Monday, December 3, 2007

Unsafe Waters

Damn, that shark sure looks fake!!

Well, that's two Avs losses in four days at the hands (fins?) of the Sharks and three losses to East Bay teams in the last four days for the Denver Pro Squads. Hopefully, the Nuggs don't take on the Warriors anytime soon. (Sorry mac.) From what I saw, a pretty decent game for the Avs with the difference being a fluky goal by the Sharks. That happens sometimes in hockey. Still hurts to drop 4 points to a team that will be near the top of the Western Conference heap by the end of the season, despite the somewhat slow start. The Avs haven't been the same since Lappy was put on the shelf with a bum knee, underscoring his importance. Get well soon, bro.

By the way, screw the Pats. That was one lucky, jive-ass win.

Feel free to continue bitching about the Broncos.


DeathTruck said...

I'm done venting about the Broncs. SW, I don't think anyone would be opposed to your firing of shanny comment.

The pats are so fucking lucky to be undefeated right now. The indy, philly, and Balty games were mostly blown games that kind of fell right into their laps. The Ravens stopped them on 4th down 3 times but were saved by that sideline TO and penalties (on both teams). Fuck hoody and his pats!

And yes, the avs game sucked too; it's clearly all about lappy.

Riggins said...

Agreed on the Pats, especially last night. Although I don't know which I would dislike more, Capt. Hoody winning 19 in a row or watching the '72 Dolphins roam the sidelines waiting to uncork their champagne! Those cocky bastards really pissed me off back in '98, you know, when the Broncos were good!

TroutDog said...

I loved when that dude on the Ravens (Bart Scott?) threw the refs flag in the stands. The shanny timeout has really gotten out of control and ruined more games. Mickey Mouse.

The goal-tending has been mediocre, at best, but when are the Avs going to start scoring some goals on a consistent basis?

Mac said...

Ugh, Warriors weren't part of the Bay's winning ways last night. I guess it's good that they hung tough with the Magic, but with Baron fouled out in OT, there wasn't much hope. They almost had the win in regulation, but for that last second 3 shot by Lewis(I think).

Oh well, they're still hot. Can we play the Sonics sum more, plz?

captwhatshisname said...

puff puff... give the dude another chance.

Travis Henry won his appeal, won't face suspension.

Still, he might be riding the pine if he can't hold onto the damn football.