Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sakic Has Left the Building

Or is that Elvis? Hard to tell from this pic of Super Joe sporting an unusually vibrant pompadour. Anyway, the Avs have really struggled since the announcement that Joe was going to be gone for an additional 2-3 months. For the latest heartbreaking loss, they were also without Ryan Smyth, who is still awaiting word on the ankle he injured in the New Year's Eve shootout loss to the suddenly fierce 'Yotes. Not counting empty net goals, all of these last 4 four losses have been by 1 goal, which makes me think a bounce here or there and we could be having a different conversation. However, the difference to me seems to be the inept power play and porous PK. This is glaring problem that needs to be fixed quickly. Playoff (and certainly Stanley Cup) contenders do not rank near the bottom on both sides of special teams. Maybe the Avs can bring in Scott O'Brien from the Broncos to help special teams.

No matter how you slice it, getting 1 point in the last 4 games (3 at home) against only 1 team currently in the playoffs is an official slide and cause for concern. I was hoping for at least 5 in the last three games. These lost points may be crucial down the stretch. Worse yet, the Avs have a 5 game roadie waiting on the other end of the Sat showdown with the Isle. Considering their road record this season, this is not boding well for the team in the burgundy and blue sweaters.

On a side note, I was kind of blown away to see/hear a taco bell commercial several times tonight featuring Joe Jackson's "One More Time." Whahhhhhh??

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Sonic Tooth said...

OK, Troutdog. Maybe we should consult when we are going to post Avs shit, we seem to time this like a couple of 'tards.
It appears we dig the same inspiration to type in this dumbass forum- be it a Lappy fueled victory or the general malaise that is felt after an inexcusable non-winning streak of shit games without the best player in Avs' history in the lineup.

With the general lack of posting happening on this, "The Best Denver Sports Blog Ever" recently- I guess we should revel in the embarrassment (there's that word again) of riches.....?