Saturday, December 1, 2007

So long KazMat

Well, we knew he wasn't going to end up back here.
Not sure who I hate more, the Cubs or the Astros...guess it depends on who we're playing. (who am I kidding??? it's the Cubs!)
The dude was a spark at some pretty crucial times, for that I accept his thanks for allowing the Rockies to resurrect his MLB career after falling flat on his face with the Mets. Would have loved to see him back with the Rox, but......the Astros paid him pretty high for a 32 year old 2nd baseman who can be a bit streaky.
Anyways, best of luck my man KazMat, I sung your praises way more often than I screamed "you suck". I like that in my baseball players.

The Game 2 Grand Slam in Philly (notice all Caps) shall always be remembered.....


Sammy Winder said...

I really hope lil' Jamey can bring all of his halfling powers to second base if he is indeed the chosen one. (halflings are prototypical second basemen i think)

My first attempt at commenting was delteted (censored) due to its pro-halfling and anti-cleric stance.

TroutDog said...

It's tricky to rock around........

I'll miss KazMat. Don't be breaking training in houston, my friend.

JC's got hit points to spare!