Monday, September 17, 2007

They Play Football on Saturdays, Too!

The collegiate game finished up its third week of action and surprisingly not much has changed around the Front Range. CU and CSU continue to disappoint. Wyoming wants to be the next up-and-coming Boise State-type. But it’s those Falcons from the Air Force Academy that still continue to be the class (in many ways) of the area. (Oh yeah, and the punters up at UNC stab each other for starting jobs.)

The Buffs from Boulder hosted a national late-night game against the aging Bobby Bowden and the Florida State Seminoles. I was able to sit through much of the game, but lost consciousness towards the end of the third. To me, the game was won with speed. Despite being supposedly in a “down” year (and they most assuredly are) the Seminoles still made the Buffs look like they were running in snow boots. The Buffs have gaping deficiencies at many positions, including wide-out where they continue to drop perfectly placed balls by Cody Hawkins. Wee Hawk again looked impressive at times, but the anemic running game is doing little to aid. Still a work in progress. DeathTruck, did you accept the game?

My boys down at the Academy pulled off another upset this week beating the Mountain West favorite, TCU, in an overtime thriller, eerily similar to that of the game that went on downtown on Sunday. Again, an upright was clanked, which allowed for game-winners to follow. Thursday night’s win came just five days after the Falcons beat perennial MWC titan, Utah in the SLC. That win was nicely highlighted and accentuated by what the Utes did to the #11 ranked UCLA Bruins this past Saturday. Beat ‘em by like FORTY! Guess, UCLA isn’t back. Basically, the Falcons better get some votes for the top 25. Period.

Rammies were off, Cowboys got beat by Boise State and Notre Dame sucks, bad.

While there is a lot of talk about parity finally coming to college football (see Boise St./App St.) this season there seems to be an ever bigger than normal rift between the elite and the rest. USC (face Corn) LSU and Oklahoma are far and away better than everybody else. BCS Title Game is already figured out. Two of the three will be in it! Season over!


DeathTruck said...

I was there for about half the game, but my 'blackout' had nothing to do with sports apparel.

Young Bear said...

Did you get into a fight or something? What the hell? Why?

Gsquints7 said...

Fear the BuffBus Young Bear...pretty sure Brett was in town too for a little reunion with DeathTruck. DeathTruck sporting yellow as!

DeathTruck said...

Wow indeed.