Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When the (Broncos) World Is Running Down.....

You make the best of what's still around. For those in KTH-land, that means acknowledging that the Broncos have already packed it in for the season, so it's time to focus on the Avs and Nuggets. Both are sitting in first place at the moment and undoubtedly enjoying a little holiday break the last couple of days. The Broncos too appeared to be on vacation Monday night when they got thumped by the Bolts in front of a (one can only imagine largely disinterested) national audience. Let's recap shall we. In two games against the Chargers, the Broncos offense has garnered a grand total of 2 field goals while getting outscored 64-6. If that's not an embarrassing mark, I'm not sure what is. Consider that this particular opponent is a division rival who, at one point of the season at least, we thought the B'cos would be in competition with for the AFC West. Guess not. The only thing interesting at this point about the Broncos' season is how high they'll be in the draft and what type of offseason shakeup takes place. Shanny needs to be held accountable for this mess. If he isn't canned (which he won't be), he needs to be at least stripped of some of his control.

But I digress.....This was supposed to be a positive post about the first place Avs and Nuggets, who, by the way, both had exciting and important wins Sunday night. While the folks over at Invesco spend another post-season on the outside looking in, at least they're smiling at the Pepsi Center.


Sammy Winder said...

wow. the Police? I might have chosen "Driven to Tears" to headline a post that discusses the Bronco's shit season...but then I might have also decided on Jawbreaker's "Gutless" or "Shield your Eyes".

wait TD, I understand the song title angle to look at the good-side...the local teams that aren't mired in knee-deep shit like the Donks. Just gotta make fun of the Police (I'm listening to "Invisible Sun" right now, I love that fucking song for some reason, hate that stupid-ass song that comes after it though - "Hungry for You" and all the French lyrics...^as the needle is lifted off the vinyl^.)
That said, I'm changing my handle to distance myself from the Broncos. No offense to Sammy Winder, it sure ain't his fault.
I'll be something different from here on out.

Good lord, the Nuggets just flat kicked the poor Bucks' ass. Too bad it wasn't the Jazz or the Blazers...

Merry XMAS.

Sonic Tooth said... long Sammy Winder.

TroutDog said...

Welcome, Sonic Tooth...Right you are about the Police song selection not really being a favorite (although I don't hate it), but serving a duel purpose of bashing the b'cos, while making light of the early regular season success that the Avs and Nuggs have had.

And that was a beatdown of the Bucks last night. I listened to a bit of the broadcast and there was a pretty heavy discussion by Hastings and Marlow about the pure shooting skills of former Buck (great?), Brian Winters. I think they might've said he now lives and works out in the Denver area, but I wasn't paying that close of attention. I guess those are the types of things you talk about when the score is that lopsided.

Big game for the Avs tonight against a pretty beat up, yet dominate Wings squad.

Mac - The back-to-back Nuggs-Warriors games are on the horizon. We could use a bay area report (including cell phone photos from the stadium) on Friday's game.

TroutDog said...

ST - Funny, I added an avatar (or whatever they're called in the blog world) yesterday. The trend has been set.