Friday, December 28, 2007

Some High Flying NBA Action

Not going to be too verbose...I'm pretty tuckered on wine and a full day of burning some of my vinyl collection to my laptop's iTunes library.

The W's and the Nugs can often be classified in the "fun to watch" category of NBA hoops, and tonight's game did not disapoint. It was a free-wheeling, fast breaks galore, up-tempo affair; and the Nugs can thank the fact that the W's 3-point shooting faltered in the end for their down-to-the-wire victory. (though I was a bit scared every time the Warriors were launching those bombs)

AI, Melo, and Kleiza (off the bench) carried the Nuggets offensively...per usual, Camby providing many many boards. Black Flag and MDC provided blasts from my past in 7" format.


TroutDog said...

Way to go, Nuggets. Big win. Bourbon, yes!

DeathTruck said...

Scoring over 100 before the end of the 3rd... not too shabby (offensively at least).