Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nug Pups

...well not exactly my style to be posting anything having to do with the Association, but took in most of the Nugs/Mavs game tonight and experienced some fanciful emotions.
A high flying affair.... I must say that I enjoy this fellow they call "AI"
...shit, between last night and tonight the cat has been team-carrying (lil' thanks to Linas as well). Too bad last night didn't turn out quite as nicely as this evening as far as final scores go.
Did Iverson ever sit on the bench and take a breather tonight?


Sammy Winder said...

Wait, forgot to include my marginal basketball fan observation...sure to piss off true fans of the game
>HOW do refs determine fouls? WTF...the most frustrating thing from my low-key basketball fan standpoint is the lack of high-tech officiating precision-robots.
Oh, those don't exist?
Well they should, then I'd be able to watch more than 5 minutes of a fucking game without thinking either my team got screwed by a foul called against them or got rooked for not getting the exact same call in their favor. The objective and inconsistent nature of most of the fouls called is very frustrating and really fucks up the flow of games for me...

I guess until those ref-droids hit the scene I'll just be a square with petty complaints, that is just as likely to flip over to VH1 Classic's showing of "Rock N' Roll High School" starring the Ramones than stick with the Nuggets' high scoring exploits against a conference foe.
YB, you may now berate me...

captwhatshisname said...

Huge win for a Denver team that struggles to show up against the big teams in the West.

Call me crazy, but if the Nuggets want to have a shot at the title this needs to be AI's team, and Melo needs to accept that he can still be a huge factor but might not be the "go-to" guy anymore. That is the "identity" that this team has been lacking.

Focus on defense, let AI run the floor and make everyone better.

Sammy Winder said...

fully agreed on that team leader AI vs. Melo point.

Young Bear said...

Sam, reffing basketball is by far the hardest sport to officiate. I used to ref my college team in practices (my last hurt season)and that was unbelievably tricky; it goes so damn fast. The NBA? Impossible.
Oh yeah, this just in: The refs cheat, too.

BTW, i may need a companion up in 350 tonight with the Flyers in town.

AIv.Melo? Granted i adore #15, but who would you follow a 14-year vet with a billion career points and hundred ASGs or a budding 23-year-old? (I just reread that, pun not, but could be, intended)

Give it to AI now and in two years this shit is yours.

SAMMY! So you go to the TWolves game and now watched last night!?!?!? That's more NBA than you've watched since you moved back to the 303! No berations necessary. Your issues are relevant. Enjoy the freedom, soon enough, the Big I will have you flipping over to Disney channel for some High School Musical. I previewed it for about 20 mins the other day to see how "cool" i'd be with my wee one watching it. Music is always nothing if not decent, but.... no.


DTruck, i need more commercial takes! Got nothing back on my Warcraft ad.

Young Bear said...

AI has been in that "Middle school" mode where your best players don't come out, since well..... middle school?

In my position, i get to see him about 5 minutes after the games, still in uni. Never looks like he breaks a sweat, or even was ever close to losing his breath.

The beauty of AI is that watching him play can only give one the impression he would need to take Oxygen after each game. The dude is really one of the world's physical miracles.

TroutDog said...

My vantage point at 3 Dogs last didn't allow me to really watch the Nuggs game (much better view of the Bears-Skins game), except follow the score from afar and know that we were housing the Mavs. Pretty awesome/necessary win after the Laker meltdown.

The reffing in the nba does suck (especially come playoff time), but my main issue is still the number of timeouts each team is granted. Take away about 10 of them per half and watch the players freak out at the end of games, rather than calling timeouts every change of pocession. Word.

YB-Would love to go to the Avs game tonight, but I have a party to attend, followed by a ricey Lemonheads show at the Gothic.

On an unrelated note, I think I've spent far more money at bars the last two Thursday nights than it would have cost me to just kick down for the NFL network.

Young Bear said...

Unwar half of the pickemslies failing to get their picks in.

I gotta have a huge week!

TroutDog said...

Yeah, and I like AI too. It was sad to see him wrapped up in that little yellow NBA hand towel after dropping 51 to the Lakers in a loss.

Young Bear said...

Just get rid of that fuckin' cable and get DirecTV already!!!!

Although i haven't watched as much this season, i couldn't imagine not having the NFL net.

unwar that butter double negative.

Sammy Winder said...

thanks for the lack of beration, young bear. It obviously has to be damn hard to referee that shit.

the whole reduce the number of time-outs improvement (which I do agree with) didn't effect last night's game due to its blow-out nature. but had it been close I would have missed even more of the game by flicking to see what Riff Randel was up to at Vince Lombardi High, during the endless timeouts.

DeathTruck said...

Is Joel Quenneville really going to recruit those 3 sons in double A hockey? I think he's just leading on that poor mom. Perhaps it's time for Altitude to make a line change with their commercial rotation.

GMC does rock though.

captwhatshisname said...

I have Comcast... and a friend told me to call them and ask for a promotional deal where you get the digital sports tier (NFL Network, NBA Channell, etc) for free for 6 months.

I called them and asked for the free promo... and they hooked a brotha up!