal affair (win or loss) and had made for some very exciting hockey to watch, a laugher victory would be more than welcome.

Not only are the Avs playing well, but the Flames appear to be heading to yet another loss tonight at the Shark Tank, which I think would put us 4 points up on them with a game in hand. Maybe losing four games in four tries this season to the Avs has those dudes rattled......

I would be remiss not to also mention some pretty quality wins for the Nuggs as of late. Much like the Avs, their recent schedule has been on the light side, but some quality wins against Orlando and Utah may relieve some of the panic surrounding recent skid while Billups and Melo were injured.

All is well in Can-Land. Maybe Dove Valley should consider getting its shit together....

Saturday, January 9, 2010


A bizarre Friday night - last second decision led to TD and myself heading down to the Bluebird for a D.R.I. show. I must say, they were surprisingly good.
Don't worry, they played plenty off of Dealing With It. Not pictured: TD wreaking havoc in the pit, aka The Thrash Zone.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bed-Shitting: Complete

Not a good way to end the season going 2-8. And what do you know, another 8-8 year where we don't make the playoffs. This game ultimately may not have mattered, but the defense looked like shit all game, we had no consistent running game (a recurring problem the latter part of the year), and Neckbeard making up for lost time with some very costly INTs. Hard to say what the future for the Broncos looks like, but I'm sure there will be some huge changes this off least the Can teams are both in first place for the time being. I hope they don't follow suit.....