Friday, August 3, 2007

Franchise vs. Smoltzy on a Friday night

...what more do you want? With Franchise on the mound acuscore is giving the Rox a 37% chance to win. If we can keep our strikeouts below 15 I like our chances. Would love to see some J Carrol and Spilsie in the lineup tonight. Hawpe could use a day off after K'ing 7 times over the last two days. (Hurdle's dome..... do I rest Hawpe or go with the text book I use to manage and keep the lefty in the lineup......)



Sammy Winder said...

umps hate hawpe...luckily teixera is gay for him.

DeathTruck said...

Great start to the game... ya know, making Smoltz our bitch and stuff.

Sammy Winder said...

no Spilly but, can't complain about Willy.
also, can't complain about the 12 year old starting pitcher, who is sorta cruising.

Sammy Winder said...

4th inning:

"i don't like Chipper."

is there another phrase that flows so effortlessly off the tongue?

Chain Lightning said...

To the showers Smoltzy. To the showers.

Chain Lightning said... gamecast has added a little tweak to the 'K' zone. It is showing the pitchers release angle, the speed of the pitch, and the break of the pitch. I wonder if it is just an Atlanta thing or what?

Why am I following gamecast you ask. cus I love studying on a Friday night that's why.

TroutDog said...

No TBS action for ya CL?

A great old fashioned-buttkicking. I hope we saved some of those runs for the rest of the series. Feels pretty good to have a minimum .500 roadtrip in hand.

Let Bonds string this not tying or breaking the record for a few weeks. I love all the HD NL West action on the Duece as of late.