Monday, December 10, 2007

Mile High Fireworks

A pretty entertaining Sunday afternoon to be a Denver sports fan. Between the Broncos 41-7 thrashing of the hated Chiefs and the 9 goal effort by the Avs later in the evening, there was plenty to smile about yesterday. Too bad the Titans choked so bad against the Bolts, pretty much making the Broncos' playoff calculus insurmountable. Really makes you cringe when you think back to the Bears meltdown a couple of weeks ago or the egg that was laid against the Raiders last week.


DeathTruck said...

Pretty rad game to be at as well. The freezing factor wasn't as bad as the 9ers game last year, but the toes were still fairly numb afterwards. The stress level was also pretty low with a large early lead, and looking good on all fronts (even the O and D lines were gettin it done). It looked like Cutler was playing with a chip on his shoulder; probably due to all of the negative blogging last Monday. But the big story at Invesco would have to be Young's nastiness.... ummmm... he's a lot better than Travis Henry.

One of the highlights for me was finding a concession stand that sold 1/2 off beers ($3.00). That'd be the stand at section 350 for future reference.

Young Bear said...

I had plans for a large installment, but I am largely detained by other matters today.

On top of all yesterday's fortunes, the weekend culminated with a certain basektball team from Denver atop the Northwest Division!

War Jay Cutler. Played pretty much the perfect game.

Young Bear said...

Section 350 is just good people at all of the sporting venues....

And our special teams' play? More blogreading, i guess. They suddenly had all those pyscho gunners we've lacked all season!?!?!? The NFL frustrates, at times.
War beating KC twice this year!

captwhatshisname said...

Better late than never Broncos. This is what we should have been doing all season long (granted, the Chiefs aren't very good, but neither are the Raiders or Bears)

Elvis, Cutler, Young, Marshall, young guys getting it done.

I want payback at San Diego.

TroutDog said...

Dear Daniel Graham,

Welcome to the 2007 season.


The Offesnsive Game Plan

TroutDog said...

1/2 Price Beers?? Unheard of.

That would rule if they sold those beers in Section 350 at the Can.

Young Bear said...

TJ's finest has been a great blocker all year, but it just seemed that it was the first time that Cutler even looked his way.

He is actually great after the catch--that leap attempt was reminiscent of one he had a couple years ago for the Pats. Between he, Sneffler, Javon, and BMarsh, we have some great YACer's. Think i heard "the other #15"-and no, not you Bruny- was leading the league in that category. He had another few beauties yesterday.

side shoutouts to the Pack for clinching the Norris. Did i not call that?!
Can someone breakdown the special teams play!??!?! Did OB feed his guys some speed or something before the game?
Where is Mac with his Bay Area roundup? Tough one for the local sides.

Young Bear said...

wow on pickemslies!
collegegame gives one back!
TDog goes wild (a bit too early in my opinion) and throws himself out!
I'm five back with 3 left. Need to pick up at least two next week!

illini going for the perfect weekend 16 for 16! Need to find his tiebreaker to see if one of our guys can win some weekly schwag.

TroutDog said...

My picks were shameful. I knew I made some shit house rat style picks, but even I was surprised when I printed them out that I picked the Dolphins and Panthers. Looks like I will be putting the green jacket on a new champion this year.

captwhatshisname said...

I thought you were joking about 1/2price beers... what is the story there? Why?

Gimme some pickemslies love... got 14 going on 15...

Riggins said...

The Bolts made my Sunday afternoon NFL watching somewhat depressing, even more so with the entire Broncos team finally showing up and beating a bad team. SD had no business beating Tenn or Indy this season as much as we had no business losing to the Bears. Anyone read Woody Paige in the Post today giving hope to all Bronco fans, here you go:
With that in mind I will be in full Hulkster force this Thursday at Reliant with a win giving me reason to watch many Sunday games closely along with berating the idiots in my office on Friday!

DeathTruck said...

One of Alison's friends discovered it during the Packer game; no one's really sure why it exists. I think the dude that gives it out is trying to screw his boss and make some tip money.

Chain Lightning said...

I'm glad there is still some interest left in the pickemslie, however it's a two horse race at this point.

I'd like to dedicate my first pickemslie champchip to all NFL lovers. Collegegameisbetter's BCS loving ass will soon be exposed!

cj Blackmon

Young Bear said...

Bullshit CL!
You can pick up 3 games with ease! Just ask BigDaddyO in his quest to take down my wife. Tied one week, 6 back two weeks later.......

Love the blackmon reference, too.
war SI sportsman of the year.