Monday, December 10, 2007

"The Heat From KTH Was Too Great...."

Citing the media glare he faced from a certain Denver website over his shaky performances last season, LaTroy Hawkins has declined to resign with the Rockies and will become a Yankee. Hawkins was apparently eager to play in a market where the media scrutiny is less severe. He will now be able to freely blow games without getting an earful from DeathTruck.


captwhatshisname said...

Gascan goes to the Yankees... perfect!

Did you that in France they call him "The Troy"?

DeathTruck said...

No sweat off my sack.

Although, I will have to find another character to complain to Drew and George about.

Young Bear said...

I am sure that Ionetta splitting games with Yorvee will provide plenty of fodder.

TroutDog said...

The Cook 3-year extension has now been finalized. If he doesn't perform, he's also a potential replacement for emails to the booth.

But, I truly hope Cookie can turn the corner and not just show signs of greatness. He needs to produce consistently. Although, I'm not sure 10 million a year is considered "ace" money.

captwhatshisname said...

I heard that Iguachi has reached a deal with the Padres... and is now off our radar. I read that we're talking to Kip Wells... he of the 17-40 record and 5.50 ERA over the last 3 years. Please explain that to me!

DeathTruck said...

I think 2008 will be a rebuilding year for us.

... uh-oh, the sarcastic bitterness has already started for next year.

TroutDog said...

Please let there be no Clint Barmes playing 2nd base this year. I already miss my main man KazMat.

I wonder which Rockies will appear on the Mitchell report. I'm guessing Helton is a lock.

DeathTruck said...

I'm just hoping the Gallego name stays clear of the report.

captwhatshisname said...

Check it out... I have a good friend who works for a congressman... he just sent me this "unconfirmed list"... no current Rockies!

The List:

Brady Anderson, Manny Alexander, Rick Ankiel, Jeff Bagwell, Barry Bonds, Aaron Boone, Rafaeil Bettancourt, Bret Boone, Milton Bradley, David Bell, Dante Bichette, Albert Belle, Paul Byrd, Wil Cordero, Ken Caminiti, Mike Cameron, Ramon Castro, Jose and Ozzie Canseco, Roger Clemens, Paxton Crawford, Wilson Delgado, Lenny Dykstra, Johnny Damon, Carl Everett, Kyle Farnsoworth, Ryan Franklin, Troy Glaus, Rich Garces, Jason Grimsley, Troy Glaus, Juan Gonzalez, Eric Gagne, Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Giambi, Jeremy Giambi, Jose Guillen, Jay Gibbons, Juan Gonzalez, Clay Hensley, Jerry Hairston, Felix Heredia, Jr., Darren Holmes, Wally Joyner, Darryl Kile, Matt Lawton, Raul Mondesi, Mark McGwire, Guillermo Mota, Robert Machado, Damian Moss, Abraham Nunez, Trot Nixon, Jose Offerman, Andy Pettitte, Mark Prior, Neifi Perez, Rafael Palmiero, Albert Pujols, Brian Roberts, Juan Rincon, John Rocker, Pudge Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Scott Schoenweiis, David Segui, Alex Sanchez, Gary Sheffield, Miguel Tejada, Julian Tavarez, Fernando Tatis, Maurice Vaughn, Jason Varitek, Ismael Valdez, Matt Williams and Kerry Wood

TroutDog said...

I saw a very similar list. real shocker there.


Young Bear said...

fave names: Wally Joyner-fresh
Fernando Tatis (where did he go!?!?-dueling grannies guy)Maurice Vaughn (oh that's MO!)
Juan Gonzalez? No way!

Few other thoughts: Wood and Prior!?!?! huh. thought it was supposed to help them recover.
Rob Machado? the surfer?
Fresh ex-rox? Obvi Dante, DKile (RIP), Darren Holmes, prolly more in there.
War Wil
War David Segui's admission given 24 hours before the report's release. (i can see that dude talking 20 years from now-granted the roids haven't done him in--all talking to his boys, "Oh yeah, hey, i admitted to it before that report came out, at least!"

captwhatshisname said...

Interesting stuff indeed.

Do you think the Astros want to get their 5 players for Tejada back now?

Just saw that the Rockies signed Kip Wells... we'll see what that means for the rotation.

captwhatshisname said...

2 current Rockies on official list... Matt Herges... and 1st base coach Glenallen Hill.

All in all... not as bad as I was bracing for.

captwhatshisname said...

Broncos shift

(I'm not working very hard today)

Check out this article on Cutler.. outstanding. You Cutler critics out there better wise up!


TroutDog said...

The 'revised' list sure isn't as exciting. For some reason I'm very happy to see Clemens is still on it. His obvious disproportion between early and late career is almost as bad as Bonds'. We now know why he was so freaked out and chucking broken bats at Piazza in the World Series.

Not too stoked to see Herges on the list, but then again, he's not re-writing the record books and it wasn't even banned back then.

Where's the hulkster post for tonight's game?

Sammy Winder said...

Oh, say it ain't so Wally Joyner.

lots of big names..

DeathTruck said...

Dante ain't on the official list. His foosball and baseball careers remain squeaky clean.