Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Helton's Goatee Pays Off Bigtime

While playoff hopes are pretty much nil at this point, yesterday's double-header sweep over the Dodgers was pretty sweet. A picture perfect September afternoon for Game 1 (myself, Deathtruck, and Sammy Winder in attendance) followed up by perhaps the most dramatic game of the year for the Rox. Who doesn't like to see Helton get a little Sept drama? It was a complete team effort with major contributions from Holliday and Spilly, but Helton stole the spotlight with his 2-out, 1-2 count homerun off of the masterful Takashi (I drink to that) Saito. Todd's stage dive into home plate might need a little work, but his clutchness down the stretch has been undeniable.

Let's get another win tonight. Fogg has his work cut out for him tonight against Brad Penny.
Go Rox!!

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Young Bear said...

Todd gettin' pumped! Did he even touch homeplate?
Maybe if they could beat the Pirates or the Marlins, the playoffs would be a certainty.