Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flying Low Again

As heart-wrenching as last week's loss was, this latest loss was a more focused, showcase if you will, display of the reasons the Broncos are going nowhere this season. The hardest part was that it had to come against Ozzy and the Raiders.

1) The offense is inconsistent. Aside from the long pass, there was nothing to cheer about with the offense, except for maybe plays that were not turnovers.

2) The defense cannot come up with big plays when they matter most. The Broncos were still in the game somehow after Cutler's 4th quarter pick, but they could not make a tackle on a crucial 3 and 11 after the Raiders seemingly were trying to recapture some old magic with a holding penalty on 3rd and 1. In fairness to the D, they were on the field a lot today, courtesy of the turnovers on offense. Still, the Raiders were coughing up the ball almost as much, but no one was around to snatch up the free pigskin.

3) Lastly, the special teams is such a massive pile of shit, they should move their practices up to Greeley. It's amazing anyone associated with that unit still has a job. (See Sammy Winder's post from last week and relive the hate.)

If there was any question after last week, the season is truly over now. I hope there is some good college talent this year, so that Shanahan can not draft it and pick up some more free agent losers (I'm looking at you Trav).

Bright spot - Brandon Marshall is emerging as an elite receiver, which no doubt means he'll become an insufferable prick within a year.


Mac said...

Two AFC West victories in a row for the Darth Raiders? And the Trent Dilfer era rolls on in Frisco...pheugh.

Hey, watching some Football Night in America, I'm noticing Madden's eyeballs are bluer than blue on hi-definition television. Is he a Fremen? Has he tasted of the Water of Life? Has the Sleeper Awoken?

"BOOM! That's some wormsign you're talking about right there."

Sammy Winder said...


Broncos=large pile of worthless NFL shit, just beat down by the "lowly" Raiders

captwhatshisname said...

The Broncos are not a good football team, and I am delusional when I keep thinking they are about to go on a winning streak.

We have talent, but lack execution. Too many mistakes, too many turnovers & penalties. Too many missed assignments and missed tackles.

Have we covered a TE all season?

I agree that Marshall is a bright spot, and I wish Henry would go away. He shows no speed or spark, I prefer to see Selvin Young carrying the rock and juking guys with his cutbacks.

DeathTruck said...

Turnovers seemed to be the real killer yesterday. That (dual) illeagal touching call was pretty devastating as well. I guess that Cutler's 17th game as a starter. So the way I see it, his 1st year as a starter is done; time to get it done Jay.

War Al Michaels getting his spice melange on.

TroutDog said...

Are we ever really sure we are watching John Madden these days? This is Frank Caliendo's world and we are all just living in it. It could've been him sitting in for Madden.

Thanks, Bears, Browns, B'cos, Bengals and Skins for thoroughly fucking up my picks this week.

And where are all of the Ozzy references? For example, the Broncos season has been one long crazy train ride.

Young Bear said...

Too depressed (and busy) to pen a top ten this AM......

BIG mistakes. I love Jay Cutler. I like Hamsah Abdullah. I hate the defensive line's lack of pass=-rush. Not sacks, but pressure.

TD, the headline/photo were great. Fuckin' pulitzer worthy.

Here's my reference:
If i close my eyes forever,
will the record remain the same?

Mac said...

"DB's gathered in their masses, just as QB's make bad passes..."

DeathTruck said...

I don't love Jay Cutler; he hasn't proven shit yet.

Give him one more year to show me that I'm wrong, or else it's time for him to tell his mama that he's coming home.

Young Bear said...

Are you kidding me DT????

He has proven anything?

He is a young kid playing the hardest position in professional sports and doing pretty damn well in just his "first" season.

His numbers already surpass Manning and Elway at this point in their careers.

Two years from now he will be in the Brady/Peyton discussion.

About DT: Has he lost his mind!?!??!

TroutDog said...

Nice work gentlemen....that's what I'm talking about...bravo!

While he's been pretty mistake-prone, I'm in the camp that sees star-potential for the wee Cutlet. Still has to prove he can take the next step, but the early returns are pretty good. Just not producing many wins, so it's frustrating. Not to mention the Snake love some of us still harbor.

All day I think of Superbowl Rings, but Cutlet doesn't satisfy.

DeathTruck said...

He doesn't seem to win games; and I believe that's the most important statistic for a quarterback. I know a lot of it is the defense's fault. But you can't expect your defense to perform that well, when the offense keeps turning the ball over at your own 20 (which they were doing about every other play for a while yesterday). I'm not totally hating on Cutler, but I certainly am not enamored with him at this point.

In the words of Seymore Skinner: Prove me wrong kids; prove me wrong.

Mac said...

Considering the sorry state of the QB position in this league, you gotta embrace the could be so much worse.

Mr. Cutler, won't you ride my white horse?

Young Bear said...

He kinda won the first two games by himself (minus the Elam kicks) but he has winner in him!

He just plays on a mediocre, young offense and his defense/special teams can be downright brutal.

Yes, he made some bad TOs yesterday, but if the special teams could get him some field position, it wouldn't be such an issue.

That 4-down stop followed by the 3-and-out, and the shitty punt KILLED US!!!!!!

If you look at wins, would you rather have Vince Young or Cutler? If you answer VY, go to the back of the line.

Remember, those stats are like a pitchers' W-L record. Can be a bit deceiving. Like when Maddux would always go 14-16 with the Cubs and have an ERA around 2.

DeathTruck said...

Hey, I already addressed the overall suckiness of the rest of the team.

What was up with that punt yesterday? Is sauerbraten hurt, or did our favorite special teams coach design that 25 yard line drive punt?

That shit made me cry.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no more tears.

Young Bear said...

What about the "i got it, no i got it!" kickoff return!?!?!?

Young Bear said...

i also forgot to mention the burstless Travis Henry....
he sucked.
War the Health of Selvin Young

Sammy Winder said...

things getting pretty heated in here.

so much to complain about with these broncos...

Pretty much agree with every complaint aired here today.

>Get Henry out of town.

>Saueroid sucks (as bad as Micah Knorr?!?)

>Glenn Martinez back to the practice squad! (Yo la tengo! No yo la tengo!)

>lame penalty calls in the defensive backfield at horrible times in games are killing us.

I'm gonna cut Cutler some slack...but not a ton, and totally war the health of Selvin.

"Gameplan of a madman", by Mike Shanahan

TroutDog said...

At least Cutler doesn't appear to be another Ryan Leaf. As you recall, Ryan Leaf wasn't too sweet. In other words, he wasn't a Sweet Leaf. Ok, that was a little forced. Sort of like running Travis Henry out of town on the rail of a crazy train.

captwhatshisname said...

Count me in as a Cutler-man. Dude is NOT the reason this team is performing so poorly... in fact I'd agrue that he has been one of the few bright spots this season. Cutler has the offense in high gear (yesterday was his worst game as a pro) and racking up yards, the red zone issues rest with Shanny and the playcalling.

We're losing games because of bad execution on both sides of the ball and lack luster play calling.

We consistently lose the field position battle, and our special teams is a joke.

We are losing the battles in the trenches (i.e. line of scrimage) on both sides of the ball. Not opening many holes for the RBs, and not giving Cutler the time he needs. On defense, we are getting no pressure on the QB other than Elvis, and can't stop the run, asking our LB's to do too much.

None of that is on Cutler.

Riggins said...

All of these posts lead me to one thought, THIS TEAM LACKS TALENT. I can think of 5+ players I would keep right now. Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, Champ, Elvis, and Lynch just because...the rest you could fill in. Injuries have hurt this team but Shanny needs someone to help him evaluate and draft talent! Special Teams awful.
DEF. makes no plays
Offense, has talent but soooo inconsistent
R.I.P. 2007 Broncos
Spring Training just around the corner right about the time the NBA and NHL start to matter.

Sammy Winder said...

yeah. the draft rekkid of Shanny is fucking deplorable. that fact is not arguable.
his Raiders Jr. style of free agent signings have also blown up in his face. proven. he can't rehabilitate questionable characters...
i seriously think the first step at this point is a new coach, besides Cutler and a handful of good players, this team either flat sucks or are too old. (to continue riggin's riff about who is worthy)

there, i said it. anyone care to tell me why I'm wrong? i've got a feeling the comments will stop right about now.