Wednesday, September 12, 2007

They're everyone's Rockies

9-0 going into the 5th, you gotta like our odds of pulling this one off. That said, we did blow an 8-run lead in the whale's vagina a couple of months ago.

This would be a great victory for our rox, considering this was the one game in the series that we didn't really have a starter for. Accuscore agreed, giving us 33% chance of winning (by far the lowest I've ever seen it go). But 4 innings down, and the phillies have used more pitchers than us. Hopefully we won't have to use our big guns in the bullpen, and by big guns I just mean Herges and Corpas. Might have to add Redman to the list if he continues to dish'em.

War being tied with the phillies in the wild card race after tonight

War routing for the Dodger tonight???


Sammy Winder said...

simultaneous posting??? we sometimes miss days....and then this? 6 run innings have a way of inspiring postings i guess.

oh yeah. Redman for president.

Sammy Winder said...

ok. now Iannetta just doubled...something is not right with the universe.

DeathTruck said...

I was wondering if you or CN would be quick on the blog as well.

Just need to keep the bats hot for Francis tomorrow.

Hopefully we found ourselves a gem with Redman.

Sammy Winder said...

DTruck....must mention, love your post caption in conjunction with the photo.
hard to believe rockies fever has spread to the middle east, but clearly it has. i guess after tonight's game it might be a little easier for this fever to spread worldwide.