Thursday, August 9, 2007

This Is What We Have to Deal With for the Next 4 Days in Denver

Luckily I'll be in Vegas for the weekend, but I'm sure to have endure some of these types in the downtown area and at the game tomorrow night. Should be a raucous weekend at Coors and hopefully this hobbling team can take the series. We're certainly the hotter team, but with the news today that Hirsh is going back on the DL with a broken leg, it will likely test the will of the team. Hurdle has said Buccholz won't start in his place, neither will Franklin Morales. Speculation is that either they'll pick up a pitcher off waivers (David Wells?) or promote someone else from the Springs. Barmes has been called up, I guess to compete with Carroll for the utility infielder position? Also, we already dropped Colina and picked up some dude Geronimo Gil that My Cousin Vinny has been scouting down in the Mexican League. He's reportedly been tearing up Mexican League pitching. What the hell, I can get behind a guy with first name Geronimo.

The focus now has to be on continuing to blaze at home. Our record at Coors has been ridic as of late and that trend needs to continue.

With a Das Boot! game tonight at 8:30, Chained Lightning again is going to be minding the store after the first couple of innings.


Chain Lightning said...

Uggggg. This game sucks. Thanks for the hustle Torellba on that double. Getting thrown out by 5 steps when you are down by 4 with nobody out is just unexcusable.

Hopefully the Cubs will suffer from the same blowout hangover that ailed the Rox.

TroutDog said...

This game looked bad on paper and it's an L. You'll have games like this. Let's regroup and regain the momentum tomorrow night. There will be good Kubiaktohold representation tomorrow night, so the odds are in the Rox favor.

DeathTruck said...

too bad Ubaldo didn't go on the DL.

Sammy Winder said...

F*** the DL.