Monday, September 10, 2007

Beautiful Colorado Sunday

Broncos win in dramatic fashion. Rockies take 2/3 from the Padres and head to a crucial road series with Philly tonight and there is no one writing. This blog may need a little help. Come on boys get this going today.
The "Zip" is back at the QB position in Broncoland. Cutler made some mistakes along with 3 of 11 on 3rd downs for the entire offense but when it mattered plays were made. Defense made a very strong showing with Simeon Squints (WOW!) coming off the corner. Pre-season what?? Come home for a beatdown of the Raiders and let's see what this team can do. I watched the other so called AFC contenders yesterday and the Pats were impressive but when you put no pressure on the QB anyone can hit open receivers just ask the Giants.
Rockies keep hanging around but we need a five or six game win streak. Kudos to them with all the injuries though!
Broncos 38 Raiders 13


Sammy Winder said...

Amen Squints. Broncos were the cardiac kids there on Sunday. Read somewhere that they didn't spike the ball because someone (special teams coach?) had already given the codeword yell to get the kicking team out on the field for instant kick.

Rox blew one last night...really can't happen at this point if there is to be any hope.

Gsquints7 said...

You mean "TORO TORO"! I was trying to get on the field from my living room.
Rox are killing me. Seems like they have been 3-5 games out of the WC lead now for months!

Sammy Winder said...

yep. toro or geronimo or somesuch...whatever, it worked so i ain't complainin'