Friday, August 17, 2007

Holding Kent the key

So the Dodgers have a two game winning streak going and appear to be snapping out of their funk. So the Rox are 0-7 against the Dodgers in Foggies last 7 starts. So the Rox lost a heart breaker last night.

Big friggin whoop. Time to sack up and play some ball. Despite Carrol and Spilly in the lineup I'm going to go with G At as my pick to click.

Scully are the deuces wild?

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TroutDog said...

A bad 2nd inning for Fogg looks like the undoing of the Rox. Pretty lame we couldn't hit at all tonight.

On a positive note, I bought a purple (Rockies, yeah, that's right) golf glove today. It lead to a strange round of 87 - 11 pars, 1 birdie, 4 doubles, and 2 quads!! Might be the first round since I picked up the sticks where I didn't have a single bogey.....sorry about the tangent there........