Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Can we bring Roy out of retirement?

Well, that was a barnburner of a hockey game...only your goalie shouldn't be the one giving up 5 goals (and definitely not 4 goals in the 3rd period for fuck's sake).
It's hard to argue for either of the Av's goalie choices this season. They both suck.

I don't normally like "Kicking it with Kiz" but this past weekend I actually was nodding my head while reading his article in the Post.

Tonight's game only cements the sentiment. (i like how that rhyme sounds...)

So you say that Roy isn't willing to come out of retirement?

Well...if David Aebischer hadn't recently been put on waivers by the lowly PHX Coyote's minor league affiliate the San Antonio Rampage, (to quote the Hanson Brothers, "they sent me to the AHL, I wanted to stay, they sent me away....." Gross Misconduct LP Alternative Tentacles#116 1992 check it out=NoMeansNoRamonesHockeyPunk) I might be down with trying to bring Abby back (good lord, that dude must have sucked worse than we thought....) but the simple fact that he's eating crow and drinking Pilsner back in Europe now playing for HC Lugano makes me think he's not the answer.

Who is?


TroutDog said...

Hey Hanson, Coach Mercer wants to see you in his office. And bring your playbook!

The goalie situation does seeem to be a problem right now. The defense seemed to be chasing a lot around the net last night though causing Budaj to scramble. Still he needs to stop at least one of those 4 3rd period goals and at least get us to OT. Can we package 2 mediocre goalies for one great one?

YB - Bring some good fortune to the Can Fri!

Riggins said...

I must agree. I read that article the other day as well by the Kiz. At the same time it also made me very giddy to reminisce (sp) on the days when the greatest goalie of all time was playing every other night while the greatest QB of all time was roaming the turf at Mile High on Sundays. That got me through the Avs and Broncos woes only to be hit face on with that of the pathetic Nuggets. Coach Karl summed it up best when he said, "we are a good, bad team". Don't use the good to lightly their coach!

TroutDog said...

Hard to believe the Elway/Roy era really existed. That was awesome...Really sucks Jose has not turned out to be Roy Jr.

Thanks Sammy for the Abby update. The goalie situation here would be that much tougher to handle if he was some sort of wizard these days. Not totally giving up on the two goalies yet. I think it will help once Hannan gels a little more and it wouldn't hurt if Leopold could stay off the IR.

captwhatshisname said...

Rockies apprently have agreed to send Jamey Carroll to the Indians for a minor league pitcher... and are also in negotiations with Tadahito Iguchi on a 2 year deal to play 2nd base.

Sammy Winder said...

what??? now what do i do with my Carroll T-shirt jersey?!?!