Sunday, September 23, 2007

Giving TD Some Love

At today's B'cos game at Invesco, Terrell Davis will be inducted into the Ring of Fame. There is no doubt he is one of the greatest Broncos ever. While the successes of RB's that have come after TD has led some to speculate anyone can take handoffs in a Denver backfield and put up dizzying numbers, having watched TD and his successors, I can say he was clearly in a class by himself when it comes to play-to-play consistency(almost a guaranteed 4-5 yards) and the ability to break the long one. The dude barely fumbled at all, and what can you say about SB XXXII (with apologizes to Chain Lightning). Without TD, Elway's legacy might have been more like that of Dan Marino.

He was a pleasure to watch play during his all-too-short career and it will be pretty cool to give him a salute today during halftime.

Go Broncos!

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Sammy Winder said...

i'll be rocking my #30 jersey today.