Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Playoffs........Kind of!

I love me some long shadows games that matter! No Rollie on the hill, but it's still pretty special.

What a turn of events down at Coors today. Padres were up 3-0 at the start of the game and then dissolve. I was there by myself getting my baseball nerd on, drinking a margarita and yelling "C'mon, super Bradley!" I question whether this is a high or a low point of my life. No matter, we live to see another day. Fans were pumped. I acted like a complete fool I'm sure. And I scored a pair of seats for tomorrow night's showdown with the Fathers (pretty much in the butt crack)while hanging out post-game down at Slinky's putting down 3 PBRs in celebration. I knew the bartender, that's it.

Peavy will be going tomorrow night, so it's going to be tough, but it's at home and that should negate the pitching advantage somewhat. Morales? Fogg? A combination? I guess we'll see.

Fun times......go Rockies!!!


Gsquints7 said...

Baseball nerd, nothing wrong with that Trout Dog! I went to a bar Friday night so I could watch the Rockies, solo! I followed the game yesterday on but called Young Bear because it was all moving too slow for me. For all you DirectTv viewers, they just added a bunch of new HD channels including for tonight's viewing pleasure, TBS! 6:37 CST I'll be partying! We just need to get in because there is not one team that OUR Rockies cannot beat in the NL.

TroutDog said...

Getting terribly geeked about tonight's game. Working from home, with de-emphasis on working, already decked out in a Carroll t-shirt jersey. I never get to listen to sports talk radio these days, so it is a perfect day to be working from home. Rome is giving the Rox mad love. Gotta win it tonight!!

Where's the Broncos report YoungBear? I didn't get to see much of the game, so I'm especially in need of a breakdown.

Gsquints7 said...

I'll give you a breakdown. The Broncos were in the Red zone 3 times in a 1st half where they dominated time of possession and outplayed the Colts. Difference they scored 13 points the Colts scored 14. Colts ran all over our 31st ranked run defense and scored on the first possession of the 2nd half, picked off Cutler on the next possession and scored another TD and with 5 minutes gone in the 3rd quarter it was 28-13. Broncos did answer back to make it 28-20 but the Colts quickly put it away with a drive of their own. Fortunately the West looks open for the taking so this game against SD is HUGE! As Young Bear commented to me during the game, our defense just doesn't make plays. If we can't figure out a way to keep teams from rushing for over 200 yards/game let alone 100 yards it could be a long season!
Have fun tonight TroutDog and bring us the "W" we are all dreaming of!

TroutDog said...

Thanks for the post-mordem. We miss Al Wilson, badly. From what I've seen of our D, the linebackers are a huge liability.

Sammy Winder and I will be lathering at Slinky's this afternoon. Hopefully, DeathTruck will find a ticket. Go Rocks!!

Chain Lightning said...

Lets kick some Padre ass!!! Word on the TBS high-def call G. My thoughts exactly.

I don't like flex time!

gsquints7, time to pay the commish!! Don't make me get my goons deathtruck and troutdog on your ass.