Thursday, September 13, 2007


This Sunday, football returns to its normal place and time, Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium, Denver, Colorado, 2 PM Mountain Standard Time. Having the Broncos play week 1 on the road and early was nice, as it was easy to slip into the game and the start of the season, minus the overabundant city-wide build-up.

But the Oakland Raiders for the home opener? C’mon. Yes, the rivalry between these two storied AFL franchises has followed (or set) the same path as the Avs and the Red Wings, but it is still a divisional home game against a rival. Going down a similar train of thought, last week’s win in Buffalo was more than significant. After starting the past two seasons with sloppy and uninspired road defeats, last Sunday’s emotional win was nothing if not completely exhilarating.

I got gassed, big time. I even scared the young one a little with my guttural exuberance. She recovered quickly to drop me a slew of high fives (and some Co Cos! Chants) and the Broncos not only got the dub, but also on the road, against a conference opponent. Again, this is something that could become very important when it’s time to determine seeding, home-field, etc.

The Broncos look to be an overwhelming favorite (like 9 points for all you degenerates) over the Raidaahs for a myriad of reasons, many of which I will get to tomorrow. This Raider team is young, dumb, and …. They’re young and pretty dumb. Easiest money in Vegas must be a preseason wager on who(m) will be the most penalized team in the league. It’s as inevitable as Chad Pennington going down in an early season heap. With two winnable home games butting up against the week 4 roadie at Indy, a 3-0 start would put the Orange and Blue in an advantageous position to properly prepare for the remainder of their relatively easy schedule.

I’ll breakdown some match-ups and make some (easy) predictions in tomorrow’s post. I really like what the Raiders did on defense a year ago, but I just feel that this Bronco offense is quite different (not yet so threatening on the scoreboard) than the one Shanny has been directing for the past 8 years. Both sides of the ball favor the Broncos, but the minute details will be filtered out and dispensed with en la manana.

Disclaimer: This entry will be the first in a series (hopefully) where we look ahead/break down the greatest sporting distraction in the world. That being the National Football League and the Denver Broncos place within said league. Who knows, though, there might be some collegiate ball thrown in their too! Air Force is already 2-0 with a win over Utah. This disclaimer is now over.


Young Bear said...

Make that 3-0. In your face, Texas Christian University.

Just goes to show you how guns and bombs always beats religious Texans. More on that tomorrow.

Fresh finding 1510 AM to listen to the entire 4th/OT on the way home from the triumphant fall league debut of Das Boot. Fresh, if you just ignore TJ's bucket midway home.

war Ross leading the league in Ks.
Unwar me bringing a dirty-30 next week after my backwards K.

Gsquints7 said...

Word AFA. Caught looking...real cute! If the Broncos come out of the first 6 games 4-2 or 5-1 I see them winning at least 11. After the next 2 weeks Indy,SD, BYE, the 'Burg (Squints in attendance) will tell us what this team has going this season. Better be some talk about the Buffs/FSU game this weekend too. Will DeathTruck be partying with the Buff Bus??

DeathTruck said...

a good chance that he will be.

Sammy Winder said...

yes...bring forth the might of the Broncos.

you watching the game up in the Conifer hills tomorrow?

"TJ's bucket" are you referencing some sort of in the car diaper dump? feel like i should understand, but sadly am not sure that i do....

Young Bear said...

She threw up....
yes, in these thar hills.
3.5 hours until kick.

DeathTruck, were you accepting the Buffs Bus?

TroutDog said...

Buffs look pretty clueless on offense.

Cub - where's this tomorrow's post we've heard so much about?