Friday, August 31, 2007

Jamie Quirk: Manager of the Year

I don't know if coincidental, but when Hurdle got tossed and Jaime Quirk got inserted, good things started to happen for the Rox. Deathtruck and I were traveling from the E-G down the hill during most of the rally. I certainly wasn't expecting to see the game tied upon returning home after watching blown opportunity after blown opportunity for the first 7 innings, but take Hurdle out of the equation and the sky is the limit.

I guess when you out hit the opponent 17-3, you should win games. They should come easily, but this one did not. Nonetheless, this victory feels pretty sweet.

Ubaldo is a witch (one mistake all game) and C-dawg had a monster game.

Gotta at least win this series. With Webb pitching on Sunday, I suggest Hurdle call in sick tomorrow and guarantee a win tomorrow.

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DeathTruck said...

I think Beckett has that 87 Topps card at 20 cents and rising; should be around 13 bucks in the next beckett after this game.

Great win! A loss tonight could've delfated the squad for the rest of the season. Now we're only 5 back of both races... September's a great month for some creepin.