Friday, December 28, 2007

Put in Osgood

Pretty obvious the Red Wings do not suck in the conventional sense of the word.

Hard fought loss last night for the Avs. While it was a highly-entertaining game, it stings not to get at least a point out of that effort. It's definitely not the Avs-Wings rivalry of old with all of the brawling, but the game did seem to have a little more intensity than a normal regular season game. To me, it looked like the Avs had better chances, but the Dominator outplayed Budaj. Need to stop one of those first two goals, Peter.

Bad news also surfaces with word that Super Joe will undergo surgery and be out 2-3 months. Ouch. Time for some of the youngsters and newly acquired vets to step it up (I'm looking at you Hannan). Svatos' play lately has been encouraging. With the next three games against the Kings and Coyotes, it is almost paramount to pick up 5 or 6 points in the next week.

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Sonic Tooth said...

It was a very good hockey game. There were chances to at least bring a tie to the end of regulation you point out, the Red Wings may supposedly "Suck" (according to some bumper stickers around the Mile High City) they unfortunately don't play much like a team that "Sucks" and subsequently win alot of games.

Let's hope that the Kings keep on Sucking for real tomorrow afternoon.