Friday, September 28, 2007

Booze Will Help

A very disappointing night in the world of the mlb. Almost enough to drive a man to drink. Ok, I was already drinking after having a triple and two double bogeys on the first 6 holes at Willis Case this afternoon. But, I thought my inability to hit a straight drive or putt today would be erased from my memory by a twelfth straight Rockies win. Well, a combination of "Pittsburgh afternoon rain" and lack of any timely hitting by the Rox prevented that from happening.

Can't even blame this on Hurdle, which might be the most frustrating part of this devastating loss. Not to mention Craig Counsel (the Scorpion) grounding into a critical double play against the Padres and ending a 1 out bases loaded threat for the Brewers. Shit.

The playoffs, while not totally out of reach, are looking pretty impossible at this point. I still love me some Rockies.

And we accomplish a first - finishing above the Dodgers.......props to the 50,000+, what took you so freaking long!?!?!?


Sammy Winder said...

...well, a night of September baseball could not have been scripted any worse. not much more to say - but for the sake of dreams, sure would be nice if the Mets keep on losing and the Padres remember they were in a FREE FALL until jackass, Brian Giles (who had been in a 1 for 54 or something slump) homers in the 9th to win a game against the lowly Giants and right the Pad's sinking ship.
and/or the Brewers remember they at one time could have/should have won the NL Central, and play like it. oh yeah, the Rockies need to win the next two games too...

have to admit, the Rockies tough-luck situation doesn't compare to the Mets or the Brewers...lead the division most of the season and then shit-the-bed-fantastic down the stretch.

Rox, thanks for the 11 game stretch.

Chain Lightning said...

Agreed on Counsel's ricey at bat. Took the air right of the stadium. Can't imagine we'll get much of an effort out of the Brew Crew over the weekend. A Cubs loss would have been huge but luck was not on the Rox side yesterday.

The timing of their good season wasn't all that great. They probably would have won the west by 5 games last year. And unfortunately it probably means Hurdle's ass will be sticking around.

Who knows, maybe the Brew Crew who have been gripping for the last two months may start swinging freely. One more day of hope would be nice.

Young Bear said...

On purpose I avoided viewing any actual action (preferring to watch taped Office premier and West Va./USFlorida)in hopes of turning on good news by ESPNEWS when my girls had gone to sleep. Alas, everything was bad (not counting Michael Scott's brilliance.)
My basic distain for baseball is well documented, but it is a drag that things are borderline impossible, suddenly.
The question around town all week can now be put to bed.
"Which game will you watch on Sunday?" My answer was obvi even before last night, but now it shoud be academic.
war tulo, holliday, dahmer helton, gdog, hawper, Torrey, KazMat, Franchise, Manny, Morales and Ubaldo.
war the players
war the future

TroutDog said...

I've got tix to Sunday and plan on going, if even just for part of the game. Who knows, the padres still have choking ability......