Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's see if the bully can screw this one up.

In particular the trio of Hawkins, Assfeldt, and Julio; 3 pitchers who shined during certain portions of the season, but have lately been getting been doing a good job of putting base runners on and giving up runs/games. Last night's game just made me pissed off; even my 2 for 2 monday night pick'em night wasn't enough to brighten things for me.

I'm guessing some of the guys must've been pretty pissed off with certain members of the bullpen, and decided to get a 7 run lead here in the 7th. Morales looked good tonight with a solid 5 innings of shutout ball. It's also nice to see that Tulo, Holliday, and Helton are still swinging the hot bats.

I should probably stop blogging right now; the KTH jinx might still be in effect: I see Assfeldt just got put in and has already given up a homer... I guess some people have golf plans for next month.


DeathTruck said...

The umps hate the Rockies,

and Corpas is an extremely nasty pitcher.

Sammy Winder said...

umps hated the rox more last night. pretty dominant win tonight actually...