Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I'm very glad I sat through that whole game; just nibbling away at that lead, it definitely seemed that we had a chance to get a W. It would have been a frustring loss, with all of those runners left on base earlier in the game.

God bless, the giants inability to throw strikes.
My main man Hawpe!


TroutDog said...

And a rare victory for Corpas. His stuff was straight filth tonight.

God, all of the Bonds booing is lame. People need to get over it at this point.

TroutDog said...

The home crowd looked pretty meager tonight - probably due to post-holiday burnout. (I know I was perfectly content to stay home and watch the game at home.)

Deathtrruck - We sitting in Lauren's seats tomorrow night? Wouldn't mind seeing Ubaldo deal.

Great to get the win tonight. I agree it would've sucked to lose having left all of those runners on base throughout.

A sweep tomorrow would be big to give us a little confidence going into the crucial Padres series. Looks like we have Peavey - Maddox - Young. Sweet. Who do we have going? Elmer, Fogg, Francis.

Oh yeah, and screw the Cubs - losers.......

DeathTruck said...

Corpas's sliders were quite disgusting. I'd have to say that the bullpen in general got the job done, despite that one shakey inning by Herges, and Fuentes putting the leadoff man on in the 8th.

Helton with another awesome game, He just about had 2 dongs in his first 2 ABs.

TroutDog said...

Herges' outing was actually pretty amazing, considering the perfect leadoff bunt, followed by Benji's flukey double to put runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. Herges' ability to wiggle off that hook was huge!!

Just heard on baseball tonight that Peavy is going to move his next start up to tomorrow against the D-backs. Maybe we end up missing him? Young got rocked tonight too.......