Monday, December 31, 2007

Broncos win the Super Bowl!

Well not really, but it sure felt like that as TD, myself, and many other Denver fans exited Invesco last night, hootin and hollerin. No half priced beer anymore though... wha?

After the 1st quarter crappiness, the Broncos looked solid on both sides of the ball. Like I've said in the past, just give the ball to Young and watch him get 1st downs and open up the passing game. Marshall also had a pretty good game; making some pretty dope catches. And Cutler looked better than he had in the past couple of games, only making just a few mental errors (that ones for you YB and captain). Shanny tried to mess up the game it seemed by not kicking a ~50 yard field goal to pretty much secure the victory (what a mastermind!!!).

TD and I decided to move down to the lower level mid way through the 4th, about 15-20 rows up in the NE corner. Pretty cool being right there next to where all of the big OT plays were(turnover and field goal). The Turnover was obviously the biggest play of the game (obvi, right?). In short, FACE Viking fans (there were plenty of them in attendance)!!

The early evening flurry put another cool touch on the game.


TroutDog said...

Brandon Marshall = Dope.

No mention of his sweet "Dang Diggity" to Martinez? Would've ruled had he been able to take it to the hizzow!! Oh yeah, it was Glen Martinez and he can be tackled by a mere feather tickle.

Not only did it feel like a super bowl win last night, my cloudy head today at work also indicates there was some large scale victory yesterday. Glad I didn't tangle with the Windsor like others did!

DeathTruck said...

Indeed, the dang diggity was pretty awesome.

War tanglin' with the Windsor!

TroutDog said...

So, now Javon Walker realizes he can't compete with Brandon Marshall for top receiver when he's always injured and doesn't have the same amount of skills, so he wants out. Kind of sucks. If he was healthy, it could be a pretty lethal receiving corps.

Sonic Tooth said...

I see where Lepsis is retiring...not good.

TroutDog said...

Lepis, while a solid lineman and an ex-Buff, will always be remembered by me as the dude who rolled over TD's knee and effectively ended his career.

A little shout-out for Darrent today!

Sonic Tooth said...

Yes. Love to D-Will.

Hard to believe there hasn't been any resolution in that case. The shit happened on Speer Blvd. as '06turned to '07, there were people around...