Saturday, September 15, 2007

Meaningful baseball in September....or any month?

to reference Troutdog's last post, the man can't manage
.....and the team doesn't apparently know when to fucking truly turn it on. a really disappointing (and inevitable) end to a promising season.

.....odd how pretty much all other NL teams with a wildcard or outside divisional shot (besides the Brewers) have shown balls the past couple days.
damn, the lack of meaningful deadline trade/signing action by the Rockies is really becoming more and more embarrassing...Wells is 3-0 for the hated Dodgers since that "risky" move by a team with an ownership that actually cares. it doesn't even matter to me that Francis and Fogg (model healthy competence normally) struggled when they had the ball's the absence of a clue or concern by the Monforts to make what could and would be a rabid baseball fanbase (see Broncos, Avs, and Nugs (once they got their powder blue on and some talent)) if they made it look at least remotely like they had some interest and better yet, some passion, to make the Rockies a serious legit competitor.
a real shame.
I'll still go to games, Coors field is a great joint, tix are much more affordable than the other major sports attractions....and I like beer and peanuts quite a bit.
I'm just disappointed in these jackasses that are the powers-that-be; and the fact that an overall good September, that had no margin for error in the very competitive and exciting National League, is now reaching a stumbling, frustrating end.


TroutDog said...

Well said, Sammy. I'm reluctant to let the baseball season go, but it does seem that this one is in the tank. Lack of depth and health really haunted the team. (With all due respect, all of the I-Stew and Koshansky pinch hits late in the season tells the story that this team is more about the future than the present.) Even before the horrid performance tonight, it seemed inevitable that the injuries and lack of late season trades/acquistions would catch up to a fragile lineup. No Willy T or Kazmat the last week has been glaring. You can only rely on rookie starters to be your 'ace' for so long. The ownership needs to make a statement in the offseason and resign the promise that exists and restore the fans' belief that it cares.

And yes, I'll probably go to about 3 more games down the stretch. Like I said, I'm reluctant to let the season go, especially on such a bad note. And I like going to baseball games instead of work. This team has been, while very frustrating at times, quality to watch for the most part. Tulo, Holliday, Atkins, Corpas, and Ubaldo need to be the core of this team for years to come. If it stays in tact, I'm pretty confident I'll be spending many hours at Slinky's in the coming years.

Until then, I'll be in the south stands and Section 350 of the Can.

Sammy Winder said...

yep, agreed, agreed, and has been fun and for the most part Quality baseball this year.
thanks are due to a good, likeable team. no thanks to the aforementioned perps.

lock 'em up, resign 'em...the core is there, don't let that slip away please, i don't want to hear the usual bullshit excuses....
blah blah MLB baseball economics, blah blah small market...

this market isn't small, and if the Monfort ownership can't handle the economics of MLB baseball get the fuck out, and meat-pack, or whatever it is they made their money on to buy a team they had no business owning in the first place.
to think there was a time that the group that now owns the Red Sox was interested in the Rockies.

anyone want to collaborate on a Rockies-themed HC record? lots of angst/frustration themes ripe for the picking...

TroutDog said...

The Dead Monforts!?!? Fresh Talent for Rotting Payrolls........